DARREN ESPANTO All Set for D10 Concert

Friday, May 31, 2024

e was just a baby (I kid)... but now, your boy Darren Espanto is celebrating his 10th year in the showbiz industry.

The last time I saw him was during his performance on Gary Valenciano's concert. If you haven't seen the technology employed in that show, you've got Darren to make you experience that in D10. He shared this during the press conference of his concert on June 1st, and from what I've been seeing in his photos during these past few weeks, he's about to give us a singing and dancing showdown that we've never seen him do. The tech he talked about had the ability to move with the subject, so the lights will be crazy once it lands on the Araneta Coliseum stage.

 Here's a few details divulged during our interview

Confirmed guests include Erik Santos, Ogie Alcasid, Lyca Gairanod, Gary Valenciano, Sarah Geronimo, and Vice Ganda. I think there will be more, but that's going to be revealed on the actual day. His rehearsals are tough, he's been spending a lot of time on it these past few weeks and he says, he's just lucky that he's not getting sick even if he lacks sleep. He's going to the gym, so he gets the stamina he needs for the concert. He also started vocal rehearsals and want to stop perhaps a day or two before the show. 

So imagine what you will miss if you don't watch the show tomorrow. I think there are only a few tickets left on some sections, hope you get to see Darren celebrate his 10th year. He still has lots of plans in the pipeline especially with his music. I heard an album in the works but perhaps a single would be dropped on the actual concert day. 

From The Voice kids to this? How time flies indeed!

 Congratulations Darren! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeves!



POKEVERSE, the premiere Pokemon themed event organized by fans for fans is happening today at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong City. Yesterday, we were able to interview Ms. Veronica Taylor, the original voice actor who did Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon series and Jason Paige, the awesome guy who sang the original Pokemon theme song. They're here for a meet and greet, so you could fulfill your Pokemon dreams from May 31 to June 2 (yes, this whole weekend!). 

Veronica was so nice, she was very accommodating and told us the story of how she was able to land that voice acting gig for Pokemon. Jason too was very friendly. I thought they would feel the welcome we Filipinos are known for, but I guess they do it excellently too. They didn't think this was going to be this big, it was work for them but eventually, they felt the cult following right after the first season. 

This brought them opportunities beyond their wildest dreams, to begin visiting different countries and expo's, their schedules filled up in no time. 

Today, it's your chance to meet them in the flesh! Head on to pokeverse.ph to get tickets to POKEVERSE and be the first ones to meet them at the event. Tickets may be hard to actually get at the venue as there would be a LOT of people there (lining up is challenging!). 

Here's the press conference in full:

Aside from them, Tim Yap, Myrtle Sarroza, Robi Domingo and Kirk Allen will be there to entertain you the whole day. There will be several events happening inside the venue, something they prepared for those who grew up with the game, your kids, even the parents who would be accompanying the little ones for the event. Discounts will also be given to selected cosplayers, but it will be very limited. It is highly encouraged for you to wear something Pokemon themed of course. I'd want to come as Snorlax but perhaps my trainer uniform would suffice, I've seen their merch and those caps would be a good thing to take home. (some are actually limited edition too for VIP's, make sure you catch them all!).

See you in SM Megamall later! I'll be there!


BEA ALONZO, DANNY TREJO Film 1521: The Quest for Love and Freedom in Theaters this June 5th

We just got to watch 1521, an epic, historical, drama about what transpired in that year... and the love between Diwata (played by noted actress Bea Alonzo) and  Enrique (Hector David Jr., who did Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Power Rangers Samurai, Megaforce).

The film also includes Danny Trejo (who plays Magellan), and while the romantic relationship between the two is fiction, the historic part was a tell all from a Philippine point of view (contrary to Western depictions). 

1521 also talked lengthily about Lapu Lapu (Michael Copon) and his state, of how Spain and its forces got beat at the Battle of Mactan. This was set to also showcase his heroism, and how he was considered the first one in the country. Veteran Character Actor Vic Romano was quite a presence playing Udong, the brother of Diwata who will be fighting for the honor of his family. Bea Alonzo also did an excellent job in this project, she didn't shortchange things as the role really asks a lot from her. She delivered. Though much of Danny Trejo's dialogue went to Enrique (who is also the interpreter), the time he spent in the film was made with his presence felt. Though you won't be hating on him much as Magellan. You'll appreciate him even more with the battles, a favorite thing he did in the filming process.

