Nico Nicolas and Tin Hammond Tries Romance on Wheel of Love presents "Weekend to Remember"

Sunday, April 18, 2021

It was a really fun evening to talk to the cast and production of the upcoming romcom flick Wheel of Love presents "Weekend to Remember". This new show was made and created by the almost the same people behind the hit BL series "My Extraordinary" which garnered a couple million views a few months ago under Asterisk Entertainment. The series will also be shown on the Asterisk Entertainment YouTube Channel starting this Sunday (today!) at 7PM. 

Truth be told, some of the cast members also appeared in the previous show and we got the preview the pilot episode (which you will get to watch today). The show also has no specific lead stars, but more of an ensemble cast which would be quite good since they can cover a lot of things during storytelling. Wheel of Love presents "Weekend to Remember" will be composed of several love stories that talks about young love, hetero and gay relationships. In a nutshell, it's about a family where the Asuncion brothers will be involved in different connections that might all blow up during a special occasion done during the weekend, hence the title.

I got to ask a few questions during the livestreamed media conference yesterday and talked to Nico Nicolas and Kristine Hammond who will be doing the hetero type of romance in the story. They're pretty good friends in real life since they're both under Asterisk artist management and these roles would pretty much entail them to become even closer because they'll be falling in love in one way or form. For the two, doing the role of Miguel Asuncion and Jane Del Pilar was comfortable and felt like they were not working at all because the people around them was so much fun to work with. It took off the stress and craziness of doing the shoot during a pandemic and they felt quite taken cared of by the production.

Nico told us "I am really a very shy person, I'm not the type who would tell a partner about my feelings but more of just show it through actions. I don't usually say I love you, or I like you, I just do it if I can. When I met Tin for the first time, it was in an events place in Filinvest. She's very beautiful, her eyes are very attractive and so I didn't have a hard time showing how our characters would fall in love in this series. She's also very kind."

Kristine says "Before we even started shooting, in our short workshops we would often ask what we like about each other. I think we really started connecting from there, I'm really happy that he said that. He's a guy that you can talk to quite easily and quite down to earth. When I arrived in Asterisk, I wasn't able to talk to him as we had different projects and never had time to be together in a project. I already knew who he was because friends were talking about him, and I've grown quite fond of him during the whole filming. Yes, he is indeed boyfriend material."

I can't wait to see how their story will unfold as I think that will be done in future episodes.

The first episode that will be shown today will be touching on a pairing we've seen in the previous series "My Extraordinary". One of the BL stories will be done by Keijee Mesina and John Cortez. Their previous Isaw romance took a turn and became a little more about a boss and a kasambahay/assistant who's become secretly inlove with him. I bet, you'll love how these two will have their love story starts in the first episode entitled Arina Grande. Their funny antics and life like reactions to love like getting giddy, the banter between Keijee and the other help in the house would make this a good continuation of their previous love story. The two are fine actors and you'll be amazed how it'll become something that would span across pronouns or orientation, it will affect you because love is love. It's a hugely successful pairing and I hope there will be something more even after that. I really hope so.


Again, this series stars Nico Nicolas, Sam Cafranca, John Cortez, Hannah Balahadia and Enzo Santiago. They also are with Kristine Hammond, Orly Mejia, Sean Guyamin, Philip Dulla, Ayumi Takezawa, Daryll Rodriguez, Louie Caminade, Tysh Basa, Carl Williams and Keijee Mesina. They are also introducing the good looking Yam Mercado who will be playing an anti hero in this flick.

The series is written by Jaymar Castro and Jaja Amarillo. This is Directed by Jolo Atienza. Their original song "In love ako, In love sayo" sung by Camille Rose  Tarrosa is already out on streaming sites and apps so do that while watching the show. Again, make sure you're tuned in 7pm at the AsterisK Entertainment Youtube Channel in the next 8 weeks. 

It'll be shown every Sunday so go fall in love with them like I do!


Get a BRIA Home in the Ohmyhome Platform

Friday, April 16, 2021

Finding a home these days must be extra difficult because of the pandemic. It's not just in the National Capital Region, but in nearby cities, towns, and it doesn't take a genius to know that it doesn't choose any age, race, health condition, rich or poor, because it can affect anyone. Although that's a huge concern, the real estate market is definitely bullish and judging from what's seen in my social media timeline, properties are cheaper and I think this is the opportune time to get your own home. Settling down takes a lot of effort but you've got to balance a lot of things in considering a community where your family will reside. Aside from the village amenities, you've got to be sure that you are nearby a hospital, school, groceries, your place of work and accessible via normal transportation.

Now BRIA Homes is no stranger to building really good communities. They've got over 50 of them that are strategically located in existing and thriving cities/municipalities that are of high quality. The culinary capital of the Philippines is Pampanga, and over at Barangay Sto. Rosario in Magalang, Pampanga, BRIA Homes has BRIA Homes Magalang.

