Tuesday, April 04, 2023

eremiah Tiangco will be having a concert on April 15th, a little different from the usual because there will be a lot of concepts put together just for this day. The music alone will have different arrangements, you have to watch out for it because the usual will be a little broken.

Miah says "I've already had a date in February but it was sad to have to postpone it for this April 15. I've already done TV, Print, online articles, it was a long time preparing for it. Rescheduling it was heartbreaking, I didn't realize it was God's perfect timing doing it on this date. The concert will be full of great music, I will showcase what I can do on stage. This will be different and I will give my all. I am also producing this show, I believe God will provide. I was looking for a sign if this will be happening, and he made it all possible. During rehearsals, it was difficult to schedule because I also had several tapings. I have songs here that I haven't performed anywhere else, it was difficult but we got to finalize things quite early even if this was done collaboratively with the production and band."

He adds "When we did April 15, we couldn't add in more because of the duration of the show. Ken Chan, Garrett, Ate Rita, Ate Julie, they're pretty much a huge part of my career and are the closest. I was surprised when I approached some of them because they said yes. It's all coming true! I want more music to release this year, I want to hear people to hear more of it, perhaps release singles before the concert, I'll try. Mikael Castillo made my outfits for the the photo covers, it's like streetwear x signature clothes, it's different. It will be a sexy concert, it's an RnB night."

Make sure you're there on April 15th at the Music Museum! Tickets will be sold via Jeremiah's social channels and Ticketnet.


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