Quezon's Game Media Launch

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Just got off the media launch of Quezon’s Game, a heavily awarded film by (all 23 of them) to be shown finally in the Philippines this month.

Director Matthew Rosen says “Good question, when we started and because they were such important characters, Quezon has to be Quezon and Aurora is Aurora, 90% is casting and the rest is directing the set. I always try to make sure I have the right cast and generally, as soon as I saw them read, I knew they were Quezon and Aurora. They have always been the presidential couple in my mind. I came across this story about 10 years ago, when I knew about it in a local synagogue I felt it was a remarkable feat of humanity and we need to bring it back. It’s not a pro jew, pro american or any political agenda, it’s about being proud to be part of humanity.”

Rachelle shares “Matthew saw me first time in Spamalot, a musical and I sing and act. I was invited to audition, they had so much suggested but we had to do a lot with chemistry.”

Raymond on the other hand told us about his casting and said “I didn’t know it was me but I had to go to Kinetek, offering me a role for this movie while I was in Pusong Ligaw, so I was tired and really needed sleep, but I went there and talked to them. They said, you’re the favorite actor of my wife, and they asked me to audition. They gave me a long speech, I did it then redo it with a Spanish accent. Then they said they’ll give me a call, the whole two months I was swearing because I needed sleep that day. I was again, coming from a shoot the whole evening, but they said I had to come in and read again. Direk Matthew said they fought hard for me, albeit some other actors were being shot for the part. They fixed my hair and the suit, that’s when it started.”

Their agenda is for people to open up their history books again, for young ones to understand and help others realize how great of a country this is. This movie is also a thank you from the Director to the Philippines, to tell the world that there exists a country that is hospitable as a people, and care. This film shows on May 29, 2019.


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