Shaira Diaz and David Licauco for "One Hugot Away!"

Thursday, March 21, 2019

No label relationships, have you ever had one of those? Then you should watch this show, maybe you can relate with the story of Ellen and Ben.

Two young professionals who had to work odd jobs selling land and real estate properties. It was all well until they sparked a friendship. Weeks passed and the two had grown even more closer, to do things no ordinary friends would actually do. 

If you go above and beyond friends, but never even thought about being boyfriend and girlfriend officially, what do you call yourselves? What boundaries have you set? Is it even a relationship? Ellen wanted to know where they are in this limbo. Will Ben start admitting his feelings or will he prefer this status quo?

Shaira Diaz has been paired with so many guys before, but what makes this pairing called SHAIVID work? I'm sure fans of their initial Magpakailan Man episode would love this new short film to be shown in GMA's properties on March 25.

One Hugot Away is another project of the GMA News and Public Affairs group. This would peak interest to those who would like a more liberal mindset, to see how a relationship without labels may or may not work.

Again it's on the 25th! Watch it on GMA!


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