10 Wireless Industry Trends by Huawei's David Huang

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

hat would you think 2030 would look like? During the recent Global Mobile Broadand Forum in Dubai, David Wang, the Executive Director and Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board for Huawei explained how they have identified what future oriented wireless networks would be defined as and what ICT pros should prepare for the Intelligent World in 2030.

He explained it through 10 wireless industry trends during this keynote speech signifying how the digital economy will become a major driver for economies and why we need to grow with green ways in an atmosphere that's got rock hard network security.

10Gbps for Physical Digital integration

The need for 10Gbps to make information exchange expand and deepen is important.

One Netowrk for IoT Connections

Your devices will connect, including those accesed in cellular networks. Power consumption should be lower, easier to manage.

Satellite to Ground Collab for 3D

Wireless gaps should be improved by satellites. Increase in utilization is near.

Integrated Sensing and Communications for True Digital Replicas

Improvement in communication between digital and radio will happen, integrated, it can happen with ultra wide band MIMO tech.

Intelligence in Every Industry and Connection

Networks will become integrated with AI, things will become autonomous.

Full Link and Cycle Green Networks

Less energy consumption, higher energy efficiency and sustainable networks.

Flexible Full Band Sub 100GHz

Networks will grow, additional sub 100 GHz spectrum should be utilized.

Generalized Multi Antenna for Reduced Per Bit Cost

Multi Antenna technologies would reduce per bit data transmission costs.

Security as Cornerstone for a Digital Future

Simplify security services. Use cloud based synergies to promote digital transformation.

Mobile Computing Network for Device Pipe Cloud Collaboration

Networks will support different kinds of services including vehicles. Have uninterrupted high quality connections using cloud.

For more information about it, you may see their white paper here huawei.com/en/technology-insights/industry-insights/outlook/mobile-2030-10-wireless-industry-trends


100% Organic Supplements by PascualLab's WellGreens

Our lifestyle is certainly different and these days, getting the right amount of nutrition is a little difficult especially if we're busy and not plan meals. We don't really think about what we take in and for that, we take supplements.

Our friends from PascualLab (who's celebrating their 75th year by the way) recently launched WellGreens, a new premium and organic line of products aimed to be your partner in good health. It is in capsule form made with different ingredients like Sinta (which helps lower blood sugar) Mangosteen+Malunggay (for weight management, lactation and better immune system), Lagundi+Cuban Oregano (for moderate cough), Turmeric (to reduce inflammation, lessen muscle sores and pain from osteoarthritis), Ginger (To ease migraine, dysmenorrhea/heavy menstrual bleeding), and Ampalaya (to lessen blood sugar levels and risks of cardiovascular disease). These are made by Leonie Agri Corp which is a PascualLab subsidiary. It is also made with 100% organic ingredients which are grown in the largest organic farms in the country. Leonie Agri Corp has been certified organic by USDA and EU Organic. Locally, they have been certified by the Department of Agriculture (for good agricultural practice), the FDA (for good manufacturing practice) and the Islamic Dawah Council for Halal which ensures you're getting a product with high quality standards. 



WellGreens is also being endorsed by well known actress Alice Dixson whom we all know takes her healthy lifestyle seriously. She says "If you've followed my career, I've been in commercials before I landed roles on TV and movies. I have always given importance in working out and eating healthy. I'm a mother now and I still make good choices when it comes to my health, WellGreens came to me at the right time!"

If you want to make the right choice, go check out WellGreens at PascualLab's official Shopee and Lazada stores. Start here! https://shp.ee/nhj7jcthttps://shp.ee/nhj7jcthttps://shp.ee/nhj7jct



Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It's a movie about family, like in the Philippines, we see people do fiestas like crazy. Even without enough money, we see em borrow money just so we could see a full table and afford to feed guests in the hopes they wouldn't be headlines of chismosas telling other people you were a horrible host the next day. Same goes for weddings, which the Fabulous Filipino Brothers Dayo, David, Duke and Danny Boy's story start. Solenn Heussaff looked gorgeous on this film, she plays a lawyer, a lost love that Duke finally found and reconnected with. Cameos from Tirso Cruz III, and appearances personifying lovers and crazy fights will be included so make sure to pay attention to the script. You will also see spaghetti, lumpia, turon, kutsinta and siopao in different ways. In a nutshell, this is movie is problematic on so many levels, cute at times, funny, endearing, romantic, Filipino with lots of heart.