It's a sprawling 29-hectare property and has got several house models you can choose from. The Elena (22 sq. m. floor area on a 36 sq. m. lot), a two-storey townhouse called Bettina (44 sq.m. floor area on a 36 sq.m. lot), and the one with a single firewall called Alecza (36 sq.m. floor area on an 81 sq.m. lot). BRIA has also staged these units quite well and have fit in one to two bedrooms, a service area, a dining area, a living room and its own toilet and bath. If you choose the Bettina and Alecza, it's got its own carport for those who have automobiles and need one sheltered. They also have basketball court, a covered court, several jogging paths, a playground where your kids can enjoy, a guard house, 24/7 CCTV coverage and a perimeter fence so you have peace of mind because the community is secured.


Now BRIA Homes wants these properties to be closer to you so they now have partnered with property solutions platform Ohmyhome which has been in the Philippines since last year. Today, you can visit the Ohmyhome website or download the Ohmyhome app so you can look at different properties in BRIA Homes that you would want to get. There are ready-for-occupancy (RFO) house-and-lot units in BRIA Homes Magalang and Ohmyhome can provide assistance if you wish to purchase one in Pampanga or different BRIA Homes properties. Units range from Php 520,000 to Php 1,436,000 and is available through different flexible payment methods plus BRIA Homes Magalang customers get perks such as free move-in fee, loan charges and water and electricity installation.

All you need to do is download the Ohmyhome app or visit their official website and start your quest to find the perfect home for your family there. The DIY option (which of course you can opt for) comes free and the Ohmyhome channels are simple and easy to use, very simple to navigate and find your place of refuge.

You can also opt for the professional assistance too as Ohmyhome offers the services of highly trained agents. But in both processes, Ohmyhome is something you can use that is fast, easy, and very reliable. 

Maybe it's time to find your new home!


TECNO Mobile Sparks a Night of Fun, Comedy, Entertainment and Giveaways!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The folks over at TECNO Mobile are in good spirits today as they're treating us all with fun, laughter and tons of surprises in one night via SPARK UP THE FUN happening on April 17, 2021 (that's this Saturday) at the TECNO Mobile Philippines Facebook page. Stars include the very funny bunch of YouTube superstar comedians Beks Battalion (Chad, MC and Lassy), Mika Salamanca, PBB's Baninay, and it will be hosted by the obnoxious tandem DONEKLA (Donita Nose and Tekla). Then there will be a second one called SPARK UP YOUR ENERGY wherein celebrities will sing and dance so you too can join in and try out their moves, and who knows, you might make your dreams come true too. 

Aside from the fun and laughter, they will be also showcasing a few phones like the AI powered TECNO Spark 6 Go which has got a quite large 6.52” HD Resolution Screen, AI Dual Unlock Feature (to use your face or fingerprint to unlock), AI Beauty Mode (to hide those small imperfections), 18 AI Scene Detection (so it would be easy to take photos of things, people, landscapes), 5000 mAh battery (so you can play hours of music and play games) and Audio Share (so you can connect several speakers and devices with one phone).

TECNO Mobile also has the CAMON 16 smartphone which can be availed only through TECNO Mobile partner retail stores. It costs Php 7,990 and has got a main 48MP main camera, quad lenses for wide, bokeh and macro, plus huge RAM and ROM capacity of 128GB+6GB. It'll be easy to take photos and not worry about storage right? It also has 18W fast charging so you can plug it in then get it out with lots of juice within a few minutes. They have other phones which can handle gaming and pretty much everyday communication, plus tons more in the pipeline as they listen quite well to consumers and put what we need on their smartphones.

So, who wants fun, games, raffle draws and over 150 amazing phones, cash prizes and Shopee exclusives? See you on Saturday!


realme Launches realme C25, realme Buds Air 2 and realme Buds Air 2 Neo

Today is an awesome day to get you some really good things from realme. They've recently expanded their iot devices and never stopped coming out with the best phones. They have entry level and mid range ones that can battle the best of the best flagship phones from other brands. I personally am using the realme 6i to edit and shoot videos so I can really attest to it. Aside from that, they're going to launch 2 more audio devices. Let's start with a cool phone the realme C25, the lovely realme Buds Air 2 (which they worked with The Chainsmokers too) and the new realme Buds Neo for those who want to play all day.

Eason De Guzman of realme Philippines says "For more than a year, we are under quarantine and our brand has flourished still in the past few months. The past three weeks has been rough for all of us, but we still want to give our best for the community of realme smartphone users in the country. After launching the Narz 30 a couple weeks ago, and a few partnerships too. This is all for the community of realme and this support we get from them, we want to give our best for our consumers, to be part of this, to become the best lifestyle brand in the country. We are presenting to you the realme C25, realme Buds Air 2 and the realme Buds Air 2 Neo. We believe everyone will survive this pandemic, we are now offering affordable smartphones that will last long. We are also introducing two audio devices, one for music and one for general all day use. Despite of the challenges, we were able to do something creative, we are happy to do it despite being isolated at home. In the near future, we hope to see you all."