Watching this on screen was certainly different because much of the language used is English aside from the small Cebuano done in between. Photography and post production must have done really serious work because the quality is amazing. Lapu Lapu and royalty in the film depicted how we already had a system prior to Spanish conquistadors landing on Philippine shores. I dread the ones shown in Western shows as if we lived in jungles and cave dwellers, something this could correct in context. 

Here's the producer giving a message before the screening:

Though not much of a tearjerker, you'll love the historic content and the love story of Diwata and Enrique. It's entertaining, and having the Hollywood film shown in theaters would certainly make you so proud being a Filipino. I think that alone could be the reason, but you've got a throng of world class actors as additional purpose to watch it. It comes out in theaters this June 5th, and will be distributed by Viva Films.

This should be sent to streaming platforms, but I'd say, it was quite a nice experience to see it on the silver screen. You definitely should do that!


Made Me Cry Twice: CHANCES ARE, YOU AND I in Theaters Today!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The night was indeed stellar at the SM Megamall Cinemas because of the red carpet premiere of CHANCES ARE, YOU AND I which stars hunky Kelvin Miranda and the angelic Kira Balinger. We had the chance to talk to the stars a few weeks back, but this time, I'd like to concentrate more on the actual movie which we got to see last night May 28, 2024.

It's about two strangers who had the same fate, finding their lives intertwined at very interesting points. The hospitals wouldn't be just providing care, but a launch pad for realizations and grounds for what seem to be "opposite personalities" at first, then became that tiny flame that would ignite care, an adventure, special friendships, and love.

Do not at any instance downplay this movie to be just a cute chick flick. Kelvin has been recently awarded the Most Prolific Dramatic Actor Award at the Jinseo Arigato Film Festival in Nagoya, Japan. Kira on the other hand had several scenes to pull heartstrings, which is surprising to see for a neophyte lead in this film. They didn't even had to force themselves, it felt quite natural because you will bear witness with their love story.

If there's anything to add that should be noted amazing in this film is Kelvin and Gian Magdangal's confrontation scene. Tart Carlos also had her moment with Kira Balinger when she had to admit all her faults, it was personal and heartbreaking. Jinho Bae whom people might expect to only blurt out Hangul in most of the scenes in Korea, will be your breath of fresh air. His comedic timing is impressive and as he revealed, he was personally surprised about having 80 percent of his adlibs being put in scenes when he was quite sure it should have been cut by the director. You'll love him for that!

I think I cried twice, and you might have to bring a few sheets of fascial tissues for that. You can now see CHANCES ARE, YOU AND I on theaters starting today! Bring your friends, significant others and family because you'll love how they executed it. 

Photography is A+, plan and go, or flip a coin if you need to decide. This is produced by Pocket Media Productions, Inc. and Happy Infinite Productions. They will have Regal Films distribute this to 130 (I heard) cinemas nationwide!


Celebrating 140 Years of Juan Luna's Spoliarium with LG OLED TVs

Visited the National Museum of Fine Arts a few days ago to witness the celebration of Juan Luna's world renowned masterpiece, the Spoliarium on its 140 years of existence together with the champion of technology and innovation. LG Philippines.

Together with the administrators of the National Museum, LG executives and celebrities were there to witness LG's initiative to donate a total of 6 of LG's OLED TV's, including the models LG OLED AI B4, LG OLED AI G4, LG OLED AI C4, and LG QNED AI. LG has already gotten the No.1 spot in the world. The units were explained and introduced by the well traveled Drew Arellano, gamer Bianca Yao, athlete and host Gretchen Ho, and everyone's Kuya Mikee Reyes. 

Yeongwoo Park the Product Manager of LG Philippines adds "We aim to create products accessible to all. This year we have the AI processors designed exclusively for LG TV's which enhances picture and sound quality so you'll have an excellent viewing experience. With an exciting lineup, we have improving not just OLED but our WebOS content and services which is another foundation of what we offer. This is a media and entertainment platform will keep them up to date in the next five years. We are going to transform your home lifestyle experience, just like Juan Luna, we work hard in enhancing OLED and AI technology. We will continue to push boundaries and make our customers feel that Life is Good."

