AXA Introduces Smart Traveller Insurance

Saturday, March 30, 2019

We got schooled, in a good way.

It was a day of reminiscing our trips, local ones or international. Whether it was for a vacation or work, they told us there was something we missed, because once we arrive at that country, it could be ruined by our luggage getting lost, us getting sick, airline delays, postponed flights, Armageddon, see the picture?

Well not to worry because AXA the biggest insurance company in the country is dipping it's hand to solve this problem. The promise is to make it an affordable solution but give you the widest coverage when you need it, when you want it. It's called Smart Traveller, I got one from them

Amor Balagtas of AXA says “Who here is not familiar with AXA? We are the country’s leading insurance company, we were number 2 last year and we are partners with Metrobank. We want to empower our customers lives. We have insurance solutions, but recently we now have non life. We have business insurance, but now Travel Insurance. From the traditional, approached by an agent, but now AXA can be purchased online. We have omni channel capabilities and you can discover and get it all there. Our website has digital tools that can help you get your policies. It can identify your goals and get the right insurance for you. You can go to your website and we have it all there for you. Even new customers, you can do it on your mobile phones or laptop. Thank you for joining us today.

Mica Ramos Agapito of AXA Smart Traveler added “3/5 people under 13 travel and it is growing at a fast rate. That’s 42 million Filipinos. We thought of bringing convenience which we call International Travel Insurance. Why AXA? Smart Traveler makes you not to worry about anything. Our coverages are way higher, you can claim up to 5 Million if you get into personal accidents, 3.5 Million pesos for hospitalization, 24/7 help center that can assist you if you need to. We are also accredited by schenzen member states, when you travel more than 4 days, our prices even get cheaper when you are traveling in a group as it gets tiered. How do you claim? Just call our contact center, tell your hospital address and you get it. If you get delayed, your baggages are covered, and peace of mind because it will be a convenient trip if you got Smart Traveller. We will also be launching a domestic Smart Traveller in May as low as 205 pesos, very competitive and cheap if you are buying from your flight. Very soon, you can buy one even if you are traveling by land, air or sea.

Best of all, you can get a quotation for it via so you can input details of your trip, do insurance one way, and get yourself acquainted with travel insurance that is easy, less stressful and will make your vacation a real one. Family and friends will get to spend it with you, not you becoming that control monster you've dreaded because you couldn't do it as it is out of your control.

Go get that margarita, you deserve a break!


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