realme TechLife: realme C25


Your smartphone is not just a communicating device, the realme C25 is avaialble in Water Blue and Water Grey. It is patterned with the design of the C11 which is one of our best selling ones, it has a 48MP, more in our C series. A B and W lens, a main camera and a macro lens. This does slow mo, 1080P recording,Fast Focus, Chroma Boose, HDR and Portrait Mode. You need a smartphone that can take great photos, if you are selling products, doing business, this can do that. It has a 6.5 Large display, 3 card slots and good geometric design. This has a high quality battery, with a 6000mAh battery you can call for 43.17 calls, do 9 hours+ of Mobile Legends or 25 hours of YouTube. It has Multiple Battery Optimization, which can save you more power while using the device. This is also the first to have realme ui 2.0 out of the box which is based on Android 11 OS. There is a lot of personalization, seamless in use and has high quality parts. Despite being a young brand in the country, they assure to deliver smartphones that have been certified TUVRheinland, this is the world's first smartphone with a high reliability certification. It has been tested in different environments, drops, materials and tested with standards to make sure you get the best in class. This has flagship level durability. realme has 12 service centers nationwide and are continously growing. This is a good piece of hardware for work, school and everyday life.

realme Buds Air 2

The realme Buds Air 2 is upgraded all around from its predecessor. It looks premium, not easy to stain and doesn't slip easily when worn. It's available in Closer White and Closer Black. It has active noise cancellation of 25db. Your aircon, traffic, planes, it can do without that now with the Buds Air 2. Holding on your earphones 2-3 seconds can switch it to transparency mode so you can hear everything. This has an R2 chip that can do these things, so this realme Buds Air 2 is quite special. It can do 25 hours of playback and lower 88ms Super Low Latency. It is also based on the design they made previously like a pebble (Hermes) but this one is a bit longer I think.

realme Music Studio x The Chainsmokers

This is the handy work of the band with the brand. It uses 10mm diamond class hifi driver, so you can listen to high quality sound. Th device also has bass boost plus and dynamic mode so you can listen to podcasts and music differently. The Chainsmokers have tons of hits, they are one of the most respected DJ's in the world and realme feels they are the perfect pair.

realme Buds Air 2 Neo

The realme Buds Air 2 Neo has a different design. It has the same look as the realme Buds Q, comes in colors Calm Grey and Active Black. It has dual mic noise cancellation for calls like the realme Buds Air 2, it also has transparency mode if you need to. It also carries an R2 chip so it can do all those features. They also upgraded the battery life, this can last up to 28 hours of playtime (20 if anc is enabled). Both have intelligent touch controls on it and is IPX5 compliant. Now you have 2 options to level up your music experience, you can get sound quality that is premium without hurting your wallet. Everyone deserves Active Noise Cancelling feature, so they gave that on both models. Both devices are compatible with Google Fast Pair Service, so when I opened the BT of my realme 6i, it automatically suggested to connect to it. 

To get you going in your audio gear shopping, the realme Buds Air 2 costs Php3,990, but they've got a sale price on Shopee and free shipping happening tomorrow April 16, until April 18. The discounted price would be Php 2,990. I used it today and honestly, it's clear, the sound won't be the kind where its muffled which would be good if you're listening calls, playing games, or just about any audio junkie's favorite thing to do, listen to hours of music!

I really dig the realme Buds Air 2 which I got to try the whole week, here's our unboxing video for it, so enjoy!

Again, for those who would want to have noise off and have the realme Buds Air 2, go get them now on online stores for Php 3,990. It's got premium sound without breaking the bank! The realme C25 costs Php 7,490 but during the sale, it costs Php 5,990. Go get it early!


Beko Keeps Produce FRESH LONGER with HarvestFresh Technology

Have you every been in a market? You do buy fresh fruits and vegetables right? But do you know how fresh it really is? Did you know that these fruits and vegetables lost 30 percent of its nutrients while you keep them in the fridge? Well here's good news, BEKO has HarvestFresh Technology.

HarvestFresh Technology has a 3 way light technology that simulates light conditions (sun cycle) in the crisper, blue for 4 hours, green for 2 hours, red light for 6 hours and darkness for 12 hours. This led light technology can preserve vitamin content during refrigeration, even produce more of it in the process. The ideal humidity keeps it fresh much longer. You get to have a compressor that is 4x quieter and is available in sizes 12 cu ft or 14.4 cu ft.

This has been in their fridges for almost two years already and it has been something that makes their refrigerators different from the rest of the ones available in the market. It saves a lot of energy, does less consumption, LED doesn't also spend much so you get your produce taken cared of while saving a lot. I asked about the light technology and they assured that it has passed their internal RnD and standards in Europe and Asia for safety. Before they do come out with these appliances, they have already tested it on their end. Beko Refrigerators cost not that much, they have entered the market as a newbie so they approach this as a less premium but more quality brand in the market. They want the Filipino consumer to afford it, they are aware of their consumers budget these days hence the current prices of their products. 4 Models are available and their prices cost 12cu ft silver Php 28,990, dark 33,590, 14.4cu ft Dark 35,590 glass finish 37,990.


It's Time to Experience More with TCL

A good day deserves good news as TCL takes on the Philippines with new mobile phones, tablets and products in the country. During an online event, they announced a partnership with established ICT distributing giant VST ECS in order to roll out their products in the country.

