The 5th Good Life Summit

Sunday, May 12, 2019

JC Premiere just held their 5GL Good Life 2019 summit to make their members, their families and friends a feel of the good life. I was at the part where Angeline Quinto was entertaining the crowd, telling them to post on social media and use the hashtag #AngGandaNiAngelineQuintoSaPersonal which was welcomed by the crowd.

Aside from that, a person shared her story on how the Good Leaf Ashitaba Capsule and Barley drink helped her recover from getting sick (albeit given only a few months to live). Oh and by the way, Gretchen Ho and Mr. Fu hosted the event.

Then we all had goosebumps when popular rockstar BAMBOO MaƱalac was introduced. Man, all his songs brought back memories of the 90’s, early 2000’s when they were all at their prime. I bet if the JC Premiere executives weren’t wearing gowns and stuff they would have been jumping up and down with him. Bamboo is just a total performer!

JC Premiere also gave away tons of prizes, it includes cash to the amount of several million pesos.

Carlito Macadangdang the Vice President and CFO went up on stage, I could hear some ladies shriek, saying he’s all cute! It’s their fifth year anniversary and Mothers day so he greeted them first. Then he says “Thank you for celebrating with us, thank you dreamers. Here we go because we’ll be giving out 500,000 pesos! (Winner was from Imus Cavite). This end of May, our Good Life reports will come out and will be available in the office. All our expansions, incentives and news will be put there, it will simply remind you how we are transforming ourselves, transforming lives. I hope you also download the JC University app on Google Play and the App Store so you would know how to earn a six digit income. PSO will also now be available at the JC University App. It’s detailed and it will teach you the steps, best of all it’s free. Now who among you remember the Iceland travel incentive? We have 32 who qualified for that, we will be going to Iceland on October 4-10. Now I know you go to our branches and they ask you if you have vouchers, all our staff ask you for it, but would you like us to make it even better? We want you to earn bigger, so we decided to put the buy one take one vouchers to be effective for a LIFETIME! That means, starting Tuesday (May 14) this week, everything is BUY ONE TAKE ONE in all our centers. Also, after seeing our Boss, we want something new on your portal. We want you to have PASM Transaction History (so you see who and where they are buying), another report is the Direct Monthly Maintenance (so you can monitor your sponsors and your commissions), the third is your Rank History so you can see how you perform in your accounts and how you are growing in your ranks. Now for those Silver and Gold Accounts, you will have the option to upgrade your account online and we will deliver the package to you. Your points will also be sent to your uplines realtime. Just choose the package, pay and receive. Now for those who want to make sure commissions get to you, we want to make your lives easier and get your JC Portal to have an online shopping feature. If you click shop, pay for it and it will be delivered to your doorstep, also, it’s going to be BUY ONE TAKE ONE.

He adds “I was thinking about what to tell you last night, but really, thank you for spending 5 years of your journey here. A lot of people do not trust you, I know you’ve felt that a lot of times. But your sacrifice for the company is not getting unnoticed. With us here, you will always be secured. Thank you and to God be the glory! Thank you and welcome to the good life!

Then their President and CEO Jonathan So came on stage and talked saying “How are you all? Who’s from Mindanao? Visayas? International? I would like to thank the one above first, thanks also to our VP and every Mom who’s in this venue, happy mothers day! For all the teens, the kids, if you wanna succeed in life, always follow your parents, love them. I love you Mom, I know she’s somewhere here.

He adds “I want to thank everyone who put their trust on us, especially those who came from far places. We’ll have a raffle first. (Then he gave away more 500,000 pesos cash!) Now who’s got silver accounts here? Pasm accounts are only given to Platinum accounts, we designed that to payout those who have exceptional marketing skills but we want silver account holders to also have residual income. Today I am announcing that all Silver accounts will get PASM. It’s a cost for us, but wait, I forgot to say hi to other corporations who are watching, don’t worry about us, think of your families, these past few months, there are tons of people who have switched to JC, their number ones and top earners are going here, it is because they know something good is happening here. They have vast experience here and you can’t fool them, I looked up to them when I was starting, but at the end of the day, you’ll earn but don’t put it as if you owe us your success, so for those who want to go here, I am just getting two every month. I have good news, this year you are thinking about where to go, we often want to give this perk to less people and make it hard for them to achieve it. But if that’s how it is, our uplines give travel incentives instead, tonight, I want you to watch this. (Then shows a couple of slides about Vietnam), We want you to be in one plane if it is possible. It’s a free travel incentive and you have to only hit a mark.

It’s nice to see how they’re changing the way network marketing plays in the Philippines. I might take a look at their platform someday soon if finances are not liquid, they look quite promising.

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