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Saturday, April 24, 2021

What does your home look like? What do you think your home needs in order to make it better? How do you live your life at home?

As you know, IKEA is set to open its doors in Pasay City soon. But before that, IKEA wants to know these too so that they would be able to bring modern furniture design that could help Filipinos thrive at home. This helps them understand what we need so they made the effort to talk to several locals who will benefit with IKEA opening at the SM Mall of Asia grounds soon. It's why they had the Life at Home series launched in their official Facebook page recently.

They now know that eating and sleeping is pretty much cookie cutter but there are really stark differences when it comes to culture because we're very sentimental, and always have extended family at home. Your grandma for instance play a role in the lives of everyone in the family, which is not common for other EU or US households and they talked to Filipinos about it. 

Georg Platzer the Store Manager of IKEA Pasay City says "The four dimensions that help us define home are: the people we live with, the things we own, the amount of space we have and the place we live in. Home is a feeling. This fascination helps us to better understand people’s needs, dreams, and challenges, especially for the new markets we enter like the Philippines."

If you want to know more about how they did it, check out the videos here and their website. You would learn a lot how IKEA studies are conducted in the Philippines.


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