Made Me Cry Twice: CHANCES ARE, YOU AND I in Theaters Today!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The night was indeed stellar at the SM Megamall Cinemas because of the red carpet premiere of CHANCES ARE, YOU AND I which stars hunky Kelvin Miranda and the angelic Kira Balinger. We had the chance to talk to the stars a few weeks back, but this time, I'd like to concentrate more on the actual movie which we got to see last night May 28, 2024.

It's about two strangers who had the same fate, finding their lives intertwined at very interesting points. The hospitals wouldn't be just providing care, but a launch pad for realizations and grounds for what seem to be "opposite personalities" at first, then became that tiny flame that would ignite care, an adventure, special friendships, and love.

Do not at any instance downplay this movie to be just a cute chick flick. Kelvin has been recently awarded the Most Prolific Dramatic Actor Award at the Jinseo Arigato Film Festival in Nagoya, Japan. Kira on the other hand had several scenes to pull heartstrings, which is surprising to see for a neophyte lead in this film. They didn't even had to force themselves, it felt quite natural because you will bear witness with their love story.

If there's anything to add that should be noted amazing in this film is Kelvin and Gian Magdangal's confrontation scene. Tart Carlos also had her moment with Kira Balinger when she had to admit all her faults, it was personal and heartbreaking. Jinho Bae whom people might expect to only blurt out Hangul in most of the scenes in Korea, will be your breath of fresh air. His comedic timing is impressive and as he revealed, he was personally surprised about having 80 percent of his adlibs being put in scenes when he was quite sure it should have been cut by the director. You'll love him for that!

I think I cried twice, and you might have to bring a few sheets of fascial tissues for that. You can now see CHANCES ARE, YOU AND I on theaters starting today! Bring your friends, significant others and family because you'll love how they executed it. 

Photography is A+, plan and go, or flip a coin if you need to decide. This is produced by Pocket Media Productions, Inc. and Happy Infinite Productions. They will have Regal Films distribute this to 130 (I heard) cinemas nationwide!


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