Nakhyun Seong the Managing Director of LG Philippines says "Enjoying art and history makes life good. It's the 130 year anniversary of the masterpiece Spoliarium. LG is donating to the Museum of Fine Arts the world's number one OLED TV to promote education and art. AI is becoming an integral part of technology and all our TV models brings this experience in our units. We are committed to the Philippines and the Museum of Fine Arts, our heritage, embracing the future."

Museum Director Jeremy Barns accepted the TV's and said "Our friends, colleagues, we feel wonderful partnering with LG in 2018 and now 2024. These 5 OLED TV's will be part of our displays, deployed to show the technology and objects of the museum and the works we do here to have impact of what we provide in the country. It's an ongoing challenge to have visitors, but we are able to take a step forward to reach out audiences and content now so we could have appreciation outside the walls of the National Museum of the Philippines. Come back, and we will appreciate if you keep in mind the museum and agencies if you want to serve the public. We express our deep gratitude to LG for helping us in our museum. A pleasant day to all of you!"


Here's a short tour of the National Museum on video, check out how these national treasures were displayed on the different LG OLED TV's they brought to the museum. We included the event and celebrities that were present during the occasion. Enjoy!

This is just one of the many activities that LG is doing across the country. These top of the line entertainment appliances bring their thurst of having "Innovation for a Better Life" in the forefront of every Filipino home. This isn't the first time that LG has donated to the same cause, and it will be used for information display in the National Museum and its different offices, for the greater good.

After all, Life's good!


CHIE FILOMENO is the Face of SkeenCare

Monday, May 27, 2024

ooks like Chie Filomeno is on a roll as she had us excited during the Glam and Glow event of SkeenCare, a new brand of personal care essentials founded in 2019.

Their story is so inspiring. Imagine starting with a 10K capital, venturing into reselling, then later having their own brand appearing in various online platforms. With the arrival of their premier peeling lotion, it catapulted them in the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry.

Aside from their peeling lotion, their current line of products include Sunscreen Creams, Lotions, (NEW!) Rejuvenating and Maintenance Sets, Healing Balms, Soaps, Deo Mist, Feminine Wash and Underarm Cream.

Chie says "With this new endorsement, I have no words but am extremely thankful for the trust. I know their story and about where they started. To be able to go through challenges and championing over it, they are now a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and wellness industry. They have given me a platform, us, to share what we can offer. I am also thankful to be part of their milestone as they celebrate their anniversary."
To take care of her skin, she shares the importance of removing makeup before you sleep because that's where the problem starts. She has a simple process, just cleansing, prepping the skin with toners, moisturizers for a youthful glow, and then removing make up at the end of the day.    

Also at the event was SkeenCare COO Lei Langamin and their CEO Nars Cabellero. Ms. Nars was a bit emotional and said "I know I'm not the perfect CEO, I do have shortcomings. I'm glad that even though we experience hardships in the company, you still believe how we all could work out things. Know that I come from a place of making sure you our partners, and the company would benefit both ways. This is al; for our success. This is me out of my comfort zone. I don't usually talk in front of audiences. You are the reason why I got my Dad to Japan, he mentioned how thankful he was of just being there. You are the reason why we are achieving our dreams, which is why we pushed for this anniversary celebration to happen. This is one way to thank you all!"

Behind the tears, the excitement of having a new endorser, this once small business is now flourishing. They also have new products launched which would make sure you get to maintain the good things you've done to your skin. The Rejuvenating and Maintenance Sets would certainly be a good skinvestment and  hope to help a lot of people. They will make sure it remains affordable and effective for years to come.
Congratulations SkeenCare!


Svenson Introduces "NexoHair" on their 43rd Anniversary!

This is the first time I've attended an event by Svenson. They're the premier authority when it comes to hair loss treatments in the Philippines. I won't sugarcoat things because I'm probably going to this place in a few years for treatment myself... and I felt there's no opportune time to do it than today.

Svenson is also celebrating their 43rd Anniversary. Together with that milestone, they are launching a next generation hair regeneration called NexoHair which will be exclusively available at their branches. This treatment is non surgical, takes about 45 minutes. Svenson celebrity client and PBA's Superman Vince Hizon even had the procedure in front of us and said it didn't even felt any pain. It's like having a skin microneedling procedure, and using NexoHair exosomes to optimize hair growth.   

