Plans for Growth and Services on Home Credit's 8th Anniversary

Sunday, October 24, 2021

usinesses and people have been forced to grow their digital presence in the country. The pandemic changed how products and services are procured and access to it used to be hard, but things have definitely changed when HOME CREDIT arrived in the country.

This year, they're celebrating their 8th year in the Philippines. They started in 2013, where back then, they could provide loans to Pinoys who have little to no credit history so they could purchase appliances, gadgets or electronic products and pay for it at a later date. Home Credit started in malls and I distinctly remember how they held launches in actual appliance centers for people to become aware of it. These days, they have gone the digital route and got the My Home Credit App available in the Google Play Store. These days, they have a one minute approval after submission of requirements, which I think is the fastest. They do it in partner retail stores in the country (and I've seen their booths in SM Appliance Center where I live). The My Home Credit App also has those products in app so it would be easier for you to get it, apply for loans too when you need it. You can buy now, then pay later, which would be huge help especially if you're managing your finances.

They also have made payments easy using a new service they call QWARTA. If they pay for it that way, there will be no additional cost and it'll be easier to pay via QR as well. The app also has load available, so if you're in one of the multitude of networks they have listed, you won't run out of ways to get voice or data packages offered by telecom networks. You can also pay for bills of over 300 mercahnts nationwide including partner brands. They also have discounts, so there's really no reason why you wouldn't try it out. They are also continuing financial literacy as their mission. As what their CEO David Minol said, "Our goal is to offer and be your partner in overall financial needs. We have been continously innovating to meet the demands of the Philippine market and we're proud of it."

Home Credit will be announcing their 8 Millionth customer in the next few weeks so make sure you visit their site and their Facebook page HomeCreditPH if you want to pick up news about it. They will also have other upcoming promos and announcements, so might as well right? I'd like to take this bit to thank the good people of Home Credit Philippines for having us during their event, congratulations on your 8th year!


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