LOVE and the ASUS ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red UX333FN

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cluttered space in the photo but so much to celebrate about the ASUS ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red. 
You see, last Valentine's Day, ASUS Philippines held a campaign called #FallInLoveWithZenBook for all their social media followers. It wasn't a small one prize wise because what was at stake was a brand new spanking laptop computer of the mentioned model above. The gist is if you were to give this midrange priced marvel to someone special, who would it be and why would you give it to that person? What particular moment made it special? 

Of course there were thousands who joined the campaign - but one that caught their eye was a guy who wanted this for his girlfriend. Pocholo met her in the workplace, it wasn't easy but he knew she was going to be worth it. He mustered enough courage to court her, became an item - and made her feel special. He did his best to make her do random things she didn't experience yet. He told her his story, that's why she too felt she had to make him feel special too. She was so surprised to receive this ASUS ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red unit. She always wished for her own laptop and when Pocholo saw the ad on Facebook he knew he needed to join. Jessielyn now plans to use this for her sidelines, to watch tons of movies, and even edit videos because she's always been doing that on her smartphone. Armed with a powerful but very elegant computer, their love story would definitely blossom.

Congratulations to you two! If you want to see the whole video, you may see it here at the ASUS Facebook Page.


Knorr Introduces Savor Rich Pork and Chicken Liquid Seasoning

Spent the afternoon at the Greenbelt 3 Garden earlier. Even if it was hot, the place was packed with foodies from around Metro Manila. They also invited celebrities and Chefs, I was impressed by the things they had in the spread. They got 4 stations manned by Manila’s best chefs. I was so excited about what they could cook in just a few hours. 

Benjie Yap of Unilever Philippines says “All our brands serve a purpose to serve the Filipino society. Over the last 15 years we partnered with NGO’s and Government Agencies. Knorr has helped 1.5 Million kids to get off malnutrition. This will redefine cooking of Filipinos all around the world.” 

In the event they had Chefs Happy Ongpauco Tiu, Josh Boutwood, Mico Santos and Kalel Chan. They prepared limited edition recipes at the Knorr Test Kitchen. Most of the stuff they dished out were actually good especially the Garlic Fried Chicken, the Sisig Gyoza and Bangus Sisig. 

Aside from cubes, soups, powders, seasonings, they now have the brand new Knorr Savor Rich Pork Liquid Seasoning and Knorr Savor Rich Chicken Liquid Seasoning. Across 90 countries around the world, they use a Knorr product and in the Philippines since 1973 Knorr has been part of the Filipino kitchen. They are now going to other dishes, concentrating on the fried and grilled segment so this is perfect for that. This means you get to coat every single ingredient in your dishes, it also infuses the food with the meaty umami taste. Media and celebrity guests got a taste of these dishes and later on at around 6, they opened the event to the public. It was like a free for all thing, they never even had to use salt or soy sauce to season them all, they just used the new Knorr Savor Rich Chicken Liquid Seasoning. 

I’m sure the other guys and gals attending the 6pm event open to the public would enjoy it as much as we did. I hope they get to taste my favorites too! 

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AXA Introduces Smart Traveller Insurance

We got schooled, in a good way.

It was a day of reminiscing our trips, local ones or international. Whether it was for a vacation or work, they told us there was something we missed, because once we arrive at that country, it could be ruined by our luggage getting lost, us getting sick, airline delays, postponed flights, Armageddon, see the picture?

Well not to worry because AXA the biggest insurance company in the country is dipping it's hand to solve this problem. The promise is to make it an affordable solution but give you the widest coverage when you need it, when you want it. It's called Smart Traveller, I got one from them

Amor Balagtas of AXA says “Who here is not familiar with AXA? We are the country’s leading insurance company, we were number 2 last year and we are partners with Metrobank. We want to empower our customers lives. We have insurance solutions, but recently we now have non life. We have business insurance, but now Travel Insurance. From the traditional, approached by an agent, but now AXA can be purchased online. We have omni channel capabilities and you can discover and get it all there. Our website has digital tools that can help you get your policies. It can identify your goals and get the right insurance for you. You can go to your website and we have it all there for you. Even new customers, you can do it on your mobile phones or laptop. Thank you for joining us today.

Mica Ramos Agapito of AXA Smart Traveler added “3/5 people under 13 travel and it is growing at a fast rate. That’s 42 million Filipinos. We thought of bringing convenience which we call International Travel Insurance. Why AXA? Smart Traveler makes you not to worry about anything. Our coverages are way higher, you can claim up to 5 Million if you get into personal accidents, 3.5 Million pesos for hospitalization, 24/7 help center that can assist you if you need to. We are also accredited by schenzen member states, when you travel more than 4 days, our prices even get cheaper when you are traveling in a group as it gets tiered. How do you claim? Just call our contact center, tell your hospital address and you get it. If you get delayed, your baggages are covered, and peace of mind because it will be a convenient trip if you got Smart Traveller. We will also be launching a domestic Smart Traveller in May as low as 205 pesos, very competitive and cheap if you are buying from your flight. Very soon, you can buy one even if you are traveling by land, air or sea.

