Experience CITADEL Differently on LG SMART TV's

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Do you own an LG Smart TV? Or are you planning to get one? This news item is certainly made for you. Every LG Smart TV owner is set to get astounded with a new spy thriller show called CITADEL, seen on Prime Video and Amazon Studios. What's good is that you'll be loving it even more on the LG OLED TV as it's scenes will be set in deep blacks and crisp life like color. This also sits so good on the models that have Automatic FilmMaker and Dolby Vision, for an even immersive experience just like in the movies.

The show starts streaming on Prime Video on April 28 and stars Richard Madden and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra Jonas. You'll be obsessed with the spy angled story that goes through a chase around the world. There's also a love story in between so make sure to bring popcorn as it'll be a long one. This will also be streamed in over 240 countries and territories, online, from the store and even in Times Square in New York on one of those displays.

There's also more where this came from as more of the LG OLED TV will be seen on stores nationwide to deliver content with the right colors and details that LG can deliver. Titles from Prime Video, MGM+ and Amazon Freevee will churn more in the future and there's nothing like a good set to watch it in.

You may follow LG Philippines on social channels to know more about their products and where to buy it. If you prefer online, it's also in Shopee and Lazada, so go get them now!


foodpanda Launches pandaPatrol Hub on Wheels!

foodPanda is on a roll as they launch a new service that is meant to reach out to even more of their foodpanda Riders across the country. They call it pandaPatrol Hub on Wheels, huge bus that serves as a hub for legitimate panda Riders in hopes to entertain them (via lots of games), reward them (where you can use Bamboo points for foodpanda merch) and help them with any kind of foodpanda rider concerns they may have that can be answered right on the spot because their executives and officers will be there to talk to you in person as it has several seats to accommodate you inside the vehicle. 

The event was hosted by a good ol friend of mine Papa Jackson (who's a real deal biker too) and a DJ of Energy FM. He made the evening quite fun. Aside from that, artist, singer and rapper Quest went on an inspiring barrage of songs that evening and also lauded foodpanda for making efforts in bringing services to their foodpanda riders. Some very talented foodpanda riders also performed on stage the official foodpanda song, they're quite talented that they are bringing them to different provinces to do the same.

The plan is to get this bus appear in different parts of the Philippines this coming June to make sure foodpanda Riders across the country would benefit from the prizes, the rewards and services that they have rolled out this year. Thank you foodpanda and hope to see more of these activations in major cities, provinces and far flung areas soon!

Congratulations on pandaPatrol Hub on Wheels!


What's your GCash Story?

Friday, April 28, 2023

It was a hot day but nothing that could hamper us from watching #GCashStories. I'm sure you've got your own GCash stories too but today it was about a new individual who definitely pulled heartstrings at the venue.

The first one was about a man who lost his job and resorted to drinking. He was lost, but his family suggested to put his love for coffee to good use and made it a business. GCash made it easy to accept payments, buy stocks and rebuild his life again. It was about hope and perseverance. 

There are about 79 Million+ GCash users here and around the globe who also have stories of their own.  His remarkable story inspired a lot of people to post their own stories. They knew every story, big or small should be told.

The new one is about Alma (who was also there at the venue). She's a humble photocopier from Ateneo. Her love for students who she treats like her own was a story of love and care. When typhoon struck, she got her home flooded. Students who she cared for her where obviously was looking for her, but she couldn't go to work since she needed to clean up with her family. The students knew about it, and organized a fundraiser to help her get back on her feet. She was able to fend for her family because the people she cared for helped her back. She went back to work and got surprised as everyone was there to welcome her. She also got to build a new home. It was certainly a touching story. 

We can relate to Alma at one way or the other, and just like her you too have your own story. Believe it or not, her panggas were also there in the GCash event to see her story immortalized by Antonette Jadaone. She helped change their lives, and they changed her life too.

How about you? What's your GCash story?


VILMARK VIRAY Releases 2nd Heartbreaking Single "LISAN"

Thursday, April 27, 2023

How did you spend your Christmas last year? Was it a happy one? For most, it should have been but not for singer and artist Vilmark Viray. The young promising singer just got his heart broken as his Dad met an accident in the shower on Christmas day. It was supposed to be a day of celebration, but unfortunately, he succumbed to aneurysm two days after. Vilmark was hurt, like anyone who would experience something like this, and didn't know how to process it. He took to writing this song called "LISAN" on the first day of the wake, and took off from that. Just like the way he sings songs, he poured emotions, things that he wanted to say, and now he was taking his heart out to dedicate this for his Dad. 

