Fried Dishes Made Nutritious with Quaker Rolled Oats

Saturday, October 30, 2021

The most difficult things to do during the pandemic is to stay away from eating too much, and how to get your previous active lifestyle to still happen. Truth be told, the fear of going out has gotten us all confined within our homes, and since it's still okay to eat.. we transformed a little pudgy over the years in lockdown. When restrictions eased a little and we started to have access to gyms, we got to run again on treadmills and lift weights... but going back into shape was a harder because our metabolism got a little slower. I think it's just not enough, so we got to think smart!

Now I know I'm not alone with my obsession with Fried Chicken. In fact, I know your kids like it. So I'm going to give you my personal recipe for Southern Fried Chicken. I use a half kilo of chicken pieces (or half a chicken would do). I usually put them in brine the day before and in the fridge, but it's okay if you're not keen doing that because having it lightly salted and dusted with pepper would be okay. I dredge them in flour, then egg, then instead of the usual panko bread crumbs, you can use a cup of Quaker Rolled Oats (you can leave it chunky but I prefer to blitz it for a few seconds). It's going to have the same crunchy texture you love in fried chicken. I usually pan fry them til it gets brown on both sides. Preferably, make sure it's got enough oil to cook it on low fire so the coating doesn't burn before the actual meat cooks. You can opt for pork (for some breaded pork chop action) but chicken is always a good treat for kids).

Putting Quaker Rolled Oats on the mix means you are getting 7x more fiber per serving and about 1.7x more protein than usual fried chicken. Aside from that, you get energy, beta glucan to help you lower your cholesterol. This is healthy and if you put oats in your diet regularly, you'll have more fiber to aid in digestion. Having these in your usual fried favorites would be a smart thing to do, add to that your regular breakfast and snacks, even overnight oats (to eat the next day), wouldn't that do wonders for your health?

See, it's quite easy to change the way you prepare food. Remember, it's not enough to just work out these days to have your desired body. You've got to weigh in on how to be smart and put nutritious ingredients in what you consume at home. As my personal trainer told me, it's not just working out that is important. Abs actually are sculpted in the kitchen, makes sense no?

Well there you go, get yourselves some of the good stuff I'm mixing in things that I cook as Quaker Rolled Oats is available in leading grocery stores, supermarkets, and online on Shopee here


Premium Properties at Amaia Scapes Pampanga

It's almost Christmas and in Central Luzon, Amaia Scapes Pampanga is going to make an even festive season better by opening up premium residences at the Angeles-Magalang Road in Mexico, Pampanga area. This would be ideal for young professionals who work in the vicinity or those who would want a new home.

What's good is that they've got bigger square footage that's fit for those who are looking more spacious rooms or less constricting design. Just like their other projects across the country, Amaia Scapes Pampanga places importance on having these projects that are sustainable and ecologically efficient. Much of the common areas will be equipped with LED solar lights, roofs that lessen heat, larger windows and light colored front walls so you both save on power and lessen carbon footprint.

Unit owners can take advantage of green surroundings, walkable paths and several amenities that can be used by residents. They've got a pool and pavillion that would be perfect for parties, imagine what you could enjoy if you live in this part of the country.

Wouldn't you want to wish and have a home in Amaia Scapes Pampanga? I sure ain't alone wishing one for my folks right? If you want to know more about the property, simply check today!


VICE GANDA's Vax Ganda A Dose of Laughter Concert in the US a Success!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Two whole days of fun and laughter happened at Pechanga Resort in Temecula California in the US as the unkabogable Vice Ganda held a concert entitled "VAX GANDA: A Dose of Laughter". As a matter of fact, it got sold out quite fast that even when we were writing about it a few months ago, only the second day had available seats. We couldn't blame Kapamilyas in the US because as you know, Vice Ganda is just the dose of laughter they needed after restrictions eased in their side of the world.

 Fans eagerly awaited the different designs and costumes she wore. Aside from that, they also got to listen to Vice really play around with the pandemic concept with songs, dance numbers, their guests Angeline Quinto and Vice's usual cohorts in skits MC and Lassie. Everyone was ecstatic and had so much fun during the concert and the meet and greet that happened later on in the day. I think we're going to see a repeat of this in other places in the world so stay tuned!