Best of all, you can get a quotation for it via so you can input details of your trip, do insurance one way, and get yourself acquainted with travel insurance that is easy, less stressful and will make your vacation a real one. Family and friends will get to spend it with you, not you becoming that control monster you've dreaded because you couldn't do it as it is out of your control.

Go get that margarita, you deserve a break!


GUNDAM Shirts Now Available at UNIQLO

Thursday, March 28, 2019

It's another day, another reason to love UNIQLO. The well loved Japanese brand has been bringing nostalgia via their super awesome UT brand which has done partnerships with different animation studios from DBZ to Naruto to ASEAN art pieces, designers, tons of other minds that contributed to it's success. I loved the Mickey Mouse Blue collection that it became my staple for everyday wear but this time, they're bringing to life another favorite robo anime, GUNDAM. This is in celebration of their 40th year! 

For men who didn't grow up, this is the best news as they could get to choose from 8 different designs containing different collages of the show's scenes. 

At the Glorietta 5 branch (biggest in the Philippines), they even got the Gundam bust on display. Of course I didn't let this pass without a selfie.

I like this design the most but you'll probably like the unicorn (which most had that day), though I felt this one was special because it was monochrome and had some of my favorite battle scenes. The shirt also had this Mobile Suit Gundam line on the bottom left side of the shirt and the back is filled with Gundam jargon (first generation robots) and a unique patch. It was the coolest!

I am now ready for matured roles and definitely, I'll get the other designs as soon as I get the money to pay for it figured out. Thanks to the UT line and people from UNIQLO who value our love for everything GUNDAM.

Now go give yourself a favor and head on to your nearest UNIQLO branch because this is so popular, they may just run out of stock! Oh my gawd!


DLS-CSB and PSOD Forge Partnership

The De La Salle College of Saint Benilde (and SPACE School of Professional and Continuing Education) and Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders Inc. joined hands in battling orphaned disorders this March 28, 2019. For those who don’t know, the PSOD is an NGO support group for persons with rare diseases. Right now, they are representing over 319 patients afflicted with one or more of 63 rare disorders and they hope to be in the forefront of awareness, registry, support for them, assist patients and their families, do policy formulation, legislation, strengthen organizations, help doctors and research, help in making them resilient and make them self sufficient too.This program is called “Care for Rare: Together in Mission.”

Brother Dennis Magbanua FSC, President of DLS-CSB says “As a school, we believe to be more inclusive. We must innovate towards that and we thank all the reps of communities for coming over. We hope to include more of those who have certain diseases to be part of our program in Benilde. Partly, our desire to have 20% with full scholarships is a genius idea. We always talk about being one, we want to bring more students afflicted with rate disease. Part of our CSB dna continues to give opportunities that are flexible, to respond to the needs of PSOD. We look forward for many years of working with you.”

PSOD President Cynthia Magdaraog says “Before signing the partnership, our first MOU declares PSOD to be the central network to sustain and promote individual programs for orphan disorders. To create awareness, to advocate support, access treatment and supportive care, to educate the public about acceptance, give education for gainful employment, improve their way of life and their family life. To support PSOD in implementing their programs, equal rights to life. Students and Faculty already have made efforts since February. Parents are hopefully to also get education so they could provide for the comfort of their patients as well.”

The I AM RARE Scholarship Fund was explained to us by a patient named Juan Benedicto Magdaraog. He says “I was afflicted with a rare disease years ago and the doctor told me I wouldn’t last past 12 years old. I was told to enjoy my life and be happy. The need to strengthen my mind, the difference is education. The ability to go to school in a warm and accessible way in St. Benilde was accepting to people with disabilities. It has opened opportunities, for that I am grateful. It does not mean my life wouldn’t be a miracle for others. I live with purpose, I want the same opportunities to be given to others with rare disease. Today marks something meaningful, I hope patients, their immediate family to be able to have the same education as it is very important in improving their lives. They can go to school that could help them be productive, improve lives of families, with the condition they should also give back. Hopefully it will become a reality to change, to have inclusive developments, and me to also go back to school. I saw how the school looks like now, with that, thank you and I hope in the future we would be able to help a lot of families, to improve their lives.”

