Get To Know Your PNP Chief Rommel Francisco Marbil

Thursday, May 09, 2024

With word getting round that he's getting a lot of unnecessary detractors (and fake news), the humble PNP Chief took time to talk to the media over coffee this evening. This was certainly an opportune time to get to know PNP Chief Rommel Francisco Marbil, and his plans for the police force.

The PNP Chief reiterated the role of the PNP, particularly to enforce laws and prevent crimes before it even happens. He also added the importance of public safety, giving us security, and the need of the support of LGU's... and the whole community.

At this day and age, cyber crime is quite rampant. He is adamant that your PNP still is relevant at this time. He treats these not as problems, but challenges that can be overcome by the organization by facing it head on. Syndicates are different now, which is why they continue to improve the way they do things in the force.

Here's the short talk we had with him over coffee and Beef Turnovers (made by the good people of Dark Roast Coffee House).

He also wants to further improve response times, a relatively improved 911 emergency network, have CCTV connections also centralized so they could also prevent crimes with it. He also doesn't believe in the term "War on Drugs", a war has an end and his is a continuous system to fight it instead. He deems this isn't just a problem for the Philippines, but other countries too, and they're not letting them off easy.

The PNP Chief and the whole organization would want you and your family to go home safe after a day's hard work. You also need to be protected even in your sleep as cyber attacks happen at any time of the day.

We often just see him in police beat interviews, and this way to get to know him was a good way to know how personal he's treating things are in the PNP. Change don't come overnight, but from what we're seeing, he's making efforts to do it for Filipinos. 

He knows we have a lot of concerns right now, but here's hoping the good man and the whole Philippine National Police get to resolve things... one issue at a time.


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