ALDEN RICHARDS on his Renewal: Attributes Success to Fans

Friday, October 15, 2021

Alden Richards just renewed his contract with GMA and GMA Artist Center. He's been in the Kapuso network for over a decade now but he's never been so humble til now.

Alden says "Yes I do experience down times. I'm very lucky because during those times, I am on a break. I really want a movie, an element wherein I do dark roles. It's for approval of course. I remain a loyal Kapuso because my career and success has been in the station. I also have great regards to loyalty and I think til I become a family man, I will stay here. They trust me on big projects, they trust me with roles, they give me the support system I have in GMA and behind me. I guess it's always about being with the right people, with the right mindset, how you view things. What you have inside will radiate, your good heart, your good soul and you have to have the people support you. Authenticity is the key, the pressure will be there, but you just have to lower its presence in life. Since day 1 it's been my principle to never change. Being a Kapuso has been engraved in my mind, I can't wait for more things to happen in the next decade with them.".


Here's a video of our blogcon this afternoon

You'll see more of Alden next month as he continues to tape for the episodes of "The World Between Us" as it got stopped because of the pandemic and IATF rules. Hope you enjoyed this coverage!


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