Here's a part of our interview with him this morning:

Vilmark knows, his Dad will be happy that he's continuing his dreams. Aside from being an Electrical Engineer, his passion has always been singing. Vilmark hopes that everyone who gets to hear his song would be able to relate and feel what he's going through. His Mom and Dad was always there to support him during times he was competing in The Clash. Dedicating this song to one of the most important people in his life is just proper, and he hopes when his Dad sees him today, that he would be proud of him just like the rest of his family.

Go stream his song LISAN on all streaming platforms or just search his name Vilmark Viray. He's very talented and he deserves to have his own concert which I certainly hope would come true soon!


Ken Chan's PAPA MASCOT Shows in 100 Theaters Today!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

e love Ken Chan, I mean, who doesn't? He's the most charming, adorable and very kind artist even back in the day. Today is going to be epic as his film PAPA MASCOT will be shown in 100 theaters nationwide. Ken Chan is a little nervous but so proud about it since a few of his friends already saw it during the celebrity screening a few days ago. They've been very supportive just like when Ken needs them, he felt a lot of pressure but he was happy how they reacted during that day. Some of them cried about the film, and told him personally why they loved it. The feedback so far has been very positive. He's also part of the producers, and they plan to actually make more soon.

Ken says "It's so touching to see the support of GMA and Sparkle management. They even supported me in my businesses, they send press and bloggers to help me in everything that I do, it's really a big help. I don't even have to request, they reach out to me and I'm lucky for that. Even if this movie wasn't produced by them, they encourage me to do more projects. PAPA MASCOT certainly was hard to do but I don't complain, because it needs to be shown on film, the characters obstacles, it's hard to have that be shown on screen but the story needs to be drawn. Like the character, I experienced the same when I was starting. I didn't have tents, I didn't have a place to go when I was just a nobody. I prayed for my success, it wasn't a joke and I even had my parents with me that time. I want longevity, this is my passion and I would want to be able to work with the industry's best right from the start."

This is directed by Louie Ignacio and he had to level up acting wise because it needs to be toned down as the personality of the mascot is big already. You will feel pain, you will feel love with PAPA MASCOT. Imagine what you'll feel in the cinemas, go watch it today please as I will too!

This is under One International Films.


Robinsons Appliances x Home Credit Holiday Shopping Spree Winners Bared

Had so much fun visiting Robinsons Antipolo this afternoon as Robinsons Appliances and Home Credit just concluded their Holiday Shopping Spree promo. They have held this during the last quarter of 2022 and awarded them this April 25th in front of shoppers, the media and executives from both Robinsons Appliances and Puneet Suneja of Home Credit Philippines too.

The event was hosted by Chariz Solomon, mainstay of hit gag show Bubble Gang (and my favorite portion Balitang Ina), she was so fun to be with as people relate to her small stories in between formal talk. This particular promo is just part of the multiple things Robinsons Appliances plan to do with Home Credit. They find Home Credit to be a very convenient solution for shoppers to use when they don't have credit cards. They also approve quite fast with the proper requirements, and the winners actually attested to it during the short program.

Check out the highlights of the event earlier, and our interview with the Robinsons Appliances executive too.

They awarded 200,000 peso worth of GC's to Catherine Trajano and Terese Opena who bought freezers (for their frozen goods business), TV's and airconditioner (for home use). Just like them, you can get to use Home Credit at Robinsons Appliances stores nationwide, they are still at it, doing more promos in different forms so aside from getting your home appliance, you get to win prizes from them too.

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm sure there's a lot of you thinking of getting an airconditioner during these hot months, you should try Home Credit if you are buying something from Robinsons Appliances.


ALDEN RICHARDS Endorses Brilliant Skin Essentials

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

It was a day of laughter, tears and beautiful skin as Brilliant Skin Essentials held an event as they welcome the one and only Asia's Multimedia Star Alden Richards as their brand endorser. 

