Anytime Fitness Now 100 Branches Strong

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle hasn’t been always a priority for Filipinos. With the way things are, the incidence of lifestyle induced illness is at an all time high because of our diet, lack of exercise, things we all know already but refuse to do it. Anytime Fitness provided a really good way for Filipinos to actually have no excuse, with operations open 24 hours a day, we all have been eager to work out and make it a part of our lifestyle. The gym brand is ramping up their expansion this 2019 with branches sprouting in huge mall and commercial spaces and even catering to more residential communities. Now with their affordable monthly dues, there’s no stopping them anymore as they put up their 100th official branch in Capitol Commons in Pasig City. And probably, a long withstanding change in the theme of the existing ones too.

Maurice Levine, CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia says “I am very confident that the Philippine market is ready for Anytime Fitness. It has shown with the number of clubs we have in the country, a testament to the new and invigorated dedication of Filipino people to health and fitness. Yes, they create the need - and we are here to heed the call.”

To put it into words, they’re saying “You’re Welcome!” in every facility to answer the decade-long stigma of gym intimidation, no one should ever be discouraged to work out.

Jap Angeles, Anytime Fitness Asia Regional Marketing Manager says “We are nspired by the brand values that we want to share with our community. It reflects the future we aspire to have; to be the safe place where everyone can be themselves without any judgments, intimidation, or discrimination”.

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