BEA ALONZO, DANNY TREJO Film 1521: The Quest for Love and Freedom in Theaters this June 5th

Friday, May 31, 2024

We just got to watch 1521, an epic, historical, drama about what transpired in that year... and the love between Diwata (played by noted actress Bea Alonzo) and  Enrique (Hector David Jr., who did Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Power Rangers Samurai, Megaforce).

The film also includes Danny Trejo (who plays Magellan), and while the romantic relationship between the two is fiction, the historic part was a tell all from a Philippine point of view (contrary to Western depictions). 

1521 also talked lengthily about Lapu Lapu (Michael Copon) and his state, of how Spain and its forces got beat at the Battle of Mactan. This was set to also showcase his heroism, and how he was considered the first one in the country. Veteran Character Actor Vic Romano was quite a presence playing Udong, the brother of Diwata who will be fighting for the honor of his family. Bea Alonzo also did an excellent job in this project, she didn't shortchange things as the role really asks a lot from her. She delivered. Though much of Danny Trejo's dialogue went to Enrique (who is also the interpreter), the time he spent in the film was made with his presence felt. Though you won't be hating on him much as Magellan. You'll appreciate him even more with the battles, a favorite thing he did in the filming process.

Watching this on screen was certainly different because much of the language used is English aside from the small Cebuano done in between. Photography and post production must have done really serious work because the quality is amazing. Lapu Lapu and royalty in the film depicted how we already had a system prior to Spanish conquistadors landing on Philippine shores. I dread the ones shown in Western shows as if we lived in jungles and cave dwellers, something this could correct in context. 

Here's the producer giving a message before the screening:

Though not much of a tearjerker, you'll love the historic content and the love story of Diwata and Enrique. It's entertaining, and having the Hollywood film shown in theaters would certainly make you so proud being a Filipino. I think that alone could be the reason, but you've got a throng of world class actors as additional purpose to watch it. It comes out in theaters this June 5th, and will be distributed by Viva Films.

This should be sent to streaming platforms, but I'd say, it was quite a nice experience to see it on the silver screen. You definitely should do that!


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