TCL SUN Inc Philippines Philip Xia says "We have a new line to introduce to the market, we have managed to challenge ourselves into greater heights and our mission to make life intelligent. Starting with our television, a smarter way of living. We have reached out to several non government organizations as part of our CSR efforts since we entered the Philippine market and we know there should be no boundaries. These are exciting times to lead the local team in making a milestone. Thank you!"

Jimmy Go of VSTECS says "We at VST ECS are so glad to have been chosen as the distributor for TCL products. From smartphones, to tablets, TCL is the leader for mobility. TCL is already a leader for televisions here in the Philippines and we are slowly going to introduce the new models very soon. These are very stylish, thank you for joining our partnership launch!"

VST ECS Philippines Incorporated has launched a few brands in the last year, an IT distribution powerhouse from retail to enterprise markets. Here, they have the best brands from their channel partners. They are part of the huge VST ECS Group operating in different countries and they strive to be the most admired one in the country. From consumer desktops, workstations, printers ande copiers, supplies, mobility, lifestyle, gaming, servers, storage, power management, 3D printing, wired and wireless networking, network security, big data, software enterprise solutions, POS Solutions, AIDC solutions, document imagings, cloud computing, IOT, AI and Robotics, Managed Services, Training and Education, VST ECS does all of these and more. They have several branches in major cities in the country and have established leadership in ICT solutions.

Sales Officer Michelle Inventado of TCL SUN Inc. Philippines says "We are witnessing TCL Philippines greatness as we adapt to grow as more consumers trust us. We have launched our growing business unit, from Washing Machines, Consumer Appliances, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and this is because TCL can manufacture products from parts to actual units  because we have the manpower. TCL has a complete portfolio of devices including home connected products and recently, we have several products launched in the Mobile World Congress."

The demand for Smartphones have been huge especially during the pandemic. VST ECS is aggressively growing their portfolio in the mobility; and TCL always as been a leader in China. TCL has been known for affordable high quality products and mobile phones will be introduced with 2 models and additional ones soon. Not only in the smartphone but the tablet market, the price range is almost entry level. TCL is in the works of partnering with telcos, rest assured it is in the works but we will announce that once that confirmation has been done. They are confident with their partnership with VSTECS which is the reason they are now present in major appliance stores. Not only that, they have new model of TV's, iot Aircon, Washing Machine, Fridge, a whole new platform of appliances and even cars. The product itself is good for media consumption, it does display greatness which they have been intending since the start.

The TCL 20 SE has 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM. It also has a 6.78 inch screen, runs on Android 11 and TCL UI, a microSDXC which is a shared sim slot and quad cameras with a 16 MP main one, 5MP ultrawide, 2MP depth and 2MP macro lens. It can also take 1080p videos, has a 3.5mm jack and has dual speakers. The phone also has a 5000mAh battery so it can last a long time. The TCL 10 5G is a 5G capable phone that has an Android 10 and proprietary TCL UI. It's got a Qualcomm SM7250 Snapdragon 765G 5G chipset to run tasks smoothly and a humongous 128GB 6GB RAM for memory and storage. It also has a Quad Camera with a 64MP main cam, 8MP ultrawide, 5MP macro and 2MP depth lens. It can take 4K 30fps videos and employs gyro EIS for those shaky moments. The front cam is 16MP so those selfies will be very detailed. The TCL Tab 10s on the other hand has a Mediatek MT8768 chipset, variants of 32GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 4GB RAM, can take 1080p at 30fps videos, and a 5MP selfie camera which is sufficient. It has an 8000 mAh battery so it can last the whole day and a few hours the next day if doing usual tasks.

The TCL 20 SE and TCL 10 5G will be available in the Philippines in hundreds of mobile phone stores as it is part of the VSTECS supply chain. All the big mobility retailers are part of that so you can expect it to be seen quite often. The TCL 20 SE is the most affordable at Php 7,990, at 6.8 inches it is going to be the best one in that segment. The best 5G phone in that price range of the TCL 10 5G can't be beaten as it will be packaged either with data plans, promotions and will be released soon. Aside from that, the TCL Tab 10S (same as the one released in the US) is an attractive study partner, also their wearables. There's still so much things that people should look forward to including after sales support that will be announced soon. TCL products come with one year warranty and infrastructure for support will come very soon.

Congratulations TCL and VSTECS! That was a super fun event!


The Benefits of Mobile Gaming and Better Plays with the vivo Y20s [G]

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Things may have been misconstrued years ago when much of our folks thought that there were no real benefits in mobile gaming. If you're like me who has been a bit under stress or suffering mentally during the pandemic, a welcome game of third person shooters or MMORPG's (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) took our mind off the complications of life and and involved us in several rounds of fun with your friends and family.

Equipping yourself with a phone like vivo Y20s [G] can get your max speeds and more battery life so you can spend hours virtually and put that into practice in real life.

Less Anxiety

Playing, taking a quest, would make you feel you're in control in a battle. You get yourself equipped, gain experience, take a lot of repetitive rounds so you can strategize then conquer it. If you haven't heard, it actually can be good to battle anxiety and depression according to studies at the US National Library of Medicine.