This is the directorial debut of Dante Basco and he says "You know it's perfect to do this with my brothers and sister. It became a family affair, although fictional, there's homage to the past. We started as actors and I've seen them their whole careers, every small role they played, I've been there as a brother and as a fan. To direct them in this movie, it has led us to make this movie. Worldwide, we're in a pioneering time in Asian media. We're in the height of our profile here in Hollywood and people are looking for Asian stories. There's so much great story telling that is going on, we're part of that. It's something we hoped that would happen, I don't know, it's a whole nother thing. Solenn is beautiful, charming, between action and cut, you just had to look at her and talk. We got to know each other a bit, to fall in love with her was not hard to do. It's one of the perks of the job, she's incredibly professional. She was definitely the first pick, we discussed a few options, but she was on top of the list. It's very important that Filipinos watch this film, I made it for us for a reason. There's so many years in my career that I played scenes, as an actor I am blessed with rich culture, be a chameleon, be connected, I'm Filipino and proud of it, it's time to represent as Filipinos and not as different cultures, it's personal to me, to my family, my community, places where I'm from. I hope everyone else can see themselves in us, that's what I hope. I wanna bring some more of the Philippines actors and come here, there's so many great ones I wanna work with in the Philippines."

Ms. Isabel Santillan of Cignal Entertainment says "We're open for pitches from our Kababayan abroad. They don't have to fly here, we have a lot of need in content and they can do it virtually."

Jeff Remigio FVP of TV5 International says "The movie depicts the nature of Filipinos, the best traits, character, we're fun loving, we're resilient and courageous. It's very important for all of us, it shows our struggles, we reflect, we're doing okay as far as Asian community is concerned. There's a lot of stories in our past lives, we've done happy and failed marriages, plight of OFW's, hardships of the Filipino, but there's still so many stories to tell, we're writing much of it everyday. We're going to look at our story, break barriers like what Korea did it. For now, we want people to watch it on Cignal Pay Per View, for now we want to concentrate on that."

It's a Filipino family's story, go watch it on Cignal Pay Per View and just look for the title The Fabulous Filipino Brothers. Pretty good stuff!


Huawei's Got Green 5G

In the recent Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei's Executive Director and President of Carrier Business Group discussed Green 5G Networks for a Low-Carbon Future. In it, he reiterated how the technology would spur growth especially with the increase in data traffic. Harnessing innovation in the way it consumes energy should also be done in technologies involved in power supply, distribution, of its use and how it is managed. It should perform at a higher degree but have lower energy consumption over all. In a sense, it's an effort to build more green 5G networks.

The problem currently is that there's small penetration of it in countries and they won't see its returns and value if it ain't utilized by a greater number of people. According to him, 5G drives rapid growth of mobile data traffic and at the rate that it is going now, energy consumption will be ten times higher if switching to it doesn't happen. They have a range of products that addresses this including iSolar power supplies. It will lessen dependencies on fossil fuel. He also mentioned that this has been utilized in over 100 countries, slowly inching their way to put green efforts in everything they do. Quite noble if it gets traction. It'll be nice to see things realized especially the green results they want to happen even before that year. 

 You may check huawei.com for more information about this.


More Than a Century of Eye Care: Sarabia Optical

Saturday, October 16, 2021

More people have seen the importance of eye health these days as we have become glued to computer monitors just to do business and work this pandemic. Eye care is important and aside from Ophthalmologists, people go to Sarabia Optical for their eye wear.

The company recently just launched a new initiative called "See the Difference, #SeeLifeClearly" campaign aimed to educate Filipinos about eye health and eye care. We have different lifestyles and with that, they want to be the one you go to when you need eyewear for what you do everyday.

Sarabia Optical has been in operation for over 100 years and they want to make sure you see life clearly. Eye strain, blurred vision, things like these can really affect productivity. This is where reading glasses, distance glasses, eye wear that can protect you from blue light actually comes in so you don't go south with work and play. They have lots of frames, graded lenses and FREE eye consultation which you can take advantage of when you're in their store. Aside from that, they've got contact lenses, including the largest one like Essilor, other lens solutions and artificial tears so you can access them when you're in malls or establishments that have Sarabia Optical's name on them. They also have designer frames from Lindberk, Mykita, Randolph, Gotti and Garrett Leight California Optical, Gucci, Givenchy, Cartier, Tom Ford and a multitude of other premium brands in the market.