They are encouraging this to be used in combination with their other existing treatments, but says it's best for those with family history of hair loss, alopecia areata, which have had optimistic results with other patients who have undergone it.

Here's our video coverage of the event, please listen to the talk about NexoHair of Mike Lee:

Svenson is still going to look for the latest treatments to make sure your crowning glory won't be the cause of the loss of your self esteem. It's promising, and results have been good even for those that they have once turned away. It's convenient, you can come in lunch time and do it, and go home afterwards. Not much downtime, and that's going to be good for a lot of people. Congratulations to Svenson on your 43rd Anniversary!

If I need help, I know where to go now. This branch in West Avenue is right in my neighborhood.


PUREGOLD Releases Ultimate Collab with SB19, BINI, SunKissed Lola, Flow G in “Nasa Atin ang Panalo"

Sunday, May 26, 2024

I can't wrap my head around the idea of this huge Collab between Puregold, and artists SB19, BINI, SunKissed Lola and Flow G. These guys are world renowned Filipino acts, and it's unbelievable that they are working together for pushing the retail giant's brand message. 

Puregold is raring to celebrate their 500th store, and this song brings in their core values which will be cemented as one of the greatest music collabs in the country's history, that only Puregold could do. These are 4 acts, where they will sing and dance inside a Puregold store with different moments for SB19, BINI (those awesome dance and pipes!), the rap mastery that Flow G could do, and the relatable lyrics of SunKissed Lola. They are definitely uplifting Filipino artists, and not shortchanging you, consumers and fans of these artists when it comes to talent.

This music video has already been made public, so head on to their YouTube channel (Puregold Channel) to watch them all today! This single is also available on Spotify for streaming, and if you wait long enough, separate tracks will be also done by the different groups and artists, so there's really something to look forward to in the coming weeks! This is just awesome!

Here's the video, please enjoy!

That was good!


Duty, Honor, Country For A Changed Man: ARIEL QUERUBIN

Thursday, May 23, 2024

To tell you honestly, the moment I heard the name Ariel Querubin, I was bit afraid... really afraid. My memories of him constituted an event during then President Corazon Aquino's time where TV cameras zoomed in on him amongst RAM SFP YOU soldiers at a hotel in Makati. When asked, he bid this as a time when he was so angry. This was so different from the man I saw a few days ago, an opportune time to talk to him as a changed man, definitely.

A native of Dagupan, Pangasinan, he's now the most decorated soldier in the country. If you try and see his accomplishments as an officer of the Philippine Marine Corps (also from PMA), it will include the biggest kidnapping and armed groups, rebels, organizations, terrorist groups (CPP NPA, MNLF, MILF, Abu Sayyaf, name it), whom all feared HIM on the battle grounds. He has received the coveted MEDAL of VALOR, the highest military award for courage, which shows how much dedication he's given to this country of ours. He even had the battle scars from ammunition and shrapnel to prove it.

He says "I'm thankful I got to meet you all, I'm Colonel Ariel Querubin. I am so fortunate to have been awarded 49 combat medals and other awards. I'm a soldier who have been able to battle with almost all the armed groups. They say this Ariel Querubin is a tough one. A person who stood up for peace, order, and a clean government. I have served without being involved in corruption. We stand on our principles, also for those who are less fortunate. We do not condone fraud, criminals, or those who abuse power."

This man is disciplined, can still workout, tougher than your muscled athlete at the gym. He's also experienced bouts with danger, but he knows he still has a mission. If God and the people permit, he wants to serve and is ready for it. He adds "I can leave my comfort zone for a higher calling."

He's been through a lot, but treats this opportunity to be a good one. He has been incarcerated in the past, and this has made him realize that his career as a military man isn't everything in life. He treats his time there as a quick jolt so he could come to his senses and become closer to his family. He knew then that all his awards would fail in comparison to his accomplishments as a father to his 7 children. One precious award he received was for an "Ulirang Ama", it has meant a lot for him.

His family stood by him. (photo courtesy of Ariel Querubin FB page)

In the past, he always had his thoughts with his soldiers, but now see the value of the same family waiting at home, worried about his life every time he goes out for a mission. He also feared he would have to answer to the countless families of these soldiers, but didn't know it was the same for him during those years. He found his wife standing up for their family, standing up for him. She took the punches, and he saw how the media also kept the fire burning for him at a time when politicians and other individuals were attacking him.

