Romantic Flick "Dito at Doon" Deserves a Part 2

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Arlene Esguerra and Carlo Cabahug truly didn't start in the wrong foot. The pandemic put them both in a predicament that they didn't want to endure, much like us today who's been in our homes for a year or more already. 

Love at this time? Maybe, but these consequences of their interaction on social media would say otherwise. Actually, an impossibility. During this time, Len got what she deserved, which is real talk from her friends. She spent most of the time talking to plants and making viral dalgona coffee, things we did during the start of the pandemic. Direk JP Habac framed this quite nicely, really close to reality. Len's Mom, her friends were essential to the story. They confirm things, they put things she does into perspective and get her grounded. Cab on the other hand was the typical Filipino OFW story, well almost. You'll see his story unfold during small talks with Len as they discover each other. They might need to drink every once in a while to release inhibitions, and that's kinda fun if you think about it.

I like the romantic angles, on how their once impossible relationship might become something. In an eve where people are supposed to be apart, here they are making landi and its a good thing. It felt good for the soul, but without titles, will that affect them?

This film touches on so many realities. It talks about our dreams, our loved ones, a little hope, some drama, home sickness, our self worth, anger and frustrations. What is there for us when all is in shambles?  Janine Gutierrez and JC Santos did good in this film, I hope they do a part 2 because honestly, the thing deserves one. This is under TBA Studios and WASD Films. You can watch it via KTX.PH, Cinema76@Home, iWantTFC, Upstream or Ticket2Me. 
You can stream it digitally today!


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