The Fight Continues: Goldwyn vs Michael on Dragonlady

Friday, May 24, 2019

Let’s not get confused, if you might be wondering what’s happening with the corporation and the personalities that are getting so much bad luck in this series, they all boil down to a love story between Michael (played by Tom Rodriguez) and Goldwyn (played by EA Guzman) and the dragonlady herself Scarlet (played by Janine Gutierrez).

EA and Tom’s character are smitten with Scarlet but in the episode which happened a few days ago, Goldwyn found them in the most awkward situation, dressed in their birthday suits, coyote ugly, then all hell breaks loose! Scarlet just couldn’t contain her real feelings for Michael and that time alone and conversation just made them closer, the passion exploded and inhibitions went out the door because that’s how real love works. But in the end, she tells Michael that she’s just playing with him... something they’d regret if this bears fruit in the coming days. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Meanwhile, their corporation isn’t doing much better as DJ Durano’s antics just wouldn’t work with their offices accounting and how much he’s spent for the nights he’s been gambling with the company’s money. To get away with it, he decides to also blackmail an evil vixen portrayed by Maricar de Mesa, which hopefully also gets caught because they’ve been living in luxury all this time. When they do, maybe they’ll both end behind bars, and life would just be perfect. Until, those who they think were already dead, suddenly appeared and freakishly alive!

Oh how I remember those latin telenovelas, things that are weird always happen, and apparently, our oriental and Asian take on it proves it’s a very good story too. Now there will be more things happening in the coming weeks, I saw them shooting last week in a nearby hotel in Quezon City. Scarlet seem to be back with Goldwyn (or are they?), but are they really together? Or will this spell something bad for them when they discover her hidden identity (especially if Astrid makes their lives like hell!).

Make sure you watch Dragonlady on GMA’s Afternoon Prime! Wait til they unravel more angles in this story, and maybe more characters that will make their lives worse than it already is. Exciting!


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