Sarabia Optical has been an innovator in the optical industry of the country, this is what they've stayed strong since 1906. Currently, they have 23 stores in Luzon, which you can all go to for your eye care needs. All you need to do is be there and ask.


Amazon Holds Global Selling Expo-Seller Bootcamp

If you've heard of Amazon and have no idea how it works (especially if you're planning to sell there), we're in the same boat. Recently, they held the "2021 Amazon Expo -  Seller Bootcamp" aimed to introduce micro, small and medium enterprises to a more global e-commerce platform and how the Amazon framework can help build a business with a worldwide audience.

A recent survey comissioned by Amazon Global Selling marked the Philippines to have the highest number of homegrown sellers compared to other ASEAN countries. This accounts for a greater number of Filipino MSME's that have no access or opportunities to do cross border business, amidst the high demand of online shopping in online channels, apps, through digital models. Mr. Bernard Tay, the Head of Amazon Global Selling in Southest Asia says "The Philippines currently has a very young but fast developing e-commerce industry. MSME's in this region need to develop understanding and implementing cross border operations and international logistics. This Seller bootcamp would be a great opportunity especially for small businesses so they could identify gaps in procedures and arm themselves with the know-how, assets and network that would be able to bring their business to the world through Amazon."

They have gotten over 1.3K MSME's that have registered in the bootcamp which is a virtual event that spans 3 days so they get to listen to experts discussing subjects such as cross country payments, how to ship, taxation, flow of prospect customers and complexities of marketing. This was done after data was released from Cross Border E-commerce Awareness and Perception Reports that embodied over 1,600 MSME respondents coming from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines wherein they pinpointed a lack of information in cross country e-commerce. This sector was also forecasted to grow by 30% in 2026 which is why they want to equip them through innovative programs that would help them grow into a global business and adapt to the digital transformation every country is going through. Challenges include supply chain and logistics, costs, and competition versus other international sellers in the Amazon platform. Amazon is in the process of building a state of the art fulfillment and delivery system that does Fulfillment by Amazon (which they have done in other countries) so the company picks it up, packs it and ship, and also provide customer service for the products they sell. Logistics providers were also invited in the bootcamp to explain how it works, how it is managed and tell them how to take on these challenges. The Philippine MSME's puts this as their top concern, then their readiness.

Amazon has built resources for MSME's in the region and around the world so businesses could expand easier. Combined with the efforts of each industry stakeholders and governments of each country, they've continued to grow together with their seller partners. This will be a good accompaniment to their current Seller University nad hundreds of tools and services present in Amazon's channels around the world. Look it up, it may just be your time to shine!


A Premium Memorial Park: Golden Haven Bauan in Batangas

ike in a gathering, when you want to leave, you want to make an impression. In the coastal municipality of Bauan in Batangas lies a vast parcel of land that's got fresh air, lush greens and unbelievable views of mountains and the Batangas bay. It's called Golden Haven Bauan, a one of a kind premium memorial park that's set in Bauan, Batangas.

This is one of the newest properties being launched by Golden Haven Memorial Park which is a publicly listed subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings Inc. which is owned by the Villars. They offer premium death care services and memorial lots which has been deemed a worthy investment of young professionals currently averaging 20% annual value in appreciation. Golden Haven Bauan would be perfect for Batangas born Filipinos who would like to own memorial lots that would be easy to pay in terms or invest in it for future use. It would also be good for those who would like to be ready, and own a place to properly celebrate loved ones when they pass, in a majestic setting. The place also has park personnel that would be prepared for All Soul's day, following protocols set by local and IATF lead agencies. They also have online channels for transactions on their website for scheduling appointments, visits, and their other services. You may visit their site goldenhaven.com.ph or their social accounts by simply searching Golden Haven on FB, Twitter, IG, YouTube, Pinterest, even Tiktok. Call 88732922-23 if you have inquiries.


Huawei Urges Cooperation: Exciting Times with 5G


The need for cooperation especially in the next stage of 5G development was something that Ken Hu called to prioritize during his keynote speech in Dubai, UAE. This was during the 12th annual Global Mobile Broadband Forum hosted by technology giant Huawei.

Mr. Hu says "5G technology has given a different mobile experience for ordinary people and it's gaining traction in various industries around the world. We've seen remarkable increase in subscriber base and built networks especially for the 5G terminals we see in the market. Much of the business cases are now being done in China, but the need to have sustainable business cases is needed. We can do a few things to be ready for it. Although we have realized speeds, we need technologies in AR, VR and MR to follow through, a need for improvement in headsets and content must be done as well, and make it affordable."

