Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Just got off a very fun interview with Rocco Nacino, Carla Abellana and Direk Don Michael Perez of the new gripping series "To Have and To Hold".

Rocco Nacino plays Gavin and says "Making this is like preparing for a big event. We all go to Yoga sessions and bond during the locked in taping. We're far from our families, our loved ones. I love how much of a workaholic Gavin is, he's very passionate. But it also can cause problems, it's not good how he focused on one thing and just leave his wife even if she had efforts. He just didn't open his eyes to the reality."

Carla who plays the role of Erica says "I love Erica is so carefree, non confrontational, even if she needed to, she doesn't do it to protect herself. She has flaws, she loses her heart, it's something that I dislike about her especially when she loses logic."

Direk Don Michael Perez tells more about the series and says "I rarely cut scenes unless I see the need to. That can be taxing for actors, they need to know lines, blocking, and be in character for a long time. But it can be very rewarding because it can come out real and raw. It doesn't need to be spruced up, it's what the actor gives during the time they took it. You need pros to take on that undertaking."

Here's a portion of our blogcon this afternoon. Enjoy!

Make sure you watch To Have and To Hold which is part of GMA Telebabad.


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