Huawei Urges Cooperation: Exciting Times with 5G

Saturday, October 16, 2021


The need for cooperation especially in the next stage of 5G development was something that Ken Hu called to prioritize during his keynote speech in Dubai, UAE. This was during the 12th annual Global Mobile Broadband Forum hosted by technology giant Huawei.

Mr. Hu says "5G technology has given a different mobile experience for ordinary people and it's gaining traction in various industries around the world. We've seen remarkable increase in subscriber base and built networks especially for the 5G terminals we see in the market. Much of the business cases are now being done in China, but the need to have sustainable business cases is needed. We can do a few things to be ready for it. Although we have realized speeds, we need technologies in AR, VR and MR to follow through, a need for improvement in headsets and content must be done as well, and make it affordable."

He particularly attributes three areas that would increase much of the usage of this technology specifically XR services, the business to business market, and the utilization of low carbon technologies. As of now, there are 176 cinnecuak 5G networks in the world that compose around 500 million subscribers. With it having around 10 times more speed that regular 4G, it now is possible to take on VR and 360 broadcast connections. It can also be used in B2B implementations which has also been used industrial parks, mining operations, and management of ports. It's also being replicated in different areas, mostly on a large scale. In order to get a larger adaption of 5G, setting telecom standards should be also done. It will fuel and make improvements easier in the long run.

The forum is also hosted by GSMA and SAMENA Telecommunications Council. If you want more information about the event, it is available at today.


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