What do you SMELL like these days?

Saturday, October 23, 2021

It's probably not the opportune time to ask that question because I'm sure, a lot of you are still confined to your homes and working. Some that I know, actually haven't even bothered to take a shower and just went on your computer so you wouldn't be late. Understandable, but really, what do you smell like these days?

For me, I want to smell like I'm fresh out of shower before I work. I take really long hot baths, put on candle lights when I'm trying to go zen. It kinda sets me into mood to write and all.

I got this box a couple months ago (August to be exact). As you can see, it's been collecting dust (sorry) and I didn't really take a peek what it's for because people were dying of COVID-19 and it wasn't a good time to lecture people about smelling good. I guess the opportune time (I was waiting for), is NOW.

The country hasn't changed weathers since the last Ice Age, and just like what my foreign bosses were complaining about the Philippines, it's just so humid here. They can stand the hit, but really, not the humidity because it's like baking cookies in the afternoon. We're not that different, and the last thing I'd want to have when I'm at home and outside, is body odor. I admit, I got it from my Dad. You know those people who often smell fresh even before entering a room? I got that notoriety when I used to work for a multinational corp. One of my go to scents was easy to have, because it's available almost everywhere in the Philippines. It's AXE!

These days, colognes and perfumes may fall short. You need something that smells fresh and promises to get you up to 48 hour deo protection. This not only makes you more confident, it makes others smell you, take you into their good side. AXE has always been a good buddy when I freshen up, but recently, they renewed their formulation so it can get you to smell good that long. It'll make you irresistible for up to 2 days. That's unprecedented!

Now go get those AXE! spray bottles and get yourself #FragranceThatProtects in leading supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores nationwide! They're also available in Lazada and Shopee. Go get them here to start at the Unilever Beauty Official store! https://shp.ee/z2wbnix


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