 This trip also marked the anniversary of Vice and Ion who's currently on their third year to forever. Make sure you also catch Vice Ganda's vlogs on YouTube because both Vice and Ion have uploaded their shopping and tour activities for everyone to see. It's also trending on YouTube too.

Vice Ganda proved once again that the Filipino is world class. With performances like these being brought to the US and elsewhere in the world, I'm sure it'll be appreciated even more in the coming years more so as businesses slowly open once again.

/*Photos on this article are not mine, all rights belong to Team Vice Ganda PH on Twitter.

Celebrating Uniqueness: AC Bonifacio for Crocs

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Look who's carrying Crocs this time as Crocs Philippines outs the best of their classic collection. She's the very talented, viral, very adept with social media and tons of people love her for knack for dance. She's AC Bonifacio, and she loves her Crocs this 2021.

She made sure it fits her personality by having Jibbitz charms and she says "Crocs is love and I love how I get to showcase my creativity with it. It matches how unique I am and my personality." Crocs will also unveil a few products which include the Unisex Classic Bleach Dye Clog, the Women Classic Platform Clog, the Unisex Classic Crocs Sandals and WOmen Classic Crocs Slide. The Bleach Dye Clogs and the Women Classic Platform Clogs are priced at Php 2,995 while the Unisex Classic Crocs Sandals in Cobalt Blue and Pink retails for Php 1,745. Just like AC, you get to choose your own Crocs among the tons of other models they have in stores and digital shops. AC will be coming out with more of her content at the official Crocs Philippines Facebook page and IG.

Stay comfy and celebrate your uniqueness with a Crocs pair today!


KELVIN MIRANDA Releases "Slow Dance"

The young and talented Kelvin Miranda has become a really remarkable leading man in GMA's stable. Recently, he did so good in the May-December love affair series called Stories From The Heart: Loving Miss Bridgette with the one and only Beauty Gonzales, wherein he did a remarkable job.

Aside from these notable roles he's been doing, he also just launched a new single under GMA Records called "Slow Dance". This single is an original song written by Jomari Jintalan and produced by Paulo Agduelo. Kelvin says "This song is for those who haven't experienced doing it. For me, it's like taking it easy, slowing down which I dedicate to my fans. I am thankful because I've been given an opportunity by GMA. The role I did with Ms. Beauty was well worth it, I think I've given it justice because it's a great collaboration between my Director, the people there and me. I often ask questions, I want to relate to people who are in the same situation so I can make the character realistic. The song I released is like telling a story, I liken it to what I want to do when I have a relationship. I really relate with the first line, if you have to decide, have trouble, you just take it easy. It's an ode to those who are hopeful. I think I've changed a lot, I have more confidence now. I still have moments when I do need a lot of that, but it's manageable. I just have to balance what opportunities come to me. I don't think it would be up to me if I changed, maybe other people would be able to say that. I've had relationships before, but right now I am single, I still have a lot to prove to myself. I often get a little out of focus when I'm in a relationship."


Here's his interview on video, enjoy!

The single "Slow Dance" is now out on streaming platforms here around the world. It placed second on iTunes charts in the Philippines when it first came out, you can also see the official music video on YouTube if you're up to it. Congratulations Kelvin! You're going places!


Fans Sorely Miss VICE GANDA in "It's Showtime!"

It's been almost a month of no Vice Ganda seen in the set of It's Showtime and honestly, I could really see how the madlang people have missed him a lot. Vice's humor, snappy replies to mothers in the ReiNanay portion was particularly missed especially when it became an opportunity for him to learn and analyze their life stories.

I could just imagine how it'll be best to see him also do funny stuff with the judges since talented funny mom Melai Cantiveros joined the panel plus Ogie's perfect persona would be a ball of fun to make short stories with too. Anyway, she's probably going back soon after her highly successful sold out concert in the US. She was also able to produce vlog episodes of her shopping trips and food adventures while talking to ordinary folks in Hollywood/LA area. Vice also took time out and walked Hollywood's famous walk of fame and bonded with Ion since it's also their third anniversary. Needless to say, she really got recognized not only by Filipino fans but Americans who got to watch her on YouTube or TFC.

Seeing the success of the concert in California might actually spark either a tour in other countries or perhaps Filipino communities elsewhere. What I'm quite sure of now is that, Vice is heavily missed in the "It's Showtime!" studios and if she comes back, it'll be better family viewing for everyone on ABSCBN's Jeepney TV, A2Z and on digital. Hopefully she's gotten enough sleep and rest so she can come make everyone laugh again in live episodes. Fans and ponies surely miss you.


