Home Cinema Dreams Come True with the LUMOS DAWN

Monday, April 10, 2023

Meet the LUMOS DAWN, the newest affordable home cinema projector available in the Philippines.

My love for movies and the arts has always been an obvious thing since I've been covering entertainment events in Manila. I've always wanted to have my own home theater especially during the pandemic, and it's a lovely premise to have one at so you wouldn't have to go far if you want to enjoy local and international films right at the comforts of your home. You'll be glad to know that there exists something that would fulfill your dreams, meet the new LUMOS DAWN Projector. 


Form and Function I Need

Aside from the usual subscriptions I have on streaming apps, I often watch Anime, documentaries, gaming re-runs, and the best films available online on TV. I've got some of the best brands bar none, but I do feel that TV's just doesn't cut it to feel like you're in a movie theater. My room theme is monochrome, and a wall was painted white years ago so I figured I'd better put that to good use. The LUMOS DAWN arrived safely packaged in a box within a box.

It comes with a Remote, a User Manual, a Basic Set-Up Tips flyer, a Power Cable, an RCA Cable and an HDMI Cable. If you're not a techie, it's easy to understand how to put these together. The package doesn't come with batteries, buy one from the grocer or use the one on other remotes for the meantime.

This is where the Power Cable goes

Shiny lens, with the LUMOS logo in front

Underneath, it's got a place where you could fit a stand and screw it. I love how it's a standard size and it fits on my actual tripods here at home.

It's got an audio port where you can use your wired earphones in, an AV port, 2 USB ports for storage and plugging in other devices in plus an HDMI port where I had my laptop plugged in (and see HD quality videos in).

The front has a power button, turns green when it's ON

I like that this one has a cover so you won't have trouble keeping it in boxes or have it gather dust in storage.

The LUMOS DAWN Smart is a smart device, so the remote control for it is essential. The NEXT and DONE clicks, the Volume Control, Home, Menu, Source switches, and mouse control is done through this. You can use a wired mouse too, but it would be so convenient to just get batteries for this and make your movie and streaming moments E A S Y. 

I love how this particular device has a very compact form factor, like they thought about making it small sized but powerful. It's got ample amount of ventilation so as not to heat up. The ports are also positioned well, not too crowded for all the other devices you would need to connect it to. After hooking it up with the cables, we turned it ON. 

The Experience

After screwing it to the tripod I had sitting around, we turned it on and checked its features. After pointing it into the wall I had inside my room, I adjusted the settings by turning the knobs in front. It just takes a few seconds to do that.

You can set the distance of the device quite far (about 3m max) to achieve an 125 inch screen and still see clear images. I did change my wall paint to a matte white color about a year ago and it did wonders for the images this time. It's like my own projector screen without shelling out extra for that. With its 1080p support and 600p clear resolution, it's undoubtedly one of the best ones in the market in the same price range. Quite bright as its got 2500 Lumens which makes videos clear and not appear blurry or faded on screen. When you turn it on, it would ask for your language, timezone, have it connect to your home's WiFi network to gain access to internet. The device has it's own App Store, or Google Play so if there's something you would like to install for a smart device like this, it'll be cinch to do.

It has a built in YouTube and Netflix app so you don't need to bother installing one on the device. They don't also advice you update it and just use as is. If it's not broken, why fix? Makes sense! Aside from that, it's got AirScreen and Miracast which you can use to cast your mobile phone screens into the LUMOS DAWN so imagine what you can do with those Mobile Legends, Call of Duty or Genshin Impact sessions you do for hours. It may well then be the grandest place to play and have an immersive experience (yes the LUMOS DAWN has Dolby Audio speakers!). I'm totally not suggesting you do those TikTok numbers you've been practicing secretly, but you do you!

The soil from Mars certainly looks detailed

I don't need to move shelves, just point the projector on the space I've got on the east side of my room and it becomes an extra place to watch more videos!

LUMOS DAWN gives a lot of these features without breaking the bank. It's priced at Php 6,999 and the LUMOS DAWN Smart version for Php 9,999. It also comes with a 1 Year local warranty which assures you hours of movie and entertainment pleasure right at the comforts of your home. I even used it as a screen to watch YouTube videos today. It was lovely watching documentaries, foreign TV shows and Valorant matches which I streamed live on the YouTube app. Now isn't that a dream?! If you wish to have one, you can purchase them today at https://www.lumosprojector.ph/.

Well, since I'm celebrating my site's milestones this year and you've read this far, I'm letting you in on a huge surprise. I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY of a brand new LUMOS DAWN. This is your chance to win that dream home cinema projector you've been eyeing, and I'm here to make your Home Cinema Dreams Come True with the LUMOS DAWN. All you need to do is look for the Facebook post of this article HERE and follow these steps below:

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 This definitely made my Home Cinema Dreams Come True!


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