The Sweetest Thing with Diabetes

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Life has changed dramatically when I learned I had diabetes. My family has a long history of having it so I kinda knew it was just going to be a few more years before I would have it. I've seen my family members have tough battles with it. I do know most of them carry around shots of insulin so they could live like a normal joe. If you're in our shoes, it's hard to go out and have fun with family and friends because lack of it would pretty much make you experience fatigue, you would rather just lay around all day in bed than interact with your cute nieces and nephews. Aside from that, you can't travel much because you would often feel the need to urinate even if you don't need to and sometimes, get even more sick internally because you didn't manage your diabetes properly.

Yes, I'm so glad I'm managing mine quite well with the guidance of my endocrinologist who's also busy spreading her expertise here and around the globe. I make sure to watch what I eat (although that burger last night was not counted). I also think of it in a certain way – that if you take in a lot of sugar and it gets into your blood, it will eventually cause problems in different parts of your body. Obviously, it will pass through your heart, kidneys, eyes and your brain. When it damages parts of it, it could cause organ failure which would not be a good thing. I also take time to explain to my younger cousins, my nephews and nieces that this too could happen to them. These days, if I need to eat out or order food, I take time to look at the ingredients closely. I’m also so conscious about the nutrition labels on food when I go and get groceries to replenish our pantry. I also drank a lot of sodas in the past, but now if it’s not 4g or below per serving, I would think twice or just revert to my iced water if I get cravings. I also often drink carbonated water so I get the fizz of regular drinks I get but without the sugar and added ingredients that are bad for me.

The key is in moderation, to regularly see the doctor so they can tell you if your laboratory results are improving. Also, there have been tons of strides made in the development of insulin (second generation) which can have longer durations of action, and insulins that can address a variety of conditions and different types of patients. These products are also available for delivery, which is very convenient during the pandemic. Watsons (also Watsons Delivery that does insulin delivery). In the past, it would have been difficult to acquire it but we’ve seen the importance of insulin to be administered in a timely manner or else, it wouldn’t stabilize glucose levels in the bloodstream and cause hypoglycemia.

I realized how important it is for people to have access to medicine so we could live our lives as normal as possible. Even if we’re in this condition, we have the capability and become the best versions of ourselves out there. As you can see, it takes a whole town to manage what I have and I’m glad people are helping. From family members, to friends who refer you to the best doctors, to the company that produces the insulin and took the extra mile to get it to this patient who only wants to be as normal as possible. They’re in the best position to help, and they’re doing it. I’m just thankful to see they care about me, and my health. It is the sweetest, and for that, I’m grateful!  

For more information on second-generation insulin and diabetes management, you can watch the webisode series for lifestyle diseases, Health Speak, in this link


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