AIA Philippines Introduces Total Health Solutions

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

To develop products that keep up your ever changing needs, AIA Philippines wants you to live it. In order to have healthier, longer and better lives, they are now introducing AIA Total Health Solutions.

In a virtual forum this morning, AIA wants yo to know that you can get protected no matter what your health starting line may be. It's AIA's latest innovation, Cheif Marketing Officer Leo Tan says "From the time I wake up til I fall asleep, I earn points in the AIA Vitality app. I often check my policies also on the app. Total Health Solutions can help you buy vitamins, ordering meicines, lab requirements and teleconsult with doctors. Easy access to your healthcare needs is not just a one time relationship, we are your constant partner, so you can have healthier, better lives."

Total Health Solutions is your time to stay healthy. In it, you have a personalized solution all in one platform.

In the event, Will Dasovich also got us to follow a few procedures and shared how he did overnight oats. Milk, Oats, Honey, Chia Seeds put in the fridge, Toppings go before you eat it. You do this before you sleep and eat it the next day. It's quick and easy, and very healthy. By the way, he also reiterated that customers can also consult with a nutritionist on the app, overall total wellness, yes, they've got that covered.

Kats Cajucom the Head of Health and Wellness of AIA says "AIA Vitality encourage positive change and we actively ask our customers live healthier lives through this app. The app now has features and incentivize it with choices you make every day. Members can now earn points in the food tracker, have health assesment, encourage you to get enough sleep, even COVID vaccination, all now has equivalent points so you can get perks when purchasing in partner establishments. AIA also knows Filipinos love to take photos of their food, you can submit them in the app before you post it on social media and hopefully, get encouraged to eat healthy as well."

Ten Paras and Paolo Valenciano discussed a few things. Pao says "Going to work and being around people, you are unsure if you're gonna get COVID, it adds to fear and live events during this pandemic was greatly affected. I started taking vitamins, get physically active, walk everyday, run as much as I can. At home, we try to be more creative and spend more time with my daughter, do the extra effort with our time. We improve healthier lifestyle, ensure financial preparedness, even if there are emergencies, we have to make sure we plan for a more secured future.

Ten adds "Savings can get affected with accidents and death. We need to be at the best of health. It's better to be one step ahead and be prepared with life's uncertainties. In these situations, we have to be sure our mental state is also healthy. Spending time with family, financially prepared for everything so we get peace of mind even if the worse scenarios happen. Hope this allows us to just focus on recovery just in case we get it. AIA has different products for protection, health, life, and there is a right one that can protect you. The all in one product is available for the public, but there is a comprehensive plan that can also grow your savings. It's called AIA All In One Plus which we will be launching soon. I always tell people that the best insurance for you is the one accessible. We give you the right product, the right platform to monitor your health and one that can cater your needs. The AIA Vitality app promotes healthy lifestyle and gives incentives to healthy behaviors. You have AIA platform that simplify your experience looking into different products, so you get a total health solution ecosystem so you get protected by AIA Philippines."  


Gary Valenciano joined in and he says "I'm learning a lot in this event. I am more motivated to be in a health track. It's been common to hear stories, it's challenging mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The way I live my life, I'm being surrounded by good people. You get to see their vulnerability, we talk, even friends, they go through life. It's important to have people speak life to your life. When my health scare happened, I had a little more extra in protocols so I stay healthy and preven myself get sick. I had to shift gears so it doesn't happen again. Getting used to things that are mental, the cuts, the wound, it was a difficult recovery. Mentally, it was even challenging because rehab wasn't even going good, but surely they said 3 months, I was already performing live and on stage. It would have been easier if I had peace of mind, I was able to reach out to those who could help me, from medical teams, my wife, my family, they were able to make up to whatever I lacked in my mental state. The support from people who are there for you, it'll become easier because of them."

Brand Ambassadors Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff adds "Luckily we haven't had any health scares, but my Father had one. It was a difficult month, but aside from that it's all good. As a parent, we panic fast, you're never concerned when it's not there. We think of ways to look for help, prepare so you know what to do. You have to focus on your child, look for treatments she needs especially when hospitals aren't the same anymore. Having a game plan is good, it's important to get consultation, where to get it, how to get it so they can guide us so you can focus on getting better.  

