GUNDAM Shirts Now Available at UNIQLO

Thursday, March 28, 2019

It's another day, another reason to love UNIQLO. The well loved Japanese brand has been bringing nostalgia via their super awesome UT brand which has done partnerships with different animation studios from DBZ to Naruto to ASEAN art pieces, designers, tons of other minds that contributed to it's success. I loved the Mickey Mouse Blue collection that it became my staple for everyday wear but this time, they're bringing to life another favorite robo anime, GUNDAM. This is in celebration of their 40th year! 

For men who didn't grow up, this is the best news as they could get to choose from 8 different designs containing different collages of the show's scenes. 

At the Glorietta 5 branch (biggest in the Philippines), they even got the Gundam bust on display. Of course I didn't let this pass without a selfie.

I like this design the most but you'll probably like the unicorn (which most had that day), though I felt this one was special because it was monochrome and had some of my favorite battle scenes. The shirt also had this Mobile Suit Gundam line on the bottom left side of the shirt and the back is filled with Gundam jargon (first generation robots) and a unique patch. It was the coolest!

I am now ready for matured roles and definitely, I'll get the other designs as soon as I get the money to pay for it figured out. Thanks to the UT line and people from UNIQLO who value our love for everything GUNDAM.

Now go give yourself a favor and head on to your nearest UNIQLO branch because this is so popular, they may just run out of stock! Oh my gawd!


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