Home Foodie Starts Season 5 on GMA

Friday, May 31, 2019

Yes! Would you believe? It’s their 5th season and nobody’s getting old. This is hosted by husband and wife team Drew Arelllano and Iya Villania with Chefs Martin Narisima, John Valley and Llena Tan-Arenas. This year though they are making headway with easy to prepare meals because it’s #Madalicious and #Affordalicious!

The twist is, they’re going to be cooking outside. You’ll get to see locations like the Sierra Madre mountains as their backdrop. Drew Arellano will also get to talk to people around the city, they get to taste their dishes and perhaps let them taste what they prepared on the show.

Iya says “All these recipes are made by the Chefs who will also be with us in this show. I happened to see myself more in the kitchen because Primo wants to be there too. I thought I wouldn’t have time but if it’s what he wants, we have to be there too.”

Drew adds “I am a home foodie, I am not the type who would eat something just to get by, it needs to be creative, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just explore and experiment, I need to be happy when I finish eating because after a hard days work, it is what you look forward to when you go home.”

Home Foodie is going to be seen every weekday mornings (starts June 10, 2019) right after morning show Unang Hirit on GMA. Make sure to catch them and get those kids nutritious, easy to prepare delicious food on their table or their baon to school. You may also check their recipes at homefoodie.com or their Youtube, FB, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Just search for Home Foodie PH.

They might feature Creamy Pork BBQ Pasta, Sisig Fried Rice, Chicken and Mussels Paella, Chili Chicken, Tokwa and TJ, Home made Burgers, Cookies and Cream Polvoron and several desserts! Meats are from Monterey and Magnolia, plus more products from San Miguel Purefoods.

Let’s get cookin!

I super love the Sisig Rice!


Mobile Legends SEA Championships at Araneta Center

Weak or Not, you’re all invited to the Mobile Legends Southeast Asian Championships (MSC) happening at the Araneta Coliseum this June 19-23, 2019. This is in partnership with Araneta Center and EGG PH and EGG Malaysia. For those who don’t know, the country has produced some of the best players in the region and this Elite level competition will get the best MLBB players from the region so they would pit against each other for the chance to win Php 6.26 Million or USD 120,000.

Currently, the MBB champs hail from the Philippines named BREN ESPORTS who won last year. Jj Lin the ESports Manager of Moonton (TBC) will be in the country for this and ticket sales, draw lots for the playoffs will start on June 4 (stay tuned for details). Qualified teams will be announced on the same date so make sure to keep it here on that date.

You should see who will win in the Mobile Legends SEA Championship, it could be another Filipino ye know!


Korean Skincare Brand ESFOLIO Now In The Philippines

Thursday, May 30, 2019

It looks like Filipinos won't need to go to South Korea now that skincare products from ESFOLIO is now available in the Philippines. 

ESFOLIO started in 2011 using quality ingredients that are affordable, catered to men and women who want to take care of their skin. Chris Gothong of SVAN Cosmetics Corporation says "SVAN is about beauty that is effortless. Out of all the brands, I was asked to buy these for my sister once but it costs half in Korea and Filipinos were buying it even if it were expensive. After a lot of research, I talked to the owner and know how good this is when we offer it in the Philippines. The aloe vera is one of the best sellers, so is the pure skin collagen facemask and the pure snail gel line. A lot of people like this for moisturizing, Q10 extracts and anti acne properties. The reason it took long was because I was hesitant and nervous about it, but Nikki made everything possible. Our plan for this year is to provide every Filipino and to open in different locations so it could be accessible, much close to home."

Here are some of their products!

Imagine my surprise when I saw a milk based facial mask, I'm gonna try this out later.

This is the box that the mask came in. If you're a hoarder like me it's the perfect size.

This milk cleansing cream is another favorite, I wonder how foamy and rich this is. I practically like everything that has a cow on it LOL.

They have about 60 products available in their line and yes it's available in leading shops like Watson's and other shops nationwide. If it's easy to get, it's going to be more convenient for you. Plus, it's affordable, ahh I can only imagine how you will pamper yourself in the evenings. 

Let me do that now.


8 Hakaw Flavors at Happy Dumplings

Rode the road less traveled in the north at SM Fairview and climbed up to the second floor for a new spot called HAPPY DUMPLINGS. It’s a new Chinese food concept by the same people behind Black Sheep Coffee Manila, Bawais Vietnamese Restaurant under the Leave the Herd Behind Group. 

The place is nice (and very cute) with a modern oriental "happy" interior using very colorful walls, acccents and cute dumpling characters too. There are tons of bunk chairs inside (comfy seating for two), a few bar stools and a couple of usual seating in the front for groups of 4 or more. They also have an open kitchen concept so you literally see them cooking it when you order. 

Rice comes so good with this Salted Fish Fried Rice - since they just opened, they've got a promo ongoing for UNLIMITED RICE so if you're a heavy eater, I suggest you get that one. It is good for plain white rice lovers out there.

This is primarily a dimsum place and to start off, they've got these Fried Wanton. My guess is, your mouth is watering.

Now this is a good reason to go here. The new and awesome flavored HAKAW available in Original, Garlic, Curry, Salted Egg, Wasabi, Saté, Schezuan and Bagoong flavors. Would you believe it’s only Php 238? Yes, they’re crazy for doing that! (Be careful with the Schezuan because it doesn’t hold back, you’ll get that spicy kick you asked for, and currently my favorite). It’s super worth it! 

My other favorite though is their Beef Brisket Noodle Soup because of it’s not too salty broth, plus their noodles are firm and doesn’t taste rancid like other egg noodles. 

This is their COMBI 3 which is a combination of their Pork Asado, HK Style Fried Chicken and Lechong Macau. They also have a COMBI 2 if you're on a diet, but for groups of 3/4 you should definitely get this for variety.

My shots were fogging up because of the steam coming from these containers, it's fresh hot Pork Siomai with a whole shrimp which they stick in the center. It's really different when it's freshly cooked.

I also ordered their Beancurd Roll, which they had fried and doused with sweet salty soy sauce. It was light, not too greasy, order this for kids so they have protein.

Still steaming hot, this is their Chicken Feet. I didn't eat this but my seatmate did, let's just say he finished it all in a few minutes (while I was judging him LoL). It smelled so savory, I couldn't blame him.

Their management says they have planned to open up a few more branches in malls real soon, but for the meantime, you can visit this joint at the second floor of SM Fairview. I can't wait to go back there because it is quality Chinese food at an affordable price, how can you go wrong with that!? 

Unlimited rice and 8 flavor HAKAW on my plate sounds like a good plan!


ACER x Adidas for Back To School Season

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I guess it’s high time you see something good this back to school season and aside from getting good laptop computers, ACER is bringing you an extraordinary partnership between them and the world’s biggest sports brand Adidas.

Ms. Sue Ong Lim of Acer Philippines says “This is our fifth year and we have partnered with two giant brands in the fashion industry, SM and Adidas. We all know it’s the biggest season to prepare your kids for the next school year, we are here to give you the best choice of products in the market today. We know that quality is important for us, so we are putting in 2 year warranties for all of our Acer products. Predator line, Acer Aspire laptop purchases will qualify you for a 7,000 peso worth of vouchers so you can get the best deal this back to school season.”

Check out the looks they made for the event:

This also comes with an experience space that will be open to the public (at SM Megamall Fashion Hall) this weekend, this promo will only last until July 15 only on participating models.

You should check them out!