The Brilliant Skin CEO Ms. Glenda first had a session with new franchisees from Visayas and Mindanao, and we saw a couple of them crying on stage, witnessed how they all have achieved their dreams being part of the brand. 

Alden Richards appeared during the recent Pinaka Makinang Concert (last February) where a lot of their Brilliant Skin patrons saw their duet on stage with Ms. Glenda surprising a lot of people. He says "I am honored to be part of the Brilliant Skin family. I've always felt being part of it after working with them a couple of times." 

It's just right to have Alden Richards be part of their brand now as he is really known for having THE body, and brilliant looking skin. He joins a roster of Brilliant Skin ambassadors such as Seth Fedelin, Jillian Ward, Zeinab Harake and Andrea Brilliantes. Alden will also be endorsing their newest product, the Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30 that protects from UVA and UVB rays and keeps skin moisturized. 

Alden says "Thank you for being here today! Thank you Ms. Glenda for making me part of the Brilliant Skin family, I'm so excited to work with you and the people behind it." Together with Alden was Ms. Joy and Ms. Tracy of Sparkle, and a signing ceremony commenced.  

Ms. Glenda has divulged a few months back to be a huge Alden Richards fan, of how he is as an actor and a person. She says "I love how he looks always fresh and I admire his journey. He's the perfect fit to encourage people to be #SunSkinReady."

There are talks of more products in the pipeline which Alden will also be endorsing, if you want to see the collaterals of Alden and his Brilliant Skin campaign, make sure to follow Brilliant Skin's Twitter, FB and IG accounts as it will all be posted there!


Time to Try foodpanda's "pandago" Delivery Service

If you weren't looking and if you're living under a rock, there are a lot of change happening in the foodpanda app. Recently, they launched a new package delivery service called "pandago", something that certainly can benefit you for your personal errands and businesses for their delivery needs.

Case in point some foodpanda merch I had a few days ago which my friend saw on my stories. He's single and very sad lol. So it wouldn't take a genius what a friend would do, send him the merch of course! So it just took a few steps to put in my pickup point, his address, enter the voucher (which is 95 percent off on first pandago transaction), and booking it. It took about 4-5 minutes to have the driver pickup the parcel (which was quick) and a couple minutes more to get the parcel to its destination.

Ms. Patricia Jacinto the Operations Director of foodpanda Philippines puts this as a convenience service that would benefit Filipinos especially if you're sending documents, gifts, and packages. They wanted to also expand their services across the platform as they see the demand for it. They rolled out pandago in several cities like Davao and Cabanatuan. There's also real time tracking on the app so you can see if it's already there plus insurance coverage if it gets lost or stolen during transit. Use NEWPGO on the app and see how it could take off an amount on your delivery services. Imagine the amount of people especially MSME's who can do deliveries fast, 24/7 anywhere in the country (that's the good end goal eh?).

I'm a panda PRO subscriber and have had lots of benefits from groceries (from pandamart) and food deliveries (from my favorite restaurants). Now there's more things that would make my life easy when I forget something from home (which happens a lot apparently) or just want to make someone's day special. 

Hope you all get to try pandago, I just did, it's not that expensive and I totally enjoyed it!


Ayala, Globe, 917Ventures Launch Gogoro in the PH

Monday, April 24, 2023

Transport services are not enough these days and much of it use gas/diesel power and energy, but today, our friends from Globe, 917Ventures, and Ayala Corporation is launching Gogoro in the Philippines. 

For those who don't know, Gogoro is a Taiwan based battery swapping refueling corp that is used in scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. They also have a line of smart EV's with the recent one being Gogoro 2 Plus poised to be launch this quarter for a more environmentally apt mobility solution.

Bernie Llamzon of 917Ventures say "We are pushing for the future of mobility in this country. Reasons being one is traffic, gas prices, pollution. We will invest in Gogoro to answer climate challenges in the country."

