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Sunday, October 03, 2021

It's been a chore cleaning the house these days, I'm not quite used to it but I'm doing my best to spruce up everything at home including my toilet and bath upstairs, and my own room. I ran out of supplies and found a package on my doorstep, some cool products from Personal Collection. It also looks like a cool red house! The products are also familiar, they call it TUFF!

Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. a direct selling company that offer quality products through member dealers, this in turn would give them livelihood especially through these tough times. I'm in need of things that would clean different types of surfaces. With the pandemic around, we can't be 100 percent sure we're germ free... but they brought in three products that can eliminate viruses. The TUFF TBC (Toilet Bowl Cleaner) is a hospital grade cleaning and disinfection product, the TUFF MSC (Surface Cleaner) cleans dirt, stains in different types of surfaces, and TUFF Germban eliminates odor causing bacteria and leaves a long lasting fresh scent.

I actually had the TUFF TBC which has a "Killer Virex Formula" even before they sent me one. It kills 99.99 percent of bacteria, yeasts and molds which would take care of our bathroom tiles that often get affected by it. The same goes with TUFF MSC which can be used in our entertainment area, leather seats and electronic appliances included. This TUFF GERMBAN though would be special as it'll stay as a staple in my room so I could clean up things I bring in and keep it smelling like Japan's Sakura Blossoms, imagine waking up to that! 

This also keeps the smell, bacteria and germs away so make sure you have one in your room (aside from the usual cleaning) and this will make it even better. If you need one, order from their dealers and branches. You can check all their products and locations at Or you can always order online because they're also on Shopee and Lazada, probably a lot of dealers near you too. Don't take my word for it, try it!

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy my TUFF GERMBAN.


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