ULAN : A Weird and Haunting Love Story

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

ULAN is a new movie produced by Viva and Hooq. It’s their first venture to movie production, but definitely not the last. This movie is well made, let’s get that out of the way. Pinoys have this little known saying that the reason it rains even if it’s sunny is that there’s a pair of “Tikbalang” getting married. A “Tikbalang” is a mythical creature, half man, half horse. Though the general reason for the tale is that even the heavens cannot stop LOVE from happening. 

Jennifer from Hooq says “HOOQ has been here since 2015 and this is our first Hooq original to be theatrically released. We have a fabulous partnership with Viva and we have other films with Nadine in our system. We will be seeing one of it tonight.” 

She had relationships, fell hard on most of them, found another one, wanted to become hopeful about love and try to be at it again. She learned lessons, finding herself in the same situation, falls with the Prince Charming, then does it again anyway. Then came along a not so perfect guy, who read her stories, found it engaging. This street smart guy may be the next guy to love, but it’s told doing common everyday things. Then flashbacks have really weird interpretations, you’ll stop and be poking fun, but that part I really appreciate because it’s artsy. Albeit not really boyfriend and girlfriend in real life, Carlo Aquino and Nadine Lustre can get you in their relationship, be involved in it and make you invested in it. Then they will surprise you with a twist. You’ll hate him for it. 

Nadine Lustre surprised us at the advanced screening of her movie ULAN at the Podium Directors Club

Carlo is indeed a great actor, so is that young Maya in the film. Nadine is the perfect story teller, you’ll be hopeful for her plight all throughout the movie. Will she succeed in finding love she deserves? Or will the heavens be a hindrance? 

You should watch this film in Cinemas nationwide starting March 13. Hooq and Viva really did good. They should make more of these stories. 


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