More Brain Power

The brain is more like a muscle, not just fat. You need to exercise and keep it engaged so you improve on things like spatial awareness and memory.


Be Better at Problem Solving

Games always contain labyrinths, a whole enchilada of instructions that would need your capacity to think. To outlast opponents, you have to device a way to find a route, escape situations that would need your brain power. Do it several times and you'll get the hang of it, plus you're bound to get better at it in the long run and finish the game faster, easier than before. Some studies in Chile have said it also hastens your determination to solve things which is pretty impressive to know.

A Sense of Community

Mobile Games are easily accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. It breaks boundaries, language or even age. Sometimes, you even need to team up to accomplish things, it gives people a very good way to battle loneliness, stress and take away fear and feeling awkward with towards other people. So go play more with the vivo Y20s [G]. It's got HyperEngine Game Technology which makes load time a cinch so you can stay on top of the game literally.

Mobile games ain't that bad after all. It's got good effects and not made or done for fun. If you want to know more about the vivo Y20s [G], go visit or their Facebook page so you can see the difference. You've got to make sure you're mobile games get installed on good phones so you too would have a great game.


PMPC Set to Hold Star Studded Benefit Concert

A very entertaining Sunday will be coming up as some of your favorite stars and singers converge in a benefit concert set for some Senior and ailing members of the Philippine Movie Press Club Inc., the premiere press organization in the country. They aptly call it "AWIT SA PANDEMYA... A PMPC BENEFIT CONCERT" which will be held this April 18, 2021, Sunday at 8PM (5AM PDT). They will also have proceeds be given for members who are in dire straights and need their daily maintenance medicine.

Performers include Asia's Multimedia Star Alden Richards, Asia's crooner Christian Bautista, World Champ Jed Madela, the iconic Ms. Kuh Ledesma, and superstar singers Gerald Santos, Ima Castro,  Luke Mejares and hunky Jeric Gonzales. Aside from these stars, performers include JV Decena , Gari Escobar , Christi Fider, Joaquin Garcia, Jos Garcia , Sarah Javier, Charo Laude, Diane De Mesa, Renz Robosa , Lil Vinceyy and the Zcentido Ska Band. 

For those who wish to help, tickets will be sold at and the show will be done on the same platform. Make sure you support your favorite stars so that the organization would be able to provide help for their members who need it. You also get to have an entertaining evening of songs world class Filipino talent!


VICE GANDA for Saridon

Monday, April 12, 2021


Just got off the Saridon event with the unkabogable star Vice Ganda. She's got a really cool dance commercial for the brand and they also wanted consumers to know more about the benefits of taking Saridon and how fast activation works.

Dr Louie Lacno the Medical Advisor of Bayer Consumer Health Philippines says "For headache, body pains and fever, relief is already achieved in 15 minutes. Saridon is safe for 18 yo and above, but for older folks, pregnant women, please consult your doctor. Saridon also contains Propyphenazone, paracetamol, caffeine."

Vice Ganda says "Hearing people appreciate my work is so heartwarming especially during this pandemic. 18 percent growth in sales and 40 percent in brand awareness? I'm so happy to hear that because I really helped in their sales. Thank you to my happy ponies for their support. When the pandemic hit, schedules were really hard to manage and with these abrupt changes it makes everything complicated, but we are still trying to thrive, doing our very best to earn a living. Our status today, it gives us a headache and I'm glad Saridon can get the pain out in 15 minutes. We may not solve the pandemmic, but at least we can say goodbye to the pain. I think Saridon coincided with my lovelife, when our partnership was made, I had love the same year."

"MECQ just took effect today, but during the previous time when Covid rose, we thought of things that could take our minds off the crazy things, I bought badminton, volleyball sets, PS5 so Ion and I could have fun at home. I have the chance to really get save before things happened and we can survive, but if your emotion is in ruins, it will be difficult. I chose to be happy. The worst pain is dependent on your strength, there are people who are physically strong but emotionally weak. I am having difficulties when its physical because I have always had emotional and psychological pain and brush it off, I have eversince didn't get to have solutions for physical pain, but I have Saridon for those headaches."

When I had my YouTube channel get 5 Million subscribers, it was also my birthday. I am so thankful for the milestones. The moment ABSCBN lost its franchise, I lost my platform. I had to look for ways to connect with my audience and made my online show. When it did grow that big, I knew I served my purpose. I admit, getting that helped earned money, we can't just leave it to touching funds everyday, it will run out. So I had to of course make sure I also earn something from it. I am excited about the end of the pandemic, I am claiming it to be this year, I have been praying for it, to also cure those who have Covid, this is the one thing I am excited about. I can't just leave this beautiful face inside my house, this needs to be out there!"

