Why it pays to own a BRIA

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Prices have gone up in the real property market and it has affected residential homes. The regular Juan isn’t going to be able to provide a roof over their families and it is a sad state.

It’s a good thing there are options like BRIA Homes who not only build quality houses but affordable ones too. They also make sure that your home looks good, a thing that most developers might actually forget. Yuppies, or for those who are starting a family, they’ve got payments as low as Php 1897 per month for condo units or stand alone houses, which is unprecedented in the industry. They also provide amenities so you don’t have to worry about things to do inside the community, plus it is very secure and ecologically friendly. As of now they’ve got about 50 housing projects spread across 700 hectares of land which means there will be a BRIA for everybody, at any price point. You just have to ask.

Isn’t it time to own a BRIA!?


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