He particularly attributes three areas that would increase much of the usage of this technology specifically XR services, the business to business market, and the utilization of low carbon technologies. As of now, there are 176 cinnecuak 5G networks in the world that compose around 500 million subscribers. With it having around 10 times more speed that regular 4G, it now is possible to take on VR and 360 broadcast connections. It can also be used in B2B implementations which has also been used industrial parks, mining operations, and management of ports. It's also being replicated in different areas, mostly on a large scale. In order to get a larger adaption of 5G, setting telecom standards should be also done. It will fuel and make improvements easier in the long run.

The forum is also hosted by GSMA and SAMENA Telecommunications Council. If you want more information about the event, it is available at huawei.com/en/events/mbbf2021 today.


There's Special Deals with Beko Appliances at Anson's!

It looks like you're in luck today as Beko and leading appliance center Anson's partner up and give you special deals.

You need laundy and cooking products these days because you're going to be confined most at home because of the weather and the pandemic. Now aside from the live selling event hosted by Will Devaughn a few days ago at ansons.ph/beko-live, they're bringing a few appliances prices down as well. They will also be givng away free small appliances with it, excited?

Let's start with the WCV10746M. It's a front load washing machine that's got a 10kg capacity. The Maximum Spin gets to 1400 rpm and uses a ProSmart Inverter Motor. From Php 49,990, they are now selling it for Php 37,491. You'll also get a free VCO42702AD bagless vacuum cleaner that is worth Php 5,990 on a regular day. Other items included in the promo and have free stuff with them are listed on the Beko website and social channels. But just to give you an idea, it includes the WDB7425R2W 7kg capacity front load washer and 4kg dryer, machine, the DH10444RX0 Heat Pump Dryer that can carry 10kg capacity, The FSM66100GX multi function freestanding cooker, and the GG12116GX gas oven and electric grill. There's more displayed in Anson's so I do think it would be nice to give them a visit.

If you're looking for Beko appliances, they're available in All Home, Savers, Gidi Distribution, Asian Home Appliance Center in Cebu, then online in Lazada and hat.com.ph. Check them out yeah?!


realme Set to Unleash New Tab, Home and Health Devices

Friday, October 15, 2021

realme has now not just gotten the number one spot in smartphones in the country, but now has been able to cop the coveted the number one spot on the smartwatch category as well.

Jeannielyn Cheng the Communications Lead of realme says "Thank you for being with us this 2021, and coming from our last meet, the disruptors have done well. This month, we've got a merry lineup of new products including the realme pad and a few aiot products. It's something very exciting that we're going to launch this October."

The realme pad

Designed to entertain, to play games, 10.4 inch screeen with dolby atmos speakers, high screen to body ratio and built in blue light protection, Helio G80 processor, more power at the palm of your hands. Battery life isn't sacrificed with the 7100mAh battery which can have power that could last for 12 hours. It comes equipped with ultrawide selfie cameras, dual noise cancelling microphones so you don't get disturbed in meetings and classes. It's octo processor can run games, antutu benchmark stands at 200,000+ and still stays thin and light. It's so convenient to carry around. Indulge in your favorite shows, wherever and whenever because you can on the new realme pad. It comes in gold colorway and runs on realme UI 3.0. It come sinn 3x32 4x64 variants, so you have tons of storage if you need to shoot photos and videos, or even record stuff.

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

It's your favorite cleaning buddy that can do different types of floors, which you can plan on the realme app. You can adjust the mopping schedule, water use, can do vacuum and mopping at the same time. 5200 mAh battery makes it last quite a long time of cleaning. You don't have to empty it much because it can cover a wide area.

realme TechLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This new one can reach hard to reach areas, has 120 sq meter coverage in one charge, can capture microscopic dusts as it goes through your house. Best of all, it's cordless so you can take it around your house with ease. Box contains attachments with different handle lenghts.There's a storage mount (so you can hang it on walls) and several kinds of cleaning attachments with it.

realme Band 2

It's got a G11 Sensor, determine your heartrate and blood oxygen, capable detecting in changes in heart rate, monitor your sleep quality and check your health status. It's got 90 sports mode, about 10x than its predecessor. It can track your calories burned, has a 1.4 touch display so you can see more notifications because of its screen size. You can change it up with other straps, can last a long time with its battery life and also monitor your swimming activities. You can use it for camera controls, can be paired to the realme app and ios too.

