Digital Inclusion Seen on Huawei's TECH4ALL Initiative

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

he goal is to build an inclusive world where no one is left behind. At Huawei's TECH4ALL Summit, the company and its partners spurred digital inclusion especially in the areas of equity and quality education, ecological efforts with the use of technology, accessibility to health and the use of ICT for rural area development.

Currently, they have around 60,000 people from the academe and students who are benefiting from these TECH4ALL projects in about 200+ schools around the world. It's not just plain ICT but its applications like resource management, biodiversity conservation, even building open schools in Egypt, African countries like Ethiopia and Ghana as part of their efforts to follow UN Sustainable Development Goals. It should develop new learning systems built on Technology, Digital Content and competencies so they could harness the power of it in the field of education. Huawei is also part of Vodafone Foundation's Instant Network Schools Program that gives education to refugees in their respective host countries, a thing that could benefit over 500,000 refugee students and their communities especially in the African continent.

As these projects grow, it takes TECH4ALL's goals in health and development closer to its objectives of an intelligent world where no one, no matter what religion, faith, race or ethnicity would be left behind. You may read all about these projects over at


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