Catch Sanya Lopez, Hannah Pangilinan and Erika Rabara at Samsung’s #AwesomeLive Event

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Set your calendars and alarms and spend a very entertaining evening with Sanya Lopez, Hannah Pangilinan and Erika Rabara at the  Samsung’s #AwesomeLive Event this coming April 30, 2021 at 8PM.

Sanya Lopez will show you the ropes on how she creates content with her Samsung Galaxy A72 while Erika Rabara makes use of its quad camera to do her beauty vlogs and snapchat videos. Hannah Pangilinan on the other hand has the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G which she uses for YouTube and Instagram and uploads it fast because it's on that 5G speeds. Both phones have really good batteries which can last them the whole day so they're not tied to the charger all the time. 

Now for those looking for fun, you'll get the chance to win BIG prizes as they'll be giving away Galaxy Buds Live, an Galaxy A32, a Galaxy A52 5G and the Galaxy A72 as well. Aside from that, they'll be giving away vouchers which you can use on the website. Now make sure to be there on April 30 at 8pm and like their Facebook page wherein they'll be holding the event, it's at

If you want to check out the specs of the phones, simply head on to as it is all there.


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