ANGKAS Gets Strong Support From Senate Hopefuls

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Tons of motorcycle enthusiasts, clubs, organizations and Angkas riders converged at the Vertis North grounds to celebrate the Angkas Safety Fiesta. It’s an event where motorcycle ride sharing newbies get to apply, trained for deployment, get tons of freebies, and even watch a day long concert featuring some of the country’s brightest stars and viral sensations. This is part of the commitment of Angkas to educate and arm their riders with the knowledge they need to safely go in Metro Manila and keep themselves safe as well. Albeit being in the middle of some government agencies ire in the past few years, they (orgs and Angkas) have been steadily making their presence felt and got the support of several senate hopefuls, as well as incumbent officials to rally behind them during their programs that afternoon. Under the sweltering heat of the sun, they joined thousands of riders at the venue and started talking about their causes and laws that should help them earn a living for their own families. Even local candidates came in. 

Matteo Guidicelli, Rappers, Dancers and even Dante Gulapa provided entertainment for the day!

JV Ejercito showed his gusto to tell people about the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles act and his landmark bill about the Universal Healthcare bill which not only affects ordinary people but riders there and their families as well. 

A few minutes after Chel Diokno went in front of the stage and said his piece “I believe in justice that is fair, equal for every Filipino. I want to send my intentions of the same, to implement it, and I would like to thank Angkas, the riders and everyone who made this safety fiesta possible.” He then signed the covenant to support motorcycle riders and Angkas. (Senator JV Ejercito earlier signed the same document) 

Senator Bam Aquino followed suit and said “My message is simple, we know you riders have a right to make a living. It is not right for you to do that and we need to change laws, so you can do it right for your family. We shouldn’t put people in jail, we made the bill for ride sharing, this is what we will do to make sure you continue working. You have safety, it is important to support you, we are only 4 right now and we hope we have more people support you, we believe people who work for their families are meant to be helped not burdened.” 

Poe went up on stage and watched how the Angkas training for riders was being conducted. She said “I want to say I am impressed with Filipinos who do work for their own families. We all have our own jobs, my Dad was a rider, my Mom always wanted to stop him. I am saluting Angkas because we need a franchise for different modes of transport. Angkas is both a chance to earn and gives proper training. Do you promise to drive safe? Do you promise to drive correctly and follow the law? Do you promise to keep your riders safe?” (They all answered yes). She then goes saying “I think it is time to have a franchise for Angkas. May I ask you do good with driving? I hope I could be of service to you in the Senate.” 

There were several more candidates who appeared and gave their staunch support to their rider groups and organizations plus Angkas too. They have also signed a covenant ensuring they support laws and policies that would take care of the welfare of motorists and the riding public. Drivers had an opportune time to ask questions, learn from experts and see their senate representatives give their thoughts on matters that may affect their livelihood. It was just a great day to see how interested they all were in enactment of laws and more interesting steps they’ve taken to help their sector. 

Now let’s just wait for them to keep their promises! 


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