Fried Dishes Made Nutritious with Quaker Rolled Oats

Saturday, October 30, 2021

The most difficult things to do during the pandemic is to stay away from eating too much, and how to get your previous active lifestyle to still happen. Truth be told, the fear of going out has gotten us all confined within our homes, and since it's still okay to eat.. we transformed a little pudgy over the years in lockdown. When restrictions eased a little and we started to have access to gyms, we got to run again on treadmills and lift weights... but going back into shape was a harder because our metabolism got a little slower. I think it's just not enough, so we got to think smart!

Now I know I'm not alone with my obsession with Fried Chicken. In fact, I know your kids like it. So I'm going to give you my personal recipe for Southern Fried Chicken. I use a half kilo of chicken pieces (or half a chicken would do). I usually put them in brine the day before and in the fridge, but it's okay if you're not keen doing that because having it lightly salted and dusted with pepper would be okay. I dredge them in flour, then egg, then instead of the usual panko bread crumbs, you can use a cup of Quaker Rolled Oats (you can leave it chunky but I prefer to blitz it for a few seconds). It's going to have the same crunchy texture you love in fried chicken. I usually pan fry them til it gets brown on both sides. Preferably, make sure it's got enough oil to cook it on low fire so the coating doesn't burn before the actual meat cooks. You can opt for pork (for some breaded pork chop action) but chicken is always a good treat for kids).

Putting Quaker Rolled Oats on the mix means you are getting 7x more fiber per serving and about 1.7x more protein than usual fried chicken. Aside from that, you get energy, beta glucan to help you lower your cholesterol. This is healthy and if you put oats in your diet regularly, you'll have more fiber to aid in digestion. Having these in your usual fried favorites would be a smart thing to do, add to that your regular breakfast and snacks, even overnight oats (to eat the next day), wouldn't that do wonders for your health?

See, it's quite easy to change the way you prepare food. Remember, it's not enough to just work out these days to have your desired body. You've got to weigh in on how to be smart and put nutritious ingredients in what you consume at home. As my personal trainer told me, it's not just working out that is important. Abs actually are sculpted in the kitchen, makes sense no?

Well there you go, get yourselves some of the good stuff I'm mixing in things that I cook as Quaker Rolled Oats is available in leading grocery stores, supermarkets, and online on Shopee here


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