Andrea Brillantes for Dear Face - Beauty Milk Melon

Thursday, May 09, 2024


I first saw Dear Face CEO Jonah Sison-Ramos on TikTok actually selling her products months ago. I had the impression of a hard working woman, no doubt, because she was personally selling the products, which says a lot about her as an entrepreneur.

She's successful, and with the way her products have reached people have been really surprising. She heard Senior High star Andrea Brillantes was already consuming a lot even before she got this endorsement. Andrea apparently was already manifesting it, and got word she's the one to show you how Beauty Milk Melon has become part of her lifestyle.

Blythe was always into self care, and her love for drinking milk was something she never got out of. Beauty Milk Melon was something she adored having before she sleeps. If she didn't get to have it night time, she'll have it in the morning of the next day. She swears it gives her a different feeling before a shoot because of the collagen, vitamins and minerals this contains. Here's the event on video, please enjoy!

Andrea and Dear Face would want you to take wellness a go now that they've got Beauty Milk Melon out in the market. If you would want to get one, there's various channels of Dear Face on socials that you can get it from. Albeit being sold out most of the time, be patient, because a healthy lifestyle awaits with the Beauty Milk Melon. 

Congratulations Andrea, you really deserve this!


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