Make the TACO Emoji a REAL ONE on National Taco Day!

Saturday, October 02, 2021

The well loved Taco is loved all around the world and in the Philippines, I've always had the pleasure of having one almost every week because of Taco Bell. With Taco Bell's National Taco Day fast approaching, they're going to make magic happen and make that Taco emoji you have on your phones into a real one... courtesy of the Taco Bell National Taco Day Promo!

How to get that TACO

It's actually quite easy. Just look for specific Taco Bell promotional materials with a special QR code in it. Scan that QR code with your phone (can be done with iOS or Android) then send a Taco emoji. If you've accomplished that, follow the instructions and you'll get a FREE Crunchy Beef Taco courtesy of Taco Bell on October 4th. If you haven't had one, think of seasoned beef, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, lots of cheese, hot sauce, in a crunchy taco shell exterior. They're basically throwing a taco party in the Philippines and you are the guest. Now how's that for taco love huh?!

If you want to know more about Taco Bell, just visit and follow Taco Bell on their social channels where the QR code will come out. Enjoy the taco folks!


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