Svenson Introduces "NexoHair" on their 43rd Anniversary!

Monday, May 27, 2024

This is the first time I've attended an event by Svenson. They're the premier authority when it comes to hair loss treatments in the Philippines. I won't sugarcoat things because I'm probably going to this place in a few years for treatment myself... and I felt there's no opportune time to do it than today.

Svenson is also celebrating their 43rd Anniversary. Together with that milestone, they are launching a next generation hair regeneration called NexoHair which will be exclusively available at their branches. This treatment is non surgical, takes about 45 minutes. Svenson celebrity client and PBA's Superman Vince Hizon even had the procedure in front of us and said it didn't even felt any pain. It's like having a skin microneedling procedure, and using NexoHair exosomes to optimize hair growth.   

They are encouraging this to be used in combination with their other existing treatments, but says it's best for those with family history of hair loss, alopecia areata, which have had optimistic results with other patients who have undergone it.

Here's our video coverage of the event, please listen to the talk about NexoHair of Mike Lee:

Svenson is still going to look for the latest treatments to make sure your crowning glory won't be the cause of the loss of your self esteem. It's promising, and results have been good even for those that they have once turned away. It's convenient, you can come in lunch time and do it, and go home afterwards. Not much downtime, and that's going to be good for a lot of people. Congratulations to Svenson on your 43rd Anniversary!

If I need help, I know where to go now. This branch in West Avenue is right in my neighborhood.


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