After being transferred to 5 difference facilities, they always saw how he smiled and fight for his family. He had the heart, and would want to do the same as a changed man today.

Out there in the field, he believed things couldn't be settled with words. But now, it's a way to talk, for the economy to progress, and see the importance of his experience as an actual warrior, more reasons to listen to him. He is a peace advocate, and deem life important. War is expensive, and is not a solution if the root cause is not addressed. Insurgency for him will only persist if there is no good governance. The Armed Forces has done remarkably well, and hope other agencies follow suit.

When you see him, he's now a force for positive change, even in the communities in the BaSulTa area. Introducing livelihood programs, a parcel of land where they could grow crops and earn a living, this sparked change for them and he hopes you see how he could do the same for you too. Here's our interview with him a few days ago:

His duty to his family, his indelible honor, and hope for the country is etched in his heart. His name is Ariel Querubin. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you Sir! *Salute*


Teach Kids About Biodiversity Through MIND S-COOL Special

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

There exists a Biodiversity crisis and there's certainly no opportune time to teach kids about its dangers but now. If you don't know how, the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. and United States Agency for International Development have come together to bring you a special edition of MIND S-COOL TV. They also have put up a Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room which you can try, so you and your kids would be able to get hold of your role before tragedy strikes.

We got to experience the escape rooms earlier. It teaches you how each of us affects the balance between agriculture, aquaculture, the land we live in. This would be a good thing to do especially with young adults and kids. The activity costs Php 150 in Mind Museum, but may be free when brought to other areas.

It is ultimately a collaboration, of what you, your government, and other people could do to act on it. The Biodiversity Crisis Escape Rooms (BCER) would teach participants to work together in order to achieve goals and solve the crisis. This same setup will be done in different parts of the country including Subic, Puerto Princesa and Davao. Community leaders including decision makes are encouraged to join. The 3 rooms are actually connected, and they'd have to work together to solve it with different measures, each one needs to do their part.

A special about this will also be broadcasted on May 26th at 11am on. OnePH. This will also be replayed at 4:30pm on the same day. During the launch, Kathy Watchala of USAID Sibol and Maria Isabel Garcia of BAFI welcomed everyone and urged more people to come on dates indicated on posters. You may email them at mindscool@bafi.org.ph if you want to know more about the project, so you too can get involved!


Watch NBA on RPTV

Guys, gals, if you're looking for NBA games and couldn't find it anymore on the previous channels you've been watching it on, this is good news for you. RPTV is now the official free to air channel to watch all your favorite games and more. They will be doing this on May 22 at 8am starting with the Eastern Conference Finals of Bolton Celtics versus the Indiana Pacers. Aside from that, even post season games will be broadcasted for free. They will also be showing the Western Conference Finals for teams Dallas Mavericks versus Minnesota Timberwolves this coming Thursday May 23.

RPTV has been a pet project of TV5 AND MediaQuest and has been a go to place for public service, news and entertainment shows in the past. They are already doing the PBA, the D League and FIBA. They are also the ones that show PVL for the volleyball aficionados, so there's really something for everyone!

RPTV Is now on Channel 9 (free to air TV), channel 19 on digital, and in over 300 cable and satellite channels too. You can even use the Cignal Play app and watch the games there when you are mobile. 

For more information, just go to cignalplay.com or RPTV's social channels for updates on the games and shows.


BEA ALONZO, DANNY TREJO + Hollywood Stars on 1521: The Quest for Love and Freedom

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

It's coming and for those who are eagerly awaiting this action romance movie called "1521: The Quest for Love and Freedom", you're in for a treat!

We got to talk to the producer Francis Lara Ho a few days ago at the Viva offices in Ortigas, Needless to say, he addressed a few things including the noise surrounding the movie and the participation of actress Bea Alonzo + her manager Ms. Shirley Kuan. He was with 2 other Filipino actors Vic Romano and Larissa Buendia who also shared with us their experience playing Udong (the brother of Bea in the film) and Humamai (the Queen).

The Arduous Task of Casting

When they were finalizing characters for the project, they had to choose the one to play Magellan between Andy Garcia, Danny Trejo, and another actor in the US. It was Danny who immediately gave his feedback as he resonated well with the persona of Ferdinand Magellan. The legendary man and actor who did hit series Machete understood why there was a need to tell this perspective since western movies have profiled both Lapu Lapu and Magellan quite differently.

