Meet KFC’s CHACO (No Taco Shell, All Chicken!)

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

I had this event on my schedules imprinted as CHACO DE MAYO. It ain’t Cinco De Mayo but the colorful south american vibe of it was celebrated in a new food item from our friends from KFC. I was a bit late because I was waiting for confirmation of my tickets (of another loner travel series soon) but I was excited to see what this fuss was all about. I heard they were already serving food and in the center, there was a big taco that looked funny. It wasn’t an ordinary taco, it looked huge and the shell was thick. Then it hit me, CHACO meant Chicken Taco! Ingenious, we waited for them to serve. 

KFC’s Brand Manager Martha Dela Cruz says “2019 is very busy, you love the cracklings, the famous bowls and recently the double down. This one is exclusively served to you guys as you are the first ones to taste it. It is fresh from our kitchens, we made this fun, inspired from local cuisines and I hope you guys enjoy the CHACO. It’s got lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, taco mayo, grated cheese all sandwiched in our chicken fillet. We hope you enjoy this!” 

This KFC CHACO will be served on May 9 in all KFC stores nationwide, but only on limited offer, so request for it if you like it so it would stay on the menu. Enjoy your CHACO! Oh and you’ll be getting a surprise ok the 13th, let’s see if we’ll make a separate feature for that. 

Follow the hashtags #locooverchaco #kfcchaco and the official @kfcphilippines social media account to know more about it. 


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