Gogoro Founder and CEO Horace Luke says "I'm so excited to be in the Philippines. We met Ernest in 2015, when we were in Taiwan, he told me to bring this to the PH because this is what Globe does. We find a lot of synergy in. Our platform is sustainable solutions. In the PH alone, there are 11 million scooters/bikes but unfortunately, are gas powered. How do we make it accessible? The infrastructure isn't that good either, so this is why we have Swap and Go, in 6 seconds you can pop out a battery unlike gas stations. We have successfully done this in Taiwan. A station like this can service a lot of vehicles, we are also planning to make this a backup for traffic signs, for a smart city. The first of this station, will be launched outside today! We need to make this irresistible, with good product design, digitization and safety. We have smart features available to consumers, even biometric locks, nearly zero theft since 2015. It can go zero to fifty kph in 3.7 seconds. In Taiwan, we only had 1 percent electric vehicles, but now we went to 18 percent. We have 90 percent market share, and we bring the latest Gogoro vehicles here to change the mobility landscape in the Philippines."

Vince Yamat of 917Ventures adds "We are launching the Globe employee pilot program in Q4 this year. In our own company, we will have 70 people to try it out. They will test it out in 2 months which will start this may, to hopefully not worry about the way we move around in the country."

This is just the start of something better, to hopefully have a more sustainable power source and environmentally friendly utilization in medium to long term 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers in the future.


VETS IN PRACTICE with Doc Nielsen Donato

Saturday, April 22, 2023

If you're a pet love in the Philippines and don't know who he is, then you're probably under a rock. Meet Dr. Nielsen Donato, host of hit show "Born to be Wild" and managing partner and surgeon of VETS IN PRACTICE (VIP), a leading animal hospital located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. He also helps in Laguna Wildlife Park and Rescue Center in Pansol, Laguna. 

Doc Nielsen has always regarded his work as a blessing, his heart has always been with wild or domesticated animals. He has been in the industry for over 30 years, always making sure none of them get traumatized the minute they enter the animal hospital til they get well through treatments. This spurred from the need to take care of dogs, cats, birds and various exotic animals. Today, they already have 4 Animal Hospitals and 2 subsidiary clinics offering services in different parts of the country. In the past it was difficult to diagnose and treat animals since laboratories and surgery facilities were scarce. They have invested heavily in these to make sure proper and fast care would be available for our furry friends when they need it, especially where their locations are.

VIP will continue to be a place people could take their pets, exotic ones or not, to help keep them safe and healthy... So you too won't be stressed!


GRAB Out to Make You Feel "ALL OUT SUMMER" Nationwide!

To say that it was really well received is going to be an understatement because people over at Market!Market definitely had a LOT of fun as Superapp GRAB had us experience what "ALL OUT SUMMER" was at the mall grounds in BGC.

This is the launch of GRAB's efforts to make enjoyable hangout spots in different locations so passengers, riders, Grab app users to enjoy games, free stuff, a place to take their photos, even your favorite restaurants building pop-ups in the same location. This will happen Fridays through Sundays til May 14th (this is for the Market!Market! BGC Taguig location). There will also be several booths that will be built in places like SM Iloilo, SM CDO Downtown, SM Lanang Davao, with more restaurant partners joining in the fun!

Just with the launch alone, they invited dance phenom AC Bonifacio who just is so extraordinary on the dance floor. They also had MNL 48 who had us hooked with their catchy songs and super cute dance numbers. Even the viral good looking Grab drivers who usually dance on TikTok was already there giving their all, it was so much fun!

Some influencers, and TikTok superstars also were there and got busy with photo ops with us and their fans. They were very nice imho, and were so cordial in talking to us and other media personalities.

Here's more of what happened on video,wish I could take you there!

Thank you so much to GRAB for letting us tag along, it's  always cool to see what they're doing with their customers, their driver partners and the viewing public! I wish I could be there in other parts of the country, It'll be equally fun to see how they'd react to the prizes, performers, that's going to be there when they open doors. See you on the sidelines!



Friday, April 21, 2023

Super fun to have witnessed the finals of PANDA LEGENDS Ultimate Battle, a tournament made for FoodPanda Riders courtesy of popular food delivery app FoodPanda. It was held at Le Reve Pool and Events Place in Quezon City and was witnessed by several FoodPanda executives, the media (including us) and FoodPanda riders from Metro Manila and nearby cities. This is just one of the many activities that FoodPanda has put up in order to give back to their riders and certainly, a lot of them probably play MOBA games and this event would promote camaraderie as they see who's going to get the coveted championship.
Initially there were 128 teams vying for the crown but now, there are only 4 of them left. The last two teams are called "The General Panda" from Davao, and  "Panda Heist ML" from Marikina, and of course, all of them are certified FoodPanda Riders.