Total Health Solutions currently has Avega, regional passports that enable cross border health care treatments in Southeast Asia, HK based ones soon. Zuelig Pharma has a suite of health solutions so you can have diagnosis and treatment, medicine deliveries for prescription and over the counter meds. Soon they will also be offering discounted rates for vaccination. If you are an AIA Philippines customer, just access it to the health tab of the platform and choose teleconsultation and go to the EZConsult platform wherein you can be diagnosed, consulted by a doctor, even deliveries of medicine. They will also have discounted rates for COVID testing and vaccination, something that we need today.


Doing More: Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda

The 2022 election will be extremely important for the lives of approximately 104 Million people. Aside from the obvious need for immediate pandemic response, relief and restarting of businesses, sectors heavily affected by the economic stresses of the situation should be addressed. It includes the sectors of education, addressing poverty, the micro small and medium enterprise, child labor, the environment, climate change and those that affect the lives of people. After all, the legislative body has a primary role in creating laws, Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda did this for over 18 years in the Senate.

Several laws she made being implemented nowadays include Free College Education, Magna Carta of the Poor, the MSME Law, Child Labor Law, Climate Change Law, most of which has been done during her term.

On her FB page, she recently released a few videos which include testimonies from real people.

I think that's noble and with the accomplishments, she's got a good grasp of what a Senator does. She wants to do more. But would you consider her to be one of you bets this election? 

That's your choice.


ALDEN, HIDILYN, MARVIN, MEGAN and HAPPY Share Gold Moments at Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream Launch

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

It looks like our friends from Magnolia are making what's special, even more special. They are launching the new Magnolia Gold Label. This event is being attended by Asia's multimedia star Alden Richards, Queen Megan Young. Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz, restaurateurs Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and celebrity Marvin Agustin.

The new Magnolia Gold Label products are made even richer by using fresh Carabaos milk, all natural fruits, nuts, ingredients, to make sure your moments of joy stays golden.

Marvin Agustin says "I've been busy cooking, preparing, roasting lechon. If it's about ice cream, I'm game! It's always been a gold standard, we have history with the flavors we grew up with and now that they are having new flavors, this will be even more exciting! My favorite is Double Dutch and Rocky Road. This isn't too sweet, you taste the individual ingredient, I only leave some for kids, well I try to."

Happy Ongpauco Tiu says "I know how Magnolia has always been the Filipino favorite. No artificial flavors, they really reinvented themselves. It's a world class product, and did this big bold move! I still remember the Magnolia House near our place and I love the Tablea Yema, it's so pinoy. I also like the smores flavor because of the ingredients combined into one ice cream. Aside from that, I like the Rocky Road, like the first dessert I made in my restaurant. At home, I love desserts, I can skip the meals and just eat during that part. My family loves it too and having the Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is something that my family and I enjoy, especially this holy week because I have to try out the new flavors!"

Miss World Megan Young "It's always my favorite dessert, and Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is different. When I won the Miss World crown, it was like a dream, a golden moment, it was like my crowning anniversary last month and I did it by getting a tub of ice cream. With it, I always think that anything is possible. Having Magnolia Ice Cream is a non negotiable for me when I go to the grocery. I feel I'm a proud pinoy with this world class product out there. Ice cream is comfort food, I love the Vanilla flavor, the Ube Queso. I love making Affogato and just scooping one huge ball and pouring espresso on top, it's amazing! The ube queso on the other hand reminds me of childhood, because it's pinoy flavors. We also like the Taro White Cheese because it's new and has got white cheese bits. After work, Mikael and I do games, anime, and Ice Cream, we choose the flavor, and enjoyed the Taro White Cheese last night. It was good!"

Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz joined in and told us "I really love ice cream, it's like a piece of success. When I go through hard work, I take a moment and chill. It's a simple gesture, but I love the new creamy Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. I'm eating the Mango Dark Chocoloate right now, and I'll be trying the Ube Queso, and this is also a Filipino product, I am proud! I used to have a perspective of doing strict diets, but my dietician advised me to have cheat days, it's when I do eat a lot of ice cream. It's for my mental health, it's not easy doing what I do, it's a routine. I have to reward myself. When I go out with my family, we celebrate moments with it, I even eat in advanced before my cheat days because it's my reward."