In addition to these items, there will be a realme Beard Trimmer, the Beard Trimmer Plus (which is waterproof) and the new realme Hair Dryer (that uses negative ions to make your hair smooth and gently dry your hair). These are lovely additions to realme's existing AioT products, something that loyal realme fans would love. These are all available starting October 21st so you've got tons of time to get them on online stores or authorized retailers now.

You can also go to service centers and they will honor a 12 month warranty on these products. So you need not worry if there's any issues on the device you bought!


ALDEN RICHARDS on his Renewal: Attributes Success to Fans

Alden Richards just renewed his contract with GMA and GMA Artist Center. He's been in the Kapuso network for over a decade now but he's never been so humble til now.

Alden says "Yes I do experience down times. I'm very lucky because during those times, I am on a break. I really want a movie, an element wherein I do dark roles. It's for approval of course. I remain a loyal Kapuso because my career and success has been in the station. I also have great regards to loyalty and I think til I become a family man, I will stay here. They trust me on big projects, they trust me with roles, they give me the support system I have in GMA and behind me. I guess it's always about being with the right people, with the right mindset, how you view things. What you have inside will radiate, your good heart, your good soul and you have to have the people support you. Authenticity is the key, the pressure will be there, but you just have to lower its presence in life. Since day 1 it's been my principle to never change. Being a Kapuso has been engraved in my mind, I can't wait for more things to happen in the next decade with them.".


Here's a video of our blogcon this afternoon

You'll see more of Alden next month as he continues to tape for the episodes of "The World Between Us" as it got stopped because of the pandemic and IATF rules. Hope you enjoyed this coverage!


CONG vs IVANA ALAWI on Mountain Dew's Battle of Bangis!

Two massive online personalities, one is Cong of CONGTV and the other, Ivana Alawi. Cong is funny, hits the right notes when it comes to gaming, Ivana on the other hand just have so much men adore her. Now what if these two gigantic personalities on YouTube suddenly had to battle it out? What am I talking about? It's called BATTLE OF BANGIS. It's Mountain Dew's very own way to test who's the best in physical, mental, emotional strength and teamwork.  

Now how do they do this? Easy. From October 10 to 27, the two and their respective teammates will undergo several bootcamp challenges in categories like Pisikalan, Walang Iyakan, Mind Over Matter then Tropahan. This means they'll be going through different adventures and activities to see who's best. Then they will have the finale Mountain Dew Battle of Bangis D'Ultimate Showdown on the 7th of November, that's next month.

This all started when Junnie Boy thanked the public when they worked with James Reid. They kinda started wishing who they wanted to collaborate with and out of his mouth he uttered the name of Ivana Alawi. Ivana then posted in another vlog that she's accepting the challenge and said "Bangis Tayo Eh!". And now, we can't wait to see what will happen next!

Oh and for those who would watch Cong and Ivana from the comforts of their homes, you too will have the chance to win the Mountain Dew Battle of Bangis. Just do your take of the challenges you see in the bootcamp and shoot a video, upload it on FB (publicly) and use the hashtag #DewBattleOfBangis and it'll count as an entry. That way, you can be part of their team.

Cong will team up with Mika Salamanca, Junnie Boy and Sachzna. Ivana on the other hand will be playing with Khengi Saito, Tiktok femme Yuki Takahashi and Albert Nicolas. They'll be recruiting 6 of you who will post your entries on social media then face each other in the finals. It'll be hosted by Sam YG and James Reid will also be there to witness the festivities. It will be streamed on Mountain Dew's Facebook pga on the consecutive weeks, and the finals of course.

Proceeds of this particular event will go to chosen charities Streets School and Child Hope. They are causes that are close to Ivana and Cong's heart. They will be providing new tablets for their school needs. Winner gets 100 tablets, the other will get 50. If you want to know more, check out this video!

Like their social channels if you want to know more!

My Hometown is G.O.A.T. Philippines Premiering on AXN Asia

Thursday, October 14, 2021

This morning was a nice way to reconnect with travel. The good people from AXN Asia and the Department of Tourism (Philippines) just launched their "My Hometown is G.O.A.T." series. It's an original wherein celebrities from the country showcase their part of the world and will premiere on November 4. Episodes will come out every Thursday and Friday at 8:30PM on AXN Asia (cable where available) and the AXN Asia YouTube Channel the Wednesday after at the same time. It will also be showcased in AXN Taiwan and AXN Korea on November 8 and 13th too.

