Teach Kids About Biodiversity Through MIND S-COOL Special

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

There exists a Biodiversity crisis and there's certainly no opportune time to teach kids about its dangers but now. If you don't know how, the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. and United States Agency for International Development have come together to bring you a special edition of MIND S-COOL TV. They also have put up a Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room which you can try, so you and your kids would be able to get hold of your role before tragedy strikes.

We got to experience the escape rooms earlier. It teaches you how each of us affects the balance between agriculture, aquaculture, the land we live in. This would be a good thing to do especially with young adults and kids. The activity costs Php 150 in Mind Museum, but may be free when brought to other areas.

It is ultimately a collaboration, of what you, your government, and other people could do to act on it. The Biodiversity Crisis Escape Rooms (BCER) would teach participants to work together in order to achieve goals and solve the crisis. This same setup will be done in different parts of the country including Subic, Puerto Princesa and Davao. Community leaders including decision makes are encouraged to join. The 3 rooms are actually connected, and they'd have to work together to solve it with different measures, each one needs to do their part.

A special about this will also be broadcasted on May 26th at 11am on. OnePH. This will also be replayed at 4:30pm on the same day. During the launch, Kathy Watchala of USAID Sibol and Maria Isabel Garcia of BAFI welcomed everyone and urged more people to come on dates indicated on posters. You may email them at mindscool@bafi.org.ph if you want to know more about the project, so you too can get involved!


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