Alden Richards entered the presscon and said "When I see something I like visually, I really try it. Even though I like the classic flavors, these days, they're diversified and the pinoy palate now enjoys Tablea, Avocado, and tons of Filipino favorites that you initially wouldn't really know would work actually does. It's really good combined, and I like the new Smores and Cookies and Cream, we're the kind that says later on... masarap pala! Like Magnolia, you should be courageous, you should try something new, jump into the unknown, even if you're not sure, you will learn what you can and cannot do when you try. You'll never know until you do. I like smores because roasted marshmallows in two graham crackers and chocolate that we used to see in campfires is now in ice cream form. It's like the taste actually contradicts each other, just combines great in your mouth later on. It's something that I do to relieve stress, my teleserye will come back this November and a movie with Bea Alonzo. There will be big announcements soon, I'm sure those who support me will love this!"

Now you've seen it, go and get them in leading supermarkets, groceries and stores nationwide. Time to have your own golden moment. Get the Magnolia Gold Lable Ice Cream today!


The Truth About Unsolicited Proposals

ow's your electricity bill these days? Still high? Ever felt the need to see that bill low? Properly managed? I'm sure you do. Well, I've stumbled across something that may interest you since we're all consumers.

National Coordinator for Nic Satur Jr. says "The unsolicited proposal will hinder competition, and provide corruption, bring misinformation in the bidding process. This was created for consumers to get the lowest cost. We'll now have a bidding under the mercy of power producers, remember, our bill has almost half of its cost from generation. The existing process makes it allow everyone to bid, and the unsolicited proposal can be done with terms for reference which will be made by the power producer themselves. Unsolicited Proposal is currently used in other projects, and to bring more players and technologies, they wanted to push for this. It is legal, but not needed, it will bring us back to a time where they get non-negotiated deals. If I am the power producer, I will just fix terms and challenge it with the price I want to win and disqualify other power producers. We're not saying this will lead to corruption, but if not done right, it will. At present, the Philippines is not ready for it, nor does it need it. The House Resolution 1874 should be discussed, to create implementing rules and regulation as its present form is very prone to sweetheart deals that would be detrimental to the consumer. The Filipino consumer will suffer." was created for energy consumer welfare and Amin or Anak Mindanao Partylist just issued a joint statement together with stakeholders, consumers and media entities aware of this:

Amihilda Sangcopan says "I join you today not just as a legislator but a member of electric power consumers. Amin has filed House Resolution 1874 to conduct investigation into DOE, to reconsider to amend its policy on competitive selection process in the power supply, entertaining unsolicited proposals that will breed unfair competition. It will hinder access to affordable electricity guaranteed by our constitution Article 12."

Ricky Juab, Mindanao based consumer adds "The situation of Misamis Oriental is really hard especially for electric cooperatives even now during the pandemic. We consumers wish that every policy that the government does, our side would be heard. We are suffering in Misamis Oriental, where our cooperative has failed to give supply electricity and we experience blackouts, most of which are fluctuating, breaking most of our household appliances... everyday we have been experiencing it, until now. Even informed, we still are experiencing power outages, but still getting the same bill. We sometimes get double, this happens with other consumers in Mindanao. DOE wants Unsolicited Proposal, which will disable most of our safeguards. It is prone to corruption, to follow their terms and conditions. Prices will get worse, so we consumers implore DOE to stop it. This is inhumane and improper."

Parent Mel Salda gave her thoughts and say "The pandemic pushed us all to work remotely. Working as a Virtual Assistant, it has increased our energy consumption, increased cost of living. DOE should ease our burden instead of adding to it. Unsolicited Proposal is going to get us to pay for an even higher price for electricity in Asia. This would be a burden to single parents like me."

It's good that they are doing this very early and not just reacting to it when it gets implemented. Just like them, I'd like to see relief for the Filipino people. If you want to know more about the energy sector and consumer protection, you may visit who's part of the movement.


Meet Budget Gaming Monster Infinix HOT 11S

Monday, October 25, 2021

They don't call this HOT for nothing as smartphone brand Infinix launches their newest budget gaming phone the Infinix HOT 11S. When they launched the HOT 10S, they catered it to casual gamers and selfie enthusiasts, the HOT 11S will be your best bud when it comes to gaming

The new phone uses a Helio G88 octa core dual chip processor that gets you up to 90Hz refresh rates when you're playing online games and that moba hit you love. The phone also boasts a 6.78 inch Full HD display which would be good for playing and watching KDramas/Movies you've been spending hours on during the pandemic. The back side has a 50MP primary lens with 2MP AI lens for dof shots. They're looking forward to launch this particular model before end of the month.

