VICE GANDA for Saridon

Monday, April 12, 2021


Just got off the Saridon event with the unkabogable star Vice Ganda. She's got a really cool dance commercial for the brand and they also wanted consumers to know more about the benefits of taking Saridon and how fast activation works.

Dr Louie Lacno the Medical Advisor of Bayer Consumer Health Philippines says "For headache, body pains and fever, relief is already achieved in 15 minutes. Saridon is safe for 18 yo and above, but for older folks, pregnant women, please consult your doctor. Saridon also contains Propyphenazone, paracetamol, caffeine."

Vice Ganda says "Hearing people appreciate my work is so heartwarming especially during this pandemic. 18 percent growth in sales and 40 percent in brand awareness? I'm so happy to hear that because I really helped in their sales. Thank you to my happy ponies for their support. When the pandemic hit, schedules were really hard to manage and with these abrupt changes it makes everything complicated, but we are still trying to thrive, doing our very best to earn a living. Our status today, it gives us a headache and I'm glad Saridon can get the pain out in 15 minutes. We may not solve the pandemmic, but at least we can say goodbye to the pain. I think Saridon coincided with my lovelife, when our partnership was made, I had love the same year."

"MECQ just took effect today, but during the previous time when Covid rose, we thought of things that could take our minds off the crazy things, I bought badminton, volleyball sets, PS5 so Ion and I could have fun at home. I have the chance to really get save before things happened and we can survive, but if your emotion is in ruins, it will be difficult. I chose to be happy. The worst pain is dependent on your strength, there are people who are physically strong but emotionally weak. I am having difficulties when its physical because I have always had emotional and psychological pain and brush it off, I have eversince didn't get to have solutions for physical pain, but I have Saridon for those headaches."

When I had my YouTube channel get 5 Million subscribers, it was also my birthday. I am so thankful for the milestones. The moment ABSCBN lost its franchise, I lost my platform. I had to look for ways to connect with my audience and made my online show. When it did grow that big, I knew I served my purpose. I admit, getting that helped earned money, we can't just leave it to touching funds everyday, it will run out. So I had to of course make sure I also earn something from it. I am excited about the end of the pandemic, I am claiming it to be this year, I have been praying for it, to also cure those who have Covid, this is the one thing I am excited about. I can't just leave this beautiful face inside my house, this needs to be out there!"

During the program, executives of Bayer and her ponies also surprised her because she just recently celebrated her birthday. She mentions "These people, are all leads of different pony organizations. They didn't leave me even if we didn't have interaction for so many weeks, months, thanks for the effort and I love you! Thank you so much for the wonderful presents, I will always be grateful of being part of your family, thank you for giving me your trust. Life is difficult at this time, I can only pray for everyone to be safe and sane. It's difficult to be free from stress and headaches, all these things, can be solved by Saridon. In showtime, there are people who ask me for it because it's stressful, so we take it and make put up a good show for you guys. Thank you so much for your support, my ponies, thank you! I will always be grateful, thank you very much!"


She will also be appearing in the Saridon Facebook page later, go watch her!


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