During the program, executives of Bayer and her ponies also surprised her because she just recently celebrated her birthday. She mentions "These people, are all leads of different pony organizations. They didn't leave me even if we didn't have interaction for so many weeks, months, thanks for the effort and I love you! Thank you so much for the wonderful presents, I will always be grateful of being part of your family, thank you for giving me your trust. Life is difficult at this time, I can only pray for everyone to be safe and sane. It's difficult to be free from stress and headaches, all these things, can be solved by Saridon. In showtime, there are people who ask me for it because it's stressful, so we take it and make put up a good show for you guys. Thank you so much for your support, my ponies, thank you! I will always be grateful, thank you very much!"


She will also be appearing in the Saridon Facebook page later, go watch her!


Watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO GO with Globe

Saturday, April 10, 2021


I'm Batman, but don't tell them about it.

Well, much of you now have already watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League. If not, you're definitely missing out on the biggest movie of the year. It runs 4 hours and is pretty long for a normal movie, but again with these heroes in toll, telling their saga is just worth all that grinding. Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, tons more heroes and villains are there so it's actually really exciting how Zack plans to re-do Justice League.

Oh and by the way, it's actually convenient to actually watch Justice League on HBO GO. You can download the app now on iOS and Google Play, then register for an account and pay for it via your Globe Postpaid and Prepaid account. It only costs Php 149. Just log in on the GlobeOne app, choose the Lifestyle section and follow how to activate it. If you're a prepaid user, you also get 1GB data for streaming HBO GO with the promo GoWATCH10 which is going to be on top of your favorite Go promos. Oh and there are actually tons more in the GlobeOne app that you can choose if you want to do watch other shows too.

If you are a new Globe At Home Unli Fiber Up Postpaid customer, or have upgraded to their plans, you also can get 3 months of access to HBO GO. Just redeem your voucher at the Globe At Home app which you can download in the app store or google play. There are tons of other shows and movies on the HBO GO app that you might have not watched yet so if I were you, go subscribe and enjoy hours upon hours of content that's on the HBO GO app because that's where you'll find the best ones, don't quote me on that. LOL!

I'll be logging in now and chilling in my room for other shows I plan to watch. See you!


The City of Marikina Goes Cashless with PayMaya

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Looks like it will be easier to pay taxes and government dues as the city of Marikina just started to roll out contactless payment in the city as they have started ties with PayMaya. This means residents of the city and those transacting with their offices can now pay for things right in the comforts of their home or anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet and use the PayMaya app. The Marikina online portal accepts credit, debit or prepaid cards and the PayMaya Wallet which can be loaded by cashing on from bank accounts or any PayMaya partners. PayMaya collaborated with the Development Bank of the Philippines and this has been welcomed by the city Mayor himself.

Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro says "With this initiative done by PayMaya and DBP, we empower our constituents with a safer way to pay for taxes. They can now also pay other fees online while in the comforts of their home. They don't have to physically go to the city hall during the pandemic. This will allow us to continue delivering critical services to our community and the public."

PayMaya Founder and CEO Orlando Vea says "Enabling the public to have digital payments is the way to go and we thank the city of Marikina for leading the way for cashless solutions in local governments. We are ready to have more people access digital financial services during this time."

There are over 60 national agencies and local government units that have had cashless solutions powered by PayMaya including budget disbursements so they get money for projects safer and faster. Aside from that, other agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Social Security System (SSS), Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Land Transportation Office (LTO), Bureau of Customs (BoC), and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), and cities like Manila, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Pasig, Caloocan, and Valenzuela have already adapted PayMaya payment channels. It's easy and cashless so it's also safe for everyone.

You can also pay for groceries, medicine and tons of other things using the app. You also get the chance to earn cash back in each transaction as they regularly have promos that would get you perks when you pay through QR, transfer funds, pay bills using the app. Now don't say I didn't tell you about it, go download the PayMaya app today!


Get a Predator Helios 300 at the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Finals

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Looks like the folks over at Predator are becoming extra generous this month as they celebrate the APAC Predator League 2020/21 Grand Finals from April 6-11. I'm sure they're going to stream it live at Predator's social channels but that doesn't mean they're forgetting about you watching at home.

Several giveaways will be happening during the streams and all you gotta do is follow a few things for a chance to win a brand new Predator Helios 300, limited edition Predator jackets, Predator loot bags, a gaming chair and loads of other stuff daily. Thing is, you have to also watch out for the Predator code for the day which will be given as clues in different parts of the program.

Now these prizes are no joke and if you love these games, you get to also see different pro players challenge themselves and other pro teams who will be using Predator in this year's championship. Get inspired and take a hobby, who knows, you might be the next one to play in this tourney! Oh before I forget, you can like their Facebook page so you can see the games live til April 11th. Make sure you are following the instructions to a T so you can qualify for the giveaways! How I wish I had those gaming machines. Hello Predator! LOL


Animax and GEM Shows to be Shown on TrueID Philippines and Cignal

More content means a win for the Filipino viewer, so that only means we're winning now as entertainment shows from Japan will be coming to more venues in Philippine shores. Leading multimedia company KC Global Media Asia who's channels Animax (the number one anime destination) and GEM (super cool Japanese entertainment channel) will be airing their shows on TrueID Philippines and Cignal.