PSOD President Cynthia Magdaraog adds “We have potential scholars of the SPACE program. She only got to 2nd year college because of her Osteogenesis. She had to be careful, not move around much because of her very brittle bones. She likes to sing, play guitar, cooking. A foundation has been helping her with her medical needs. She wants to finish college and become productive, she urges people not to judge people by their looks, or their condition. We also have Mich who graduated in BS in Information Technology but never had much opportunities, we also have Ziv who has a rare syndrome with no formal schooling who got right diagnosis at age 11 and wants to be a Chef. Three candidates so far and our criteria is to find a person with strong determination, parents who can support them going in and out of school, hopefully we’ll have them enrolled this coming school year.”

They (qualified scholars) will be going to SPACE, a place to get their skills and go into the workforce. We started developing special programs and make them into a BS degree later on. They are working with corporations as they do training programs. Their goal is to make learning for everyone. They offer hundreds of certificate programs in design and arts, animation, digital media, business programs, marketing management, Hotel and Restaurant management and a whole lot more. They want to be a partner in this effort to provide a second chance for people who need it.

To help with PSOD you may contact them through 661-8935 their site or visit them personally at UNIT 206 Greenhills Mansion 37 Annapolis Street Greenhills San Juan, Metro Manila.


SM Introduces SAM Customer Service Robot

SM has been in the forefront of the mall scene, leading since then. They always come out with innovations and this time, it’s not that different. They are introducing the first ever in mall robot called SAM. It’s a humanoid robot with AI capabilities. It is programmed to deliver personalized and efficient interaction with customers. For now they ar going to release her at SM Megamall and soon there will be more in other branches.

SM Supermalls COO Steven Tan says “SAM will provide better customer service, the latest innovation only from SM.”

SAM is equipped with an advanced face recognition technology so you’ll get personalized greetings, help with information about all the things related to mall operations, places to shop, locations where to eat, so you wouldn’t say “kahit saan” if you’re asked by friends and family. This robot was created by CAL-COMP Technology Philippines. SAM will be walking around SM Atrium, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Bank Drive and other locations. Ask SAM if you need help!


Pancake House Has A MYSTERY MENU!

They’re keeping this a secret but we have to tell you about it now. This coming April 1 (no this isn’t an April Fools joke either), your favorite Pancake House is going to get some NEW items on their menu offered only for a limited time.

I was invited by their people a few days ago and met their executives at the Pancake House branch in Magallanes, they made an effort to cover it all up and not tell us about it at first. They made us do an activity via Mystery Manila exercises. They are aptly calling this their MYSTERY MENU.

Of course as soon as we sat down, I ordered my regulars (personal favorites) because it has been a while since I’ve been to Pancake House. Of course I had to have my Strawberry Milkshake (Extra Thick) and Chicken and Waffles since this is a lunch affair.

Then after doing the Mystery Manila activity in and out of the store, we got the dishes revealed among us 4 teams.

First is the Waffle with Spaghetti Sauce and Cheese Dip. This costs Php 179

Second is the Panwich. Believe it or not, they are the first ones to offer this. They also told us you can have your eggs be done over easy or scrambled. This costs Php 169.

Third is the yummy Chicken Quesadilla. The hearty layers of veggies, cheese and chicken was a hit. This was my favorite among the 4. It costs Php 159.

Last is the Taco Pie. Among the 4 dishes, this was the most filling. Probably because it’s got beans, salsa, veggies, taco flavor and beef. It costs Php 159.

Again, on April 1 go to any Pancake House branch nationwide and ask for it. It may not be on the physical menu, but wouldn’t it be exciting to discover new stuff like that!? Or maybe you could keep it a secret. Tell just your closest friends okay?

Tell me what you like, tag me in your photos! :)


OISHI Snacktacular Heads North This April

I have been to every OISHI Snacktacular event since its inception a few years ago. They've been to different malls, even all the way to the south. This year however they are taking you to SM CITY CLARK as the 2019 Oishi Snacktacular happens on April 5-7 there. 

Be a human crane for a weekend and get to taste all the Oishi snacks you love together with your family and friends. Win tons of prizes if you do these games and accomplish tasks on booths.

Head on to Pampanga because this will be fun! I'll be there too on the first day and I'll tell you all about it on my social channels. Follow my adventures okay!? 


GMA’s BIHAG Cast Revealed

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

They have already released some of their trailers. BIHAG is GMA’s biggest series yet discussing kidnapping, family conflicts, heart wrenching drama and action all in one. A few days ago they have released the name of the characters and a few clues how they would fare as interesting characters in the show. Check out these materials from GMA.

Are you excited about this new show starring yhe King of the dancefloor Mark Herras? Make sure you tune in to GMA primetime if you want to catch this soon!