The Championship prize is a whopping 250,000 pesos so surely, they won't be taking this lightly. It was a best of 3 series and the first game went to Panda Heist, they have taken advantage of meta heroes and finished with Moskov on the late game. The General Panda made adjustments on their lineup and attacks but the Second Game still went to Panda Heist, they have officially won the tournament. That was really a Moskov difference.

Congratulations too to 3rd Runner Up Elbi Panda (from Los Banos Laguna) and 2nd Runner Up Batang Malate from Manila. I can't wait to see more of what FoodPanda has in store not just for customers, their partners and riders too!


ACER Continues Sustainable Path: Puts More Power to Devices and Use Less Energy

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Just got off the ACER Global Press conference this evening.

A few things were discussed, one of them is the power of AI and how it could power things that are done today. From security, power, safety, medical use and new innovations like eKinekt and sustainability. They plan to use 100 percent sustainable materials in their supply chain in making and packaging their products.

Acer's Robin Wu introduced "ebii", an AI driven bike that is both safe and smart. With it's minimalistic design, flat free tires, and smart device that can provide real time data, and also help to make your ride efficient. It's got a fast charging battery, and can be monitored when you park your bike. It also has a rear collision alert, handlebar bag, an all day bike with less carbon footprint.

Maki Nakamura on the other hand started on their Vero lineup. The Acerpure Pro Vero is packaged in eco friendly materials, and can improve air quality with decreased power consumption over time. Aside from that, they also have Acer Vero Laptops like the Aspire Vero 15 which has 40 percent PCR on chasis, reducing CO2 emissions using 30 percent used plastic on its body. With the 13th Gen Intel Core processor, Intel Evo certified, 12 hours battery life, and a 15.6 inch display. It's also equipped with a 1440p webcam, so you won't look digitized on those Zoom meetings. It's also got Eco Mode to save on batteries, sufficient and fast ports, plus available in different colorways, it looked good from where we saw it.Packaging was made from 90 percent recycled material, 53 percent less water used on it, and still tough by undergoing rigorous tests. They also have the ACER Vero projector PL3510ATV, has a DLP chip, 50% energy saving capability and is brighter than most videos. You can also use an android TV dongle so you can use Google Play apps, the usual            smart projectors need not be expensive with it. They also said this can work 24/7, must be magic!

On their ACER Predator gaming products, they want to push the envelope. The Predator Helios 3D 15 SpatialLabs Edition has a 13th Gen Intel Core i9, runs on Win11, and Game Pass from XBox. Those games can be played right away. It will be part of the Predator lineup out of the box, plus the titles they have which can take advantage of the resolution their machines can do. You can also use profiles for your 3D settings, so you can immerse yourself in that game like never before. They still have the classics don't worry, and have new titles published fast every time. Even game devs of Octopath Traveler 2 was there to swear by it.

There's also the Helios Neo 16, with a well designed aluminum cover, GeForce RTX40 graphics card, NVIDIA knows this is their largest jump so far in technology. Those rendering, graphic design would be more detailed with what they have, so imagine what they can do in gaming while keeping it cool and quite still. It's custom cooling solutions keep your laptop in best temperature even in high performance games. Not only that, it can turn heads.

There's also Triton 17X that carries a GeForce RTX 4090 and the latest gen i9 intel processor, it's powered by the most advanced core enabling the ultimate experience in laptop gaming. It's been used in a pro gaming tourney already and plans to push boundaries in the next few years. It's also got a CNC milled body, grills on the side, triple fan and a vapor chamber, heat won't be much of a problem. It's portable, well designed and can perform well. There's lslo a Nitro XZ452CU V which is a ultra-wide monitor, so those multiple windows can just loiter around and still look fancy in it. It deserves its own spot on your office or living room, it's that good. There's also the Predator Orion X that has a LOT of power, we're talking about 24 cores, gaming, multi tasking, streaming, DDR5 RAM and swappable drives, imaging the things you can do with games and work. No compromise on performance, has it's own cooling system and a well designed tower that fit everything on top of your table. That's power, performance and design. I want it personally.

