Ayala, Globe, 917Ventures Launch Gogoro in the PH

Monday, April 24, 2023

Transport services are not enough these days and much of it use gas/diesel power and energy, but today, our friends from Globe, 917Ventures, and Ayala Corporation is launching Gogoro in the Philippines. 

For those who don't know, Gogoro is a Taiwan based battery swapping refueling corp that is used in scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. They also have a line of smart EV's with the recent one being Gogoro 2 Plus poised to be launch this quarter for a more environmentally apt mobility solution.

Bernie Llamzon of 917Ventures say "We are pushing for the future of mobility in this country. Reasons being one is traffic, gas prices, pollution. We will invest in Gogoro to answer climate challenges in the country."

Gogoro Founder and CEO Horace Luke says "I'm so excited to be in the Philippines. We met Ernest in 2015, when we were in Taiwan, he told me to bring this to the PH because this is what Globe does. We find a lot of synergy in. Our platform is sustainable solutions. In the PH alone, there are 11 million scooters/bikes but unfortunately, are gas powered. How do we make it accessible? The infrastructure isn't that good either, so this is why we have Swap and Go, in 6 seconds you can pop out a battery unlike gas stations. We have successfully done this in Taiwan. A station like this can service a lot of vehicles, we are also planning to make this a backup for traffic signs, for a smart city. The first of this station, will be launched outside today! We need to make this irresistible, with good product design, digitization and safety. We have smart features available to consumers, even biometric locks, nearly zero theft since 2015. It can go zero to fifty kph in 3.7 seconds. In Taiwan, we only had 1 percent electric vehicles, but now we went to 18 percent. We have 90 percent market share, and we bring the latest Gogoro vehicles here to change the mobility landscape in the Philippines."

Vince Yamat of 917Ventures adds "We are launching the Globe employee pilot program in Q4 this year. In our own company, we will have 70 people to try it out. They will test it out in 2 months which will start this may, to hopefully not worry about the way we move around in the country."

This is just the start of something better, to hopefully have a more sustainable power source and environmentally friendly utilization in medium to long term 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers in the future.


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