ALDEN, HIDILYN, MARVIN, MEGAN and HAPPY Share Gold Moments at Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream Launch

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

It looks like our friends from Magnolia are making what's special, even more special. They are launching the new Magnolia Gold Label. This event is being attended by Asia's multimedia star Alden Richards, Queen Megan Young. Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz, restaurateurs Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and celebrity Marvin Agustin.

The new Magnolia Gold Label products are made even richer by using fresh Carabaos milk, all natural fruits, nuts, ingredients, to make sure your moments of joy stays golden.

Marvin Agustin says "I've been busy cooking, preparing, roasting lechon. If it's about ice cream, I'm game! It's always been a gold standard, we have history with the flavors we grew up with and now that they are having new flavors, this will be even more exciting! My favorite is Double Dutch and Rocky Road. This isn't too sweet, you taste the individual ingredient, I only leave some for kids, well I try to."

Happy Ongpauco Tiu says "I know how Magnolia has always been the Filipino favorite. No artificial flavors, they really reinvented themselves. It's a world class product, and did this big bold move! I still remember the Magnolia House near our place and I love the Tablea Yema, it's so pinoy. I also like the smores flavor because of the ingredients combined into one ice cream. Aside from that, I like the Rocky Road, like the first dessert I made in my restaurant. At home, I love desserts, I can skip the meals and just eat during that part. My family loves it too and having the Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is something that my family and I enjoy, especially this holy week because I have to try out the new flavors!"

Miss World Megan Young "It's always my favorite dessert, and Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is different. When I won the Miss World crown, it was like a dream, a golden moment, it was like my crowning anniversary last month and I did it by getting a tub of ice cream. With it, I always think that anything is possible. Having Magnolia Ice Cream is a non negotiable for me when I go to the grocery. I feel I'm a proud pinoy with this world class product out there. Ice cream is comfort food, I love the Vanilla flavor, the Ube Queso. I love making Affogato and just scooping one huge ball and pouring espresso on top, it's amazing! The ube queso on the other hand reminds me of childhood, because it's pinoy flavors. We also like the Taro White Cheese because it's new and has got white cheese bits. After work, Mikael and I do games, anime, and Ice Cream, we choose the flavor, and enjoyed the Taro White Cheese last night. It was good!"

Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz joined in and told us "I really love ice cream, it's like a piece of success. When I go through hard work, I take a moment and chill. It's a simple gesture, but I love the new creamy Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. I'm eating the Mango Dark Chocoloate right now, and I'll be trying the Ube Queso, and this is also a Filipino product, I am proud! I used to have a perspective of doing strict diets, but my dietician advised me to have cheat days, it's when I do eat a lot of ice cream. It's for my mental health, it's not easy doing what I do, it's a routine. I have to reward myself. When I go out with my family, we celebrate moments with it, I even eat in advanced before my cheat days because it's my reward."

Alden Richards entered the presscon and said "When I see something I like visually, I really try it. Even though I like the classic flavors, these days, they're diversified and the pinoy palate now enjoys Tablea, Avocado, and tons of Filipino favorites that you initially wouldn't really know would work actually does. It's really good combined, and I like the new Smores and Cookies and Cream, we're the kind that says later on... masarap pala! Like Magnolia, you should be courageous, you should try something new, jump into the unknown, even if you're not sure, you will learn what you can and cannot do when you try. You'll never know until you do. I like smores because roasted marshmallows in two graham crackers and chocolate that we used to see in campfires is now in ice cream form. It's like the taste actually contradicts each other, just combines great in your mouth later on. It's something that I do to relieve stress, my teleserye will come back this November and a movie with Bea Alonzo. There will be big announcements soon, I'm sure those who support me will love this!"

Now you've seen it, go and get them in leading supermarkets, groceries and stores nationwide. Time to have your own golden moment. Get the Magnolia Gold Lable Ice Cream today!


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