They promise that the best is still yet to come. I can't wait for that!


Meet New Gen Artists from SPARKLE TEENS

I was excited to see what Sparkle Artist Management would have up their sleeves when they invited us to see the SPARKLE TEENS, a new group of promising teenagers set to conquer the TV and movie landscape in the coming years. After successfully launching Sparkle Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams and Sparkada, this one is composed of former child stars (with tons of acting experience) and new breed of talents that have been under workshops and training since last year, under the GMA Talent Management arm. 

We met Waynona Collings, Charlie Fleming, Keisha Serna, Gaea Mischa, Selina Griffin, Ashley Sarmiento, Naomi Park, Liana Mae, Aya Domingo,Princess Aliyah, John Clifford, Lee Victor, James Graham, Roi David, Aidan Veneracion, Josh Ford, Bryce Eusebio, Marco Masa and Zyren Dela Cruz during the launch a few days ago and sure enough, they had us glued to our seats when we got to talk to them during interviews.

We also got to talk to Sparkle Assistant Vice President Joy Marcelo who gave us a short preview on what's going to happen with the 19 individuals they have on their roster. She says they are ready to face the challenges that would be given to them after intense language, acting, singing and dance training.

Their workshops and training has been done by Ms. Ana Feleo, and she's so happy about how the teens turned out. They have certainly discovered a lot of other talents aside from singing and dancing, and she wants to see them flourish in different GMA shows, series and movies. Senior AVP Ms. Annette Gozon is also excited about their plans for the SPARKLE TEENS as they slowly showcase their talent and take their spot in the industry.

This is definitely just the start for these teens, and once you see their stars shine on GMA's different shows, you will surely appreciate them even more!


Xiaomi Launches Redmi Note 12 Series, AIoT Devices to Live Vivid!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Took the trip down south to see what Xiaomi has up their sleeves as they launch the new Redmi Note Series and a couple of AIoT devices that's designed for the modern, smart home.

They did have us tinker around with the devices on their experience kiosks at the Grand Ballroom of Mariott Hotel in Pasay City and here's what happened!

Their call for this launch is to #LiveVivid which stems from the launched phone which has got a 200MP primary camera. It's already available for Pre-Order from 15th to the 21st. It's got a Flow AMOLED screen (a debut on the Redmi Note Pro 5G), Dolby vision Atmos, which makes your videos vividly amazing. It is also equipped with an IMX 766 which can capture more light, usually it is seen on flagship camera systems but now is available on this phone. You get vivid shots day or night, also has OIS so you don't have blurry shots. You can also use the proprietary imaging software and camera filters so your photos look good on any occasion. With a battery of 5000mAh, turbo charging, you can last using it all day.

The Redmi Note 12 5G Pro + on the other hand has a 200 MP resolution camera, a wide aperture, makes your photos stunning, with true to life colors. Even if it's dark, it can still capture details. It retains light and lose noise. It also has OIS for shaky hands when taking videos, plus the 200 MP can make you compose better shots by framing other parts of the photo to see more things captured by it. Xiaomi Pro Cut is also a great tool to fix your output, things that you can make with a  few clicks, with the long battery capacity, faster and safe charging.

The Redmi Note 12 on the other hand has fun colors, pro level display, flagship 120Hz AMOLED display (so you can smoothly see videos on fast refresh rate. It has a Snapdragon 685 processor and triple camera system that also has AI.

The AIoT devices on the other hand include a couple more wearables. The Redmi Watch 3 can do Bluetooth Calls, modified with different strap colors, does health metrics, and last up to 12 days (so no annoying charging probs!). It's best for fitness enthusiasts since to has different functions to check vital data to those who need it. There's also new cameras like the C200 that takes 1080p videos, a 360 panorama view, IR and motion enabled recording so it doesn't miss security issues in your home. If you prefer a cam with 2K quality, the C300 could do that instead whilst the C400 can do 1440p, relatively cheap as everything is under 3000 pesos. If you want to install something outdoors, the AW300 has dust proof and waterproof features, and still is as affordable like the others. Xiaomi had Air Fryers, Smart Door Locks and a throng of Mi devices which you can use to make your home a smart one.