BaiCon Infest 2021: PINOY Y2K

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The biggest gathering of influencers, creators, agencies and partners is happening on October 30 and 31 as BaiCon 2021 happens virtually. They are on their 4th year and it's getting even bigger.

Their theme this year PINOY Y2K.

What can you expect this year? Your favorite internet celebrities will be providing dancing, singing, doing skits and different forms of entertainment. The event is organized by CICP (Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines) and RGC (Republiq Group of Companies).

Jim Guzman the CICP President says "I can't hide how excited I am for BaiCon 2021. CICP was put together in 2019 when we had our creator fan fest in Cebu where we invited lots of creators and partners. There's a constant pressure to set gold standard in influencer marketing and we are ahead of this space. CICP was founded to guide our members, to make most of content creation and this space in marketing. We have had lots of town halls, GMM's, in the past several months, we did events where we invited industry speakers from creators, agencies and brands. That's on top of seminars, with partner groups, CICP has been in the forefront doing that for the industry. The benefits are listed on wherein you get discounts, trainings, seminars, talks, much of which are for members. We also have legal committees and they handle including taxation. It's part of the benefits that they get. If you want to know more, please visit our website. BaiCon is instrumental in who we are now.  

Day 1 Schedule

Day 2 Schedule

RGC's COO Bea Evardone says "I'm excited to be part of BaiCon 2021 and we are creative rebels based entirely in Cebu. We are the creatives behind Bai TV, VisMin's Bisaya Entertainment channel that does content from the region. Bai Social has over 90 creators under our management and 300+ in our network. BaiCon Infest started in 2018 and it was small then, when creators and influencers came to Cebu in 2019, 2020 (albeit digital) we had successfully made it possible still connect.  We made sure we discuss digital media and literacy. On October 30 and 31, you may access your favorite artists, creators and influencers in different social channels of BaiCon."

They chose the theme as the 2000's was nostalgic. BaiCon this year is going to be completely FREE. You can access it on Facebook, KUMU and TikTok for FREE. They will also have Spolight Awards on the dates mentioned. There will also be different musical performances including your favorite artists.

Vice President of CICP and CEO of Blogapalooza Ace Gapuz says "We have a solid lineup of influencers in BaiCon Infest 2021. This includes AC Bonifacio, Kween Yasmin, Medyo Maldito, Snake, Alem, David Jones Cua, Davao Conyo, Justine (Marites) Alem Garcia, Kim Cruz, Xavier Gonzales Solis, Inka Magnaye, Angie Cayetano, Kimpoy Feliciano, Anghet, AJ Rafael, Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, Natalia Guerrero, Claire Inso, Cheska Carandang, Dr. Kilimanguru, Mikey Bustos, Bogart the Explorer (Mikey and Bogart will also serve as hosts) and tons of other creators. Esteemed musicians include Kean Cipriano, Mayonnaise. I'm excited because you'll see more than 50 content creators in BaiCon 2021."  

Dindo Marzan the CICP Director for Awards also explained the Spotlight Awards. "Over 15,000 nominations, and over 400,000 public votes... and you decide who wins."

Jako De Leon the CICP Executive Director says "Being a good creator these days is needed. The brands we work with, the role we play, we need to inspire, educate, have our voices shine in the social media world. BaiCon celebrates the creator, to showcase Filipino talent with the rest of the world. This is the time for you to learn to grow, to interact with the best and brightest in the country. This is a time to share your expertise, to witness first class talent wherever you are in the country. I'm excited for BaiCon because to see the talent grow, it's special. The pandemic has made creators evolve, be more creative and there's so much more to watch out for. Good influence will hopefully remain supreme, more powerful in the long run."

CICP Director for CSR Rj Garcia adds "We look forward to the entertainment, the event, but we need to create significant impact in the community. Children are vulnerable at these times, we need to help them. The best way to combat them is through digital media literacy. Funds will given to manuals for children, to educate them how to verify fake news, be responsible on the internet. You may donate for the cause suing BaiCon's channels. #CreatorsUnited Donation Drive. (see CSR tab on main website)"

I had so much fun talking to the organizers earlier, and the lineup of creators and influencers this year is just exciting. Just like you, I wanted to see them in the flesh but since we're still recovering from the pandemic, this event made it convenient for the public to watch, especially because of the different platforms they made it available. I have the schedules posted above but if you need more details about this year's BaiCon, you may visit their website because it's all there!

See you then!

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