Celebrities appering on the show include Miss World 2013 Megan Young, her husband vlogger, model and actor Mikael Daez, Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados, Pinoy Sakuragi Marc Pingris, Basketball Superstars JC Intal, Jayjay Helterbrand and Rico Maierhofer. In the show, they'll be your companion and show you around their respective hometowns to give you a glimpse on why it's the G.O.A.T.! They will be showcasing it in 6 episodes, so make sure you're tuned in on those dates!

CEO and President of KC Global Media George Chien says "During these times, we're happy to announce the new travel and lifestyle reality show in the Philippines "My Hometown is GOAT!". What makes it the best? Ask the locals, it will include 7 towns in the Philippines which they call home. You'll see delicacies, activities, as they visit their roots, share their stories, perfect for those who can't travel yet so they could see the Philippines through their eyes. The journey starts on November 4th, thank you to our guests. Stay safe and healthy!"

DOT Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat says "Today, AXN Asia is launching their latest production My Hometown is GOAT. For tourism to go back to normal, the long wait, we're getting ready our hotels and tourism establishments are compliant with safety standards around the country. This is to ensure the safety of both guests and our workers. This would encourage people around the country, related to what we can offer. Mikael and Megan will be going to Central Luzon, Gazini Ganados will journey in Zamboanga Del Norte down south, Basketball Stars will be going to the northern corridor Pangasinan and La Union. The world premiere will happen on November 4th, more fun awaits in the Philippines! Mabuhay!"

Mikael says "I'm the one being toured around Zambales and I hope the way I fell in love with my wife there, I fell in love with the place too. It's normal to have apprehensions, but the new normal meant we can still see the sights with protocols in place, safely not just for yourself but everyone around you. The first step is awareness, new safety protocols, once you know that, you can decide. We have different appetites in travel, just follow procedures. We have shown that it is possible to do it while staying safe at the same time."

Megan shares "This was the first time we had our child in the shoot. In San Antonio, we just took a banca and have a grand time even without electricity, just food and friends, it's a great way for us to bond and meet my personal friends. Honestly, when I grew up in Subic I only thought you could ride in the Subic Yacht Club when you are a member, I didn't know you could rent one and it was an awesome expereince!"

Marc Pingris says "I feel grateful being part of this show, I was given a chance to show my team mates how great Pangasinan is. I toured them in La Union, followed protocols, and had a great time. AXN Asia staff really took good care of us, we apologize to the fans that didn't have a chance to take photos with us because we had to follow protocols. I grew up in Pangasinan as a laborer, and going to La Union, the view was different, you just have to go there and experience it for yourself. Being with the boys was just a cherry on top, I hope I get to be there with my other brothers from PBA, we didn't have to go outside the country to see how beautiful it was."

Jayjay Helterbrand says "We need to revitalize the tours, being in the motorcycle in two wheels, we saw everything raw. We saw the skyline, riding along with our PBA buddies, more fun really awaited us during our experience there! They were very adamant about safety protocols, we were prepared ahead of time and they made sure we followed road safety reminders."

JC Intal says "It was super fun and very safe. I am looking forward to more of this!"

Rico Maierhofer "We had to use websites and apps of the LGU's, and we did it ourselves. We're athletes so we're not much of hosts, but AXN made us comfortable. It was an amazing experience! We're thankful that DOT chose us to travel there. It was amazing!"

Gazini Ganados "I was excited to relive my childhood and see my hometown and parts of it that I never thought existed. The hidden gems I found there, it made me realize that I never even have to go far. It was all there all along! We took all safety procedures even before we stepped on the plane. We were also taught protocols in case someone wanted to go near us. There are new attractions, floating restaurants, the beauty under water, it was a different world doing that. It was super fun to see that side of the world!"

That's just the tip of the iceberg, so make sure you watch the show. It was awesome to see them be excited to show their respective provinces. There's so much to see in the Philippines and I hope this is just the start!

realme Tops Smartphone Sales in Shopee 10.10 Brand Fest!

It looks like they've done it again and with recent #1 placement in the second quarter of 2021, there's no stopping them. Yes, our friends from realme has just set in stone another milestone by getting the #1 Brand in number of units sold & GMV during the recent 10.10 Brands Festival on Shopee.

