Legarda Aspires Senate Re-election, 1st National Candidate to File COC

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Legarda files COC in Pasay City. Credits: Melissa Lopez

Looks like Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda is seeking re-election as she filed her COC yesterday morning at the Sofitel Tent in Pasay City. She's been a Senator for three terms and currently representing the lone district of the Province of Antique.  

In the Senate, she's noted to have chaired committees on Finance, Foreign Relations, Economic Affairs and Environment and Climate Change. She's authored several laws aimed to help Filipinos improve their lives and make servies accessible to the masses. She has previously garnered some of the highest votes in the 1998 and 2007 elections and vows to pursue more of her advocacies in health, economic recovery and the actions she could do about the climate crisis.

She also wants to enact laws that would help generate jobs, quality education and an efficient healthcare system. She also wants to push for stronger laws for environmental protection and cultural preservation which she has continuosly done in the congress, and do it for those who are marginalized, vulnerable and promote sustainable growth and recovery especially during these times. You may see her advocacies on her site lorenlegarda.com.ph today!


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