If you want to know more about it, I suggest you follow their social channels like InfinixPhilippines on Facebook and IG or @InfinixPH on Twitter if you are there too. 
Hope to get hands on experience with it soon. Stay tuned!


Call for Entries: Beko Jingle Making Contest on TikTok

If you're eager to show your talent in making music, you're going to love what Beko Philippines has in store for you. The search is on for Beko Jingle Makers and what's up for grabs is a whopping Php 50,000 in cold cash and Beko Appliances.

In order to join, you must be a Philippine resident and can post your original Beko Jingle that runs 30 seconds minimum. It can be performed by a solo singer, group or a capella with one or two instruments. All original, no copyrighted materials with it. It should also be inspired by Beko, their products and healthy living. You may check Beko's social channels for inspiration if you're planning to join. Make sure to have the entry in public view on TikTok and should bear your name on the caption, then tag 3 friends on the app too. Go check or for complete details about the contest. 

Go join if you're in the mood to create that perfect jingle, and who knows, you might just win it! I think I'll try to put an entry myself. Hmmm...


TJ Monterde and Korean Singer YELO Release New Single "Little Things"

Looks like TJ Monterde is going places as he just released a song he collaborated with South Korean Singer/Songwriter Female Artist YELO called "Little Things".

TJ says "This all started with a call from my label and asked me to listen to it, and I loved it right away. I knew I would love to sing this song, but it took me a great amount of time writing the story for it. The melody was just so beautiful! My contributions was mostly on the lyrics, the overall story. It was remarkable to see how we had been able to work in producing this song."

Artist YELO debuted in 2018 with her album "Swim in You" and also does covers on YouTube. She says "I had an impression that TJ's a great singer. I knew right when we started that he really enjoyed the music. We had to send each other messages, like we we pen pals. He's a very talented musician, very popular, and I felt that it was an honor that I got to work with him."

Recording took a lot of file exchanges from Wild Grass Studions in Quezon City (where TJ recorded his parts) and Monotree Studio in South Korea (for YELO). This single is produced by South Korea based MonoTree Korea and will be released through PolyEast Records. Go stream it on all digital platforms and see the performance on YouTube. You'll love what TJ and YELO brought to the table. Go check updates about it on PolyEast's social channels.


Gold Medalist HIDILYN DIAZ Gets Own #KwentongJollibee

She surprised a lot of people when she stepped up to the plate and won an Olympic gold medal for the Philippines. 2021 is the year she set a new Olympic Record in historic fashion, after years of hard work, tough training and dedication to a sport she loves, she's brought the country insurmountable pride.

The country's favorite fast food champ Jollibee knows that her story needs to be told in order to inspire a lot of people, hence this shortfilm called "GINTO" was done together with its partner agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines. They hope this would bring joy and inspiration not only for aspiring athletes, but to every Filipino who's got dreams.

Hidilyn once trained with water jugs and sacks of sands from construction sites. She almost gave up on her dreams, but she kept on going. In 2016, she got the silver medal in her weight class at the Rio Olympics, which has inspired even more athletes. It made her work even harder to get the gold medal in the next meet. When she saw the short film, she cried seeing the front-liners and kids cheering for her. She admits feeling the joy, the hardships, the things that have strengthened her during the toughest times. She also got the chance to act in the short film, which she feels was very rewarding because she's seeing it from another perspective.

Hidilyn is now trying to finish her studies (in DLS CSB) and prioritize training for the next Olympics. She wants to put up a training facility /schools so she could help aspiring athletes, like what she had experience when she was a budding weightlifer. The #KwentongJollibee Ginto was also done by award winning director Pepe Diokno. Hidilyn wishes she would share her passion and perhaps do outreach activities in the next few months.

If you want to see it, it's now up on the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel. Go react on social media and see how you like #KwentongJollibeeGinto and how she triumphed over adversities.


Plans for Growth and Services on Home Credit's 8th Anniversary

Sunday, October 24, 2021

usinesses and people have been forced to grow their digital presence in the country. The pandemic changed how products and services are procured and access to it used to be hard, but things have definitely changed when HOME CREDIT arrived in the country.