On this particular day, they've had lots of brands that offered discounts on smartphones but realme knew taking as much as 50% OFF on their products, free shipping and vouchers would prove to be one of the things that made the difference. Aside from that, their recent and past phones are remarkable especially in photos (I've tested the 6i in past blogs) and their other series did quite well in that feature. realme did quite well also in the AioT wearables and audio. People have raved about the realme Buds Classic and realme Buds Q2 which we also featured previously. They also have done well in smartwatches as the realme Watch 2 was a huge seller during the same period. realme's VP for Marketing Ms Austine Huang puts it "Our success have always been because of our realme Squad. We want to be every pinoy's tech and lifestyle buddy. We are so grateful for their support and hope it continues in the coming years!".

If you want to know more about their products and events, make sure you follow their social media channels because we often do get our updates from there! Oh, there's something coming up in just a few weeks, stay tuned! 


Come Get "The Best Stuff now with Extra Stuff" at Pizza Hut!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

My fondness of Stuffed Crust Pizza has always been a given. Having that gooey cheesy stuff at the end of crust is just the perfect explosion of cheese satisfaction I need when I'm about to finish a slice of Pizza Hut's best pizza. It was in 1995 when they started this and today, they've innovative it into other forms like Cheesy Bites, the Cheesy Volcano, the Cheesy Pops, Double Stuffed Crust (my favorite), Sausage Stuffed Crust, Fried Chicken Stuffed Crust and Cream Cheese Stuffed Crust (if you want something extra!)

Speaking of extra, Pizza Hut is raising the ante with their new "The Best Stuff now with Extra Stuff Promo". What that means is that any Regular or Large Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza that you order, you can add on a lot of things and do it in three ways. 

You can order a Stuffed Crust Pizza and get a 1.5L Pepsi for FREE (which saves you Php 129). You can add on a side of Family Spaghetti Bolognese or Carbonara by adding Php 100 (that can get you up to Php 239 in savings!). If you're more of a protein guy, get the #gofortheWINg option for 5pcs of WingsStreet Asian Sesame or the Maple Honey Sriracha flavor for just Php 150 (that'll get you up to Php 149 savings which you can use to get more pizza!). Now I don't want to stop you because you have absolutely no idea how this post is making me hungry. They still have dine in, take out, delivery options. So call 0289111111, visit pizzahut.com.ph or download the Pizza Hut mobile app available on Google Play or the App Store.

Leave me a slice please?


Things You Can Do At Home To Relieve Stress

I know how stressful it is these days, because honestly, I've gone through it. It wasn't because work was done at home, but more so because of the uncertainty of the times... it just made me anxious in the general part of it. I know there are tons of people out there that are feeling the same, and social media wasn't really much of help because it became a lot crowded when people became stuck at home.

So aside from the pandemic, we're dealing with stress... and that ain't a healthy combination. We really haven't dealt with it 100 percent, but what do you do when it happens? When you feel the world is against you? I'm suggesting you do a few things that helped me during these times.

Learn a new skill

Nope, it's not like you want to drown yourself with more stress of work. It's like, learning a new thing. In my case, it was editing videos and learning a new programming language like Python. I'm a geek, so I kinda go into like a mush when doing something that I've never done before. For you it could be cooking, a new business, something that you could showcase yourself later on, make it beneficial. Imagine what your resume would like if you knew a lot of things, I didn't even have to go to a University to learn that, YouTube was enough. There are also a lot of other resources on the internet that need to be consumed. Just wear those blue light protecting glasses so your eyes won't get tired or dry.

Listen to Music

I've had sleepless nights, and I know a lot of people do too because they still react to my Facebook posts at 3am. Music was a savior especially those in special playlists that I curate or simply search for on social media. Aside from that, I've learned the healing wonders of ambient renders like rainy evenings in New York, Los Angeles, Japan, Moscow, or simply white noise on YouTube that got me to sleep quite fast. I thought it was just mumbo jumbo, but really... it did wonders because I could sleep in minutes.

Take Long Hot Showers

I've had the notion that hot showers were really not a good thing especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. If you have heater installed or maybe have a tub, make your bath experiences special by taking out the scented candles given to you as gifts two years ago (nah I'm joking haha), some tea lights, flowers, spread it around your bathroom, and just soak in it. If it's a shower, and you have hot water, just let it flow on you for a few minutes (don't land it on your scalp you might get panot haha). Take out the loofah, sponge, or scrub and make sure the soap you use is equally relaxing. There's a new one called Safeguard Detox. Like you, we're used to the germ free action that their soap has. This one is for deep cleansing of the pores, and to strip away bacteria, germs, dirt overall.

