Put Livestream Talent to Use with SUPERNOVA MANILA

Sunday, April 09, 2023

Just had a chat with good looking actor, commercial model, and very spirited dancer Ryle Santiago this week as he embarks on a new venture with his team under an agency called Midnight Suns. We discussed more of their live stream arm which they properly call "Supernova Manila" which has kept him and his associates busy these past few months.

Ryle says "Supernova is our live-streaming branch which is under our mother company, Midnight Suns. We hire anyone who has a phone and is of legal age and they can earn up to 1.5M monthly via digital gifts which can be withdrawn into cash. We also market our talents as influencers (we have micro all the way to mega influencers) to brands for posting. I have plans on turning it into a full talent agency in the future, but we’re taking things step by step. We formed Midnight Suns with 6 other people. But right now, Supernova is being handled by me, my brother who is our COO and Janzen, one of my supporters that I trust. She's our Graphic Designer and Online Event Coordinator. Aside from her, we have Pam Castro, our Data Analyst and Edwina Salvador our Client Success Representative."

Recently, Ryle Santiago joined VIVA Artists Agency and told us the circumstances of his showbiz work. Since leaving his previous network, he sent intentions joining another network's artist agency but felt he didn't fit the part. Ryle quips "VIVA made me feel the urgency in signing with them because everything was quite swift. Just like what Michelle Yeoh said, "Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re past your prime.""

Currently, Supernova Manila has over 700 people onboard. Ryle says "Most of them are actually marketable influencers which makes it easier to give them over to our partner brands. All of them are live-streamers because the live-streaming we do doesn’t really need experience or training. Anyone can pick up their phone and start earning with us. We have people from all walks of life, all industries and all ages. We have Nurse Jentz who is a full time nurse in Dubai who makes a 100k extra with us on her free time. We have Maria who is an 18 year old student that watches her parents’ sari-sari store in during the day, studies, but makes 200k a month by live-streaming. It may sound intimidating, but all everyone does is respond to the comments they get on the live or talk to each other in a zoom meeting-like live where you and up to 11 of your friends can earn simultaneously while talking to each other."

They're quite happy to note that Supernova Manila has already changed lives and Ryle says "We plan to expand to different countries so that we may contract hosts from all over the world because currently we host those that are in the Philippines. We want to give OFWs a chance to earn extra as well. I also want to turn it into a talent agency in the future and maybe with the help of my future projects from Viva, that can be a reality. I believe that other than the monetary, we find success in seeing our talents live completely new lives. It feels good seeing their success stories, seeing where their money goes, like some of our hosts got married with what they earn, give birth, put up houses for their parents and lots more. But it gets really heartwarming when we all get together and you see that they’ve all become such great friends."

There are different posts currently available on Supernova Manila. You can be a Host, a Manager, Affiliate or an Influencer. They don't even require a résumé, experience or  fees to get involved. He says "Anyone can join us provided they’re of legal age, have a phone and a valid ID." They see a huge potential in livestreaming and help their talents score brand deals. He adds "The brand partnerships are a bonus for the hosts. Of course, it’s the client’s discretion on who they pick for their campaigns. We at Supernova Manila also aid in the creation of the content to ensure that the quality of posts are always top-notch."

For those interested, you may get in touch with them via ryle.midnightsunagency@gmail.com or their official IG accounts @midnightsunagency or @supernova.mnl on Instagram. Ryle says "If you’re ready to break free from the office and the 9-5 grind, join Supernova Manila by The Midnight Suns and earn big your way! You can get the freedom to work, whenever, wherever, the sky’s the limit! Come start living your life on your terms today!"


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