Animax has always been a go to spot for everything anime and I loved several of their previous shows but this April, they're going to start showing The Seven Deadly Sins -Imperial Wrath of the Gods, One Punch Man and Cells at Work! Mind you they're doing this on the same day they are showing it in Japan so you're literally getting the freshest shows all in TrueID Philippines. Aside from that, GEM will also get their drama shows, specifically Cursed in Love this month plus a whole lot of Japanese variety and reality shows to be seen on Cignal.

Cursed in Love is basically a family drama, of friends Nao (Minami Hamabe) and Tsubaki (Ryusei Yokohama) who initially got their parents death and life intertwined. Their love story is a pretty complicated one too but you have to watch it on Cignal okay? GEM will also be showcasing this month "Nemesis" which stars Sho Sakurai of ARASHI and Suzu Hirose this coming April 17 and the consecutive Saturdays after. Show starts at 8.40PM and will be shown within the same week of airing in Japan. For those who fancy travel shows, GEM also co produced with Kansai TV Budget a show called Trip in Japan which will premiere on April 27 and Tuesdays thereafter. It'll be shown evenings at 7.50PM.

Make sure you've got these channels in your plans on Cignal and TrueID Philippines okay?


Grab x Shell Cebu Ink Partnership

Great morning to see good things happen to good people. In Cebu, Pilipinas Shell just inked a partnership with Grab partners in the Queen City of the South wherein now they can use and give assistance to the public making 11 of their stations have logistics, food delivery and essentials too.

Rolyn Tomarong the Non Fuel Retail Manager of Pilipinas Shell says "To be able to launch this in Cebu made me so happy. The weather is good and feels it welcomes this partnership as well. To continue to provide services where it counts, Shell expanded offers to make essentials available in convenient locations Cebu wide. Shell Select will offer even more things during the pandemic. Dealers have ensured customers will be served during this time. This will enable driver and delivery partners to move Cebu economy and communities. This will entail us to give better service for our Cebuano customers. You can now shop at Select and Grab your groceries and needs for your homes."

Mandaue City Councilor Jun Del Mar says "I would like to thank Shell and Grab in this momentous event. Any endeavor to revive our economy during this time is a cause for celebration. They are joining hands to boost the transport industry through logistics, food delivery and transportation services. Now they can provide needs for their loved ones so they can feed their families. It is the value of working together that we can empower each other. We are happy they are leading the way to ignite sectors of SME's, I hope we will learn more about their example, this is just the beginning of better things ahead."

Gines Barot Head of City Operations Grab Philippines "We know how hard our driver and partners work in Cebu. We at Grab continue to find ways, we both share the same goals to allow them to maximize their earnings. First is the discounted meals and gas. We want them to save and get more take home pay everytime. We know how hard times are so we will make sure of needed bookings, make sure bike lanes are secured for Grab Express, Grab Food, and transport services Grab Car and Grab Taxi so people in Cebu can move around with safety as our priority. I hope through our partnership with Shell, and the meaningful things we do for our drivers, we continue to support them and our kababayans in on deman delivery needs and support the economic recovery of Cebu."

Grace Vera Cruz Grab's Country Head says "Our drivers play an essential role in Cebu's economic recovery. With their help, we doubled safety hygeine solutions through Grab Protect. Through this, our delivery partners were able to continue supple food, essentials online. With many businesses doing digital these past few months, this will aid in Cebu's recovery and Grab will continue to have mobility which the province needs. By providing our drivers with insurance, scholarships, discounted food and fuel, this will further motivate them to serve more Cebuanos. We hope to continue to deepen our partnership to support our drivers and partners across the province. Thank you!"

Randy Del Valle Vice President of retail for Shell says "I hope I could be in Cebu but I'm stuck in Manila. This is still a big momentous event. Thank you to our media partners in Manila and Cebu. In Pilipinas Shell, we drive mobility and progress especially while we are under pandemic. This made one thing clear, we need to live with the virus, which is why we are also part of Ingat Angat early this year. The renewed commitment includes movement of people and products especially with the pandemic. Cebu is rising, and this will lead in legacies that will outlast the virus. The transport plans will have more modern bridges, expressways, in different parts of Cebu, we will be an ally. We will support livelihoods so drivers, passengers can mobilize themselves. We have opened branches in different locations so products like fuel and essentials to serve the needs of our customers and progress their careers. This partnership is a testament of our commitment, it introduces opportunities to our hard working drivers and our stakeholders. This is just a pilot, we will welcome it with enthusiasm. Drivers will have first class services available to them like safety checkpoints, open mobility stations, dedicated motorcycle lanes so we can serve more people. We want to move forward and promise to be part of nation building, and growth of Cebu."

To get discounted fuel, drivers can also use the Shell Go + Card and App and earn points from each transaction with Shell. You can get the Shell GO+ Grab Card Card in selected stations. Grab drivers get fuels discounts, points for purchasing fuels, lubes, and Select . They can use these points to pay at any Shell station. By being an active user, they can get travel accident insurance for the driver, scholarships for their dependents, and special rewards catalogs. They are also replicating this in even more branches nationwide. Shell and Grab are like minded, customer-centric, which I think is the reason why they can make plans happen easily.

