Meet New Gen Artists from SPARKLE TEENS

Thursday, April 20, 2023

I was excited to see what Sparkle Artist Management would have up their sleeves when they invited us to see the SPARKLE TEENS, a new group of promising teenagers set to conquer the TV and movie landscape in the coming years. After successfully launching Sparkle Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams and Sparkada, this one is composed of former child stars (with tons of acting experience) and new breed of talents that have been under workshops and training since last year, under the GMA Talent Management arm. 

We met Waynona Collings, Charlie Fleming, Keisha Serna, Gaea Mischa, Selina Griffin, Ashley Sarmiento, Naomi Park, Liana Mae, Aya Domingo,Princess Aliyah, John Clifford, Lee Victor, James Graham, Roi David, Aidan Veneracion, Josh Ford, Bryce Eusebio, Marco Masa and Zyren Dela Cruz during the launch a few days ago and sure enough, they had us glued to our seats when we got to talk to them during interviews.

We also got to talk to Sparkle Assistant Vice President Joy Marcelo who gave us a short preview on what's going to happen with the 19 individuals they have on their roster. She says they are ready to face the challenges that would be given to them after intense language, acting, singing and dance training.

Their workshops and training has been done by Ms. Ana Feleo, and she's so happy about how the teens turned out. They have certainly discovered a lot of other talents aside from singing and dancing, and she wants to see them flourish in different GMA shows, series and movies. Senior AVP Ms. Annette Gozon is also excited about their plans for the SPARKLE TEENS as they slowly showcase their talent and take their spot in the industry.

This is definitely just the start for these teens, and once you see their stars shine on GMA's different shows, you will surely appreciate them even more!


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