This year, they're celebrating their 8th year in the Philippines. They started in 2013, where back then, they could provide loans to Pinoys who have little to no credit history so they could purchase appliances, gadgets or electronic products and pay for it at a later date. Home Credit started in malls and I distinctly remember how they held launches in actual appliance centers for people to become aware of it. These days, they have gone the digital route and got the My Home Credit App available in the Google Play Store. These days, they have a one minute approval after submission of requirements, which I think is the fastest. They do it in partner retail stores in the country (and I've seen their booths in SM Appliance Center where I live). The My Home Credit App also has those products in app so it would be easier for you to get it, apply for loans too when you need it. You can buy now, then pay later, which would be huge help especially if you're managing your finances.

They also have made payments easy using a new service they call QWARTA. If they pay for it that way, there will be no additional cost and it'll be easier to pay via QR as well. The app also has load available, so if you're in one of the multitude of networks they have listed, you won't run out of ways to get voice or data packages offered by telecom networks. You can also pay for bills of over 300 mercahnts nationwide including partner brands. They also have discounts, so there's really no reason why you wouldn't try it out. They are also continuing financial literacy as their mission. As what their CEO David Minol said, "Our goal is to offer and be your partner in overall financial needs. We have been continously innovating to meet the demands of the Philippine market and we're proud of it."

Home Credit will be announcing their 8 Millionth customer in the next few weeks so make sure you visit their site and their Facebook page HomeCreditPH if you want to pick up news about it. They will also have other upcoming promos and announcements, so might as well right? I'd like to take this bit to thank the good people of Home Credit Philippines for having us during their event, congratulations on your 8th year!


Huawei Gives Scholarship for Deserving DLSU Students

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Smartphone and ICT giant Huawei just recently released the names of their first batch of scholars in De la Salle University. This is part of the company's efforts in their Tech4All program, a global inclusion initiative. This is given to deserving students who are in their 3rd to 5th year college level, to be able to help them financially.

This year's recipients include Patrick Lawrence Simpao, Christian Justin Yu and Christian Michael Tan. They are on their 4th year as archers. They'll be graduating with courses such as BS Information Technology and BS Electronics and Communications Engineering.

De La Salle University President Br. Bernard Oca FSC said "Our partnership with Huawei amplify our battlecry of teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives. Huawei Philippines Technologies, Inc. is helping to transform the lives of future innovators, ICT based Engineers and scientists."

The Huawei scholarship is just starting and is doing in the top universities in the country. This totals to 19 individuals from different universities and colleges which all happened in 2021.

Zending Zikat Hosts Hold Charity Event for Typhoon Maring Victims

TV5's Sing Galing Zending Zikat Hosts just held a virtual charity event done for the beneift of Typhoon Maring Victims. This happened during the middle of October and has claimed over 13 lives, so they're making these benefit performances to give funds to Alagang Kapatid Foundation Inc. who's in the frontlines helping people. They call it "Now Zending Zikat with Love" wherein performers include the whole Team Galing, plus a few special guests depicting their "Mapusong Pasingkatan" theme this evening. It will be hosted by Online host Zendee and will be livestreamed on Sing Galing and TV5's social channels this Saturday October 23 at 5PM.

Zendee will be joined by Menchie Silvestre who is the current Executive Director of Alagang Kapatid Foundation to help you get ways on how you could help, starting with pledging donations. Make sure you visit the Facebook page of TV5Manila and SingGalingTayo on Mark Zuckerberg's app.


What do you SMELL like these days?

It's probably not the opportune time to ask that question because I'm sure, a lot of you are still confined to your homes and working. Some that I know, actually haven't even bothered to take a shower and just went on your computer so you wouldn't be late. Understandable, but really, what do you smell like these days?

For me, I want to smell like I'm fresh out of shower before I work. I take really long hot baths, put on candle lights when I'm trying to go zen. It kinda sets me into mood to write and all.

I got this box a couple months ago (August to be exact). As you can see, it's been collecting dust (sorry) and I didn't really take a peek what it's for because people were dying of COVID-19 and it wasn't a good time to lecture people about smelling good. I guess the opportune time (I was waiting for), is NOW.