Looks like things are looking up down south. Can't wait to go there in the near future. Congratulations Pilipinas Shell and Grab!


PascualLab Celebrates 75 years of "PascualLove"

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

It certainly feels like I'm PascualLoved as Pascual Laboratories, Inc. begins celebrating their 75th year in the industry.They dubbed this as "PascualLove: Care begins with family", a campaign that aims to highlight the value of care we receive from our loved ones, our family.

For those who don't know, Pascual Laboratories Inc. was founded by husband and wife chemists Isosceles and Leonora Pascual. They started the company inside their home in Tondo where they developed medicinces for war related diseases during world war II. You can say that this is indeed a Filipino company, now one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines.

Today, they're known for several brands which includes Poten-Cee Vitamin C, ASCOF, Vitex negundo L. Lagundi Leaf, C-Lium Fibre, and OraCare Mouthrinse. On their 75th year, the goal is to further innovate and deliver more quality health and wellness products to Filipinos. By following industry regulations and plant guidelines, PascualLab recently achieved their ISO:9001:2015 certification. Companies who pass stringent standards are of international quality and they continue to improve processes and employ new manufacturing methods so they could go beyond excellence. 

Poten-Cee has been in the market for over 40 years. It now caters to different age groups and Vitamin C needs. The number one Ascof Lagundi need no introduction, it's been the number one herbal cough remedy in the market and I've been taking that too when I get cough like symptoms. Aside from that, they also have C-Lium Fibre which is available in new exciting flavors especially for those who would want to have healthy digestion. They also have OraCare to get rid of bad oral bacteria. They're not stopping there!

This year, they are launching a few more variants for their existing products and new ones like WellGreens Organics. It's a line of premium organic food supplements which consists of Ampalaya, Ginger, a combo Lagundi-Oregano and Malunggay-Mangoosteen. Aside from that, they've also got ProBio7 Kids which is a probiotic food supplement that's available in grape and in powdered form.

PascualLab also has their CSR efforts done this year. Through their initiative SEED (Sowing to Empower, Educate and Develop), they have sponsored 75 kids with World Vision specifically in Malabon City. 75 is a pretty significant number for them since it accounts for the number of years they have been in the industry. They also worked with Dr. Willie Ong so they could reach more underprivileged Filipinos through his programs. PascualLab also continues to provide help for front liners, help when calamities struck ie Typhoon Ondoy and Rolly, the Taal Volcano eruption and more. They also sponsored the concert KilaboTitos with OPM King Ogie Alcasid and MuscIAN Ian Veneracion last March 26th. Soon, they will hold a digital concert with Wish 107.5 entitled “PascualLove: From our Family to Yours” featuring Rivermaya and Music Hero this coming April 23 which you all should watch out for on YouTube. They will be having a culminating activity through an FB Live concert featuring various artists that have played an integral part of PascualLab's history. They will dub it as “Walang Kasing Galing” (for their anniversary theme), banking on family love which the corporation is built on.

Stay tuned on more things from Pascual Laboratories, Inc.. Make sure you follow their social network channels so you get updates about their 75th year celebrations!


#KarJon and Ruth Relive Experiences during "Bida Star: Gandang Naturally Fresh" Stint

Spent the afternoon with Ultimate Bida Star Ruth Paga and one of the most popular love teams in the country Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza aka #KarJon. Ruth Paga from Kalinga just won "Bida Star: Gandang Naturally Fresh" reality show which now entitles her to be part of the Kapamilya network. She currently lives in Baguio City and told us how much she's been through so much to get where she is.

Ruth has been finding her way into show business and has auditioned countless times. She's been rejected a lot of times too and had to endure a lot to reach her dreams. Her win in this competition didn't come easy and attributes it to the years she's been relentlessly trying, when she almost did give up, this came to her like fate. She says "To tell you honestly I still haven't had my life change after the win, because what I won was just the seed, I have to make sure I work hard and make the opportunities to learn as much as I can. Maybe by then I could say that I have changed my life, if I could help my family too." She's got a point, and during the event, the media people found her amusing, street smart, and promising.

Aside from that, we also got to talk to Karina and Aljon. They are hosts of this show and told us how it would have been nice if they had time to comfort the contestants after the show, but really, they were limited because of time constraints and quarantine protocols. They kinda felt bad about that when asked but knew they had to announce winners and tell those that didn't make it the result of the show.

Karina adds "It was really my dream to host shows and to compare how we did it the first time, we've improved a lot because we recorded and did set up everything ourselves. I didn't know how to fit everything during that time but I'm thankful we got help changing things, we learned a lot about our journey here."

Aljon says "I am very happy about the stellar reviews we got for our show. We really worked hard and glad that we got to also use hosting for outside work. When I tried this, it made me confident communicating. I get to use it in real life and that's awesome!"


Here's a short video about the event earlier!

These guys are going to have so much fun in the next few months. Go follow @starhuntabscbn accounts on FB, other social media channels and on KUMU as they will be appearing in shows and different programs there.

Stay updated and follow @kumagcow on social sites too! :)