Vic Romano and Larissa Buendia had to audition through the various casting calls they did in Manila. Though there was lockdowns in place during that time, they had to find ways to get there in time.

For Bea Alonzo, she was always a dream to work with for Producer Francis Lara Ho. She knew her track record and wanted for her to play Diwata on Day 1. Her work in the movie was stellar. He was apologetic and said "I don't know if she will have the chance to see this or hear what I'm about to say, but I really admire her, she's a stellar performer. There were some times during production that I tell her how great she is. When she is on set, she doesn't only know her part in the film, but even know and memorized everybody else's lines. That's how professional she is. I hope she gets to hear this, I apologize... because of my limited knowledge and experience as a first time producer, I made some calls that somehow didn't help her portray her character. I take responsibility for that, I really hope she accepts my apology. It wasn't really my intention, as it has always been my dream to work with her. She has always been my first choice. Her character wasn't offered to anyone else but her. We have reached out to her camp several times, and I'm sad because you saw the success it had in the US where big people lauded it. I got quite sad about that time when someone interviewed me, because it became a controversy, when the purpose of that interview was to promote the film. Ms. Shirley (Bea's Manager) is a family friend, she's not my enemy, and she spends time with my family when she's in the US. I want the nation to know we're not enemies. We've known each other for 3 or 4 years. I also want to apologize to Ms. Shirley. It was never my intention to make the relationship like this. We are preparing tickets and formal invitations for them for the premiere."

Shooting the Film

Larissa Buendia shared how she worked in this film. She says "This is my first full length feature film, so getting the role got me really excited. It was always a dream of mine to visit Palawan, it was a dream destination and it was beautiful as I'd hope it would be. It was wild, I regret not being able to roam around much because we shot this in an island, but I do plan to go back there some day. This project was a dream come true, I got to work with Danny Trejo. He's humble, down to earth, almost like a child like aura about him. I'm so excited I'd be able to post our photos together since we're now promoting the film. Ms. Bea was so professional, the tenderness and strength she exuded in this film was proper for Diwata. It's something I'd never forget. My cast mates were all so nice to me as well, as an introvert, they never made me feel I'm alone even if I dread meeting new people. They're family now. I'm so thankful we got to bond and experienced this."

Vic Romano shared how frogs on the set was fun as he says "I'm in Viva projects, but this one is a dream because it's a Hollywood project. In the auditions, I was in a locked in taping in Baguio and couldn't go out because of it. I got notified to go to Marriot, but couldn't go out because of restrictions. I messaged and got word that there will be day 2, I went there 3am, took the bus, to get there on time at 2pm. The script was also in English, so seeing the day 2 auditions with so many people was scary. When I went there, I just did the scene and interview. I just went out and went back to Baguio to work again. That's how hecting things were. I haven't reached Baguio yet but I already got word I got the part. I was shaking. I'm just happy and thankful. We got to Palawan, but I found out Danny Trejo was part of it. I didn't know his name, but knew his face since I watched his movies. When I saw him in person, I thought he was a giant on screen, but we had the same built and I was excited to do scenes with him later on. He always asked about who the Filipino actors were and I told him about them."

He adds "One scene had rain, mud and a village involved. The frogs were so noisy that we couldn't film, and Danny Trejo kept on looking for them because they always did it after the rain. He even slept on wood planks, get stepped on, but didn't complain. He also played a lot with the kids on set, you'll never see him much with the adults but he kept playing with the kids all the time. When you don't see him on set, that's what he instantly does."

Hector David will play Enrique who is Bea's love interest in the film. The guy is a legit POWER RANGER (Green Samurai, and part of Megaforce) and was seen in the Percy Jackson movie (Lightning Thief). Michael Copon who plays Filipino hero Lapu Lapu is also a POWER RANGER (Time Force) and was part of One Tree Hill, and As Good as Dead. The film also stars Costas Mandylor, Maricel Laxa, Sol Eugenio, Floyd Tena, and Eren Kereci.

Here's the interview we had with them on video, please enjoy!

This film has already won 4 international awards and is going to be screened in the Philippines on June 5. There will be a premiere night, which I hope fans would support since it's been a while since we've seen a Hollywood film where 95% who worked on it is Filipino. If you want more information about the film, visit 1521movie.com.