The country hasn't changed weathers since the last Ice Age, and just like what my foreign bosses were complaining about the Philippines, it's just so humid here. They can stand the hit, but really, not the humidity because it's like baking cookies in the afternoon. We're not that different, and the last thing I'd want to have when I'm at home and outside, is body odor. I admit, I got it from my Dad. You know those people who often smell fresh even before entering a room? I got that notoriety when I used to work for a multinational corp. One of my go to scents was easy to have, because it's available almost everywhere in the Philippines. It's AXE!

These days, colognes and perfumes may fall short. You need something that smells fresh and promises to get you up to 48 hour deo protection. This not only makes you more confident, it makes others smell you, take you into their good side. AXE has always been a good buddy when I freshen up, but recently, they renewed their formulation so it can get you to smell good that long. It'll make you irresistible for up to 2 days. That's unprecedented!

Now go get those AXE! spray bottles and get yourself #FragranceThatProtects in leading supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores nationwide! They're also available in Lazada and Shopee. Go get them here to start at the Unilever Beauty Official store!


The Sensational Sylvia Sanchez

Friday, October 22, 2021

Ever had a time in your life when everything seem to have fallen into place? I think that's exactly what is happening to multi awarded actress Ms. Sylvia Sanchez. The talented actress from Agusan Del Norte has gone leaps and bounds from when she started. Hailed as "Ina ng Bayan" for her portrayal of motherly roles in several shows, her illustrious career has spanned over 30 years. Recently, she copped the Best Actress award for her performance in the indie film "Jesusa". She's also gotten the nod from the Asian Academy for Creatives Awards and won Best Actress for a Supporting Role category for her character Barang in hit ABS-CBN primetime series "Huwag Kang Mangamba". Aside from that, she also got the Best Actress award from Philippine Movie Press Club's Star Awards for Television when she reprised the role of Luz Ramirez-Mabunga in "Pamilya Ko", a program that spanned 2019-2020.

Winning the national tilt for Best Actress in a Supporting Role from the Asian Academy for Creatives Awards will get her to represent the Philippines and be pitted against others who won in the same category from ANZ and other Asian countries.

She says "You know, these awards are all bonuses for all the hard work I've put in my craft over the years. It makes me inspired to even work harder in roles that I've never done before. It's like constant learning. I am so thankful for all the recognition I get from award giving bodies, I feel they trust me and my talent as an actress. I am just extremely thankful!"

Currently, Ms. Sylvia is endorsing clothing brand BENCH and also leading beauty brand Beautederm Corporation. This coming December, she's going to represent the country in the Asian Academy Creatives Awards after her son Arjo Atayde won in his performance in Bagman (it is currently shown in Netflix). If you want to know more about Ms. Sylvia and see updates about her shows and her life, follow @sylviasanchez)a on Twitter and IG. You can also like her page Sylvia Sanchez on FB and subscriber on her YouTube channel. 

Congratulations Ms. Sylvia! All I can say is, well deserved! I love you, your husband, Arjo and Ria who have all been so good to me these past few years. Looking forward for you to get that AACA award in December! Cheers!


PBB's Viral Online Seller Madam Inutz Gets House and Lot From Wilbert Tolentino

Thursday, October 21, 2021

It's rainbows and butterflies this month for viral online seller Madam Inutz as her career skyrockets on TV and the internet. She's currently being taken under the wing of former Mr. Gay World - philanthropist and Entertainment Tycoon Wilbert Tolentino.

Before Madam Inutz went inside the Pinoy Big Brother House, she released a single and music video called "INUTIL". Aside from that, she's also recorded a second single called "Sangkap ng Pasko" which is a little different from her first one which is more on the novelty side. This time, you're going to see a more heartfelt song because it's all about family. Wilbert says "You'll shed a tear or two with this one because the only ingredient that's innate in Filipinos is the love for family. Madam Inutz actually cried hearing this song because like it, she takes a lot of importance with family."

Aside from that, the surprises from Wilbert aka Kuya Wil has not stopped. Before Madam Inutz went into the quarantine, he gifted a brand new House and Lot. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the surprise that they uploaded on YouTube recently.


Here's the latest music video that they made for the song

Soon, they also plan to put a third floor so they could house all of Madam Inutz's family. Aside from the PBB stint, he's also accepting endorsements for her. This is how Wilbert will try and secure the future of the viral star, and her family. If you're interested, you may contact them via 09175INUTIL / 09175468845 or Email them via DLINUTIL@GMAIL.COM. You may also subscribe on their YouTube channel by searching Wilbert Tolentino VLOGS or Daisy Lopez.