New Mom Joyce Pring

New Mom Sophie Albert

They're available in varieties such as Pomegranate and Bamboo Charcoal. It's also available at online stores like Shopee and Lazada. You can try the Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash Pomegranate here https://shp.ee/hfcweqf or the soap here https://shp.ee/umtyiif. Try the other variants and lather it on your skin. It's simple things like these that can take your mind off things. Loving yourself isn't something you should be guilty of. Just the health benefits of it alone, is good. Don't even shortchange the one working hard for the money. https://shp.ee/umtyiifhttps://shp.ee/umtyiif

Stay at home, take a shower (especially for those who haven't taken a bath for days lol)... but not stress okay?! :)


Just got off a very fun interview with Rocco Nacino, Carla Abellana and Direk Don Michael Perez of the new gripping series "To Have and To Hold".

Rocco Nacino plays Gavin and says "Making this is like preparing for a big event. We all go to Yoga sessions and bond during the locked in taping. We're far from our families, our loved ones. I love how much of a workaholic Gavin is, he's very passionate. But it also can cause problems, it's not good how he focused on one thing and just leave his wife even if she had efforts. He just didn't open his eyes to the reality."

Carla who plays the role of Erica says "I love Erica is so carefree, non confrontational, even if she needed to, she doesn't do it to protect herself. She has flaws, she loses her heart, it's something that I dislike about her especially when she loses logic."

Direk Don Michael Perez tells more about the series and says "I rarely cut scenes unless I see the need to. That can be taxing for actors, they need to know lines, blocking, and be in character for a long time. But it can be very rewarding because it can come out real and raw. It doesn't need to be spruced up, it's what the actor gives during the time they took it. You need pros to take on that undertaking."

Here's a portion of our blogcon this afternoon. Enjoy!

Make sure you watch To Have and To Hold which is part of GMA Telebabad.


Digital Inclusion Seen on Huawei's TECH4ALL Initiative

he goal is to build an inclusive world where no one is left behind. At Huawei's TECH4ALL Summit, the company and its partners spurred digital inclusion especially in the areas of equity and quality education, ecological efforts with the use of technology, accessibility to health and the use of ICT for rural area development.

Currently, they have around 60,000 people from the academe and students who are benefiting from these TECH4ALL projects in about 200+ schools around the world. It's not just plain ICT but its applications like resource management, biodiversity conservation, even building open schools in Egypt, African countries like Ethiopia and Ghana as part of their efforts to follow UN Sustainable Development Goals. It should develop new learning systems built on Technology, Digital Content and competencies so they could harness the power of it in the field of education. Huawei is also part of Vodafone Foundation's Instant Network Schools Program that gives education to refugees in their respective host countries, a thing that could benefit over 500,000 refugee students and their communities especially in the African continent.

As these projects grow, it takes TECH4ALL's goals in health and development closer to its objectives of an intelligent world where no one, no matter what religion, faith, race or ethnicity would be left behind. You may read all about these projects over at huawei.com/en/tech4all


50% OFF on Your Favorite Bistro Group Dishes!

My fave restos from Bistro Group is going to give everyone a treat this October 13 to 19, 2021 and giving you much needed comfort food at half the price when you order from the Bistro Delivers app. You can download it off Google Play or the App Store and it's quite easy to use. 

Restaurants in the app include TGI Fridays (best ribs!), Italianni's (love the bread and balsamic vinegar, pastas),  Denny's (Hotcakes!) Texas Roadhouse (best steaks!), Buffalo Wild Wings (get the spicy ones), Watami (the Sashimi platters!), Fish & Co. (best Fish and chips in town!), Modern Shanghai (oh the dimsum!), Bulgogi Brothers (if you miss Korean BBQ!), Red Lobster (The Mussels in White Wine!), Hard Rock Cafe (Super love the drinks there!), and El Pollo Loco (if you love Grilled Chicken!). They've got other restaurants in the app so go and get your favorite dishes at half the price only on those dates! Take note of the pop up ad in the app so you get to know the details.

You can also order via bistrodelivers.com.ph, but I'd rather do it on the app as it's easier. :) Now don't say I didn't tell you about it!