1CISP HR Summit Holds Last Leg in Manila

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It’s a grand afternoon of human resource love at the 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines Life and General Insurances’ HR Summit entitled “Third Path: Journey to Cooperative HR Enterprise” held at NOVOTEL Manila in Araneta Center, Quezon City. The organization wants to up the ante for human resource operations and technology that affects local cooperatives in the country. This is their third installment after successfully doing it in Davao and Iloilo but they are now dealing with the challenge to become employers of choice for graduates in different regions. They gathered thought leaders, human resource speakers and panelists to give needed information on how to effectively do capacity development activities and address this issue.

Roy Miclat 1CISP President says “Coops in the PH are always under the radar, in communities, the media or government never picks it up. Coops in the last 20 years has impacted the economy but people consider them small time. Smally hydros, communities, airlines, are also part of coops. They have taken a backseat in HR and in the changing world, if we do not learn best practices we will get disrupted rather than innovators and this program wants coops to be the third pact. The community, the private sector and government make bigger impact in responding in their communities. In Cebu, they have made progress, in CDO they operate water districts, it is not just MVP, Lopezs and usual names that can do that. The members are the users, there is a hospital in Rosario Pasig that is under a coop. We are providing access to services at a lower price. The bottomline, the owners are the users and it contributes to wealth distribution, the advancement of HR is needed and their organization is helping to address problems in technological change. Now we are coping in the fast changing developments. We can have shared services in developing their HR practices and it outpaces the demand in the business. This way the big cooperatives would also get to help smaller ones, HR handles a lot of tasks and it engages employees internally in the organization. They thing this is just employment, but working in cooperatives is huge in other countries. Corporations in New Zealand come from cooperatives, Farmers own it and even set up corporations in other countries because it’s that huge. They need a good program and need a reason to stay in cooperatives. We even have high benefits, 80 percent of our employees are millennials who knows they want to be rewarded. More often, cooperatives have very old geezers working in them. We have to develop the young today and for those who want change, ask the youth. They are all below 30, I believe they need to be engaged and they want to contribute, they need the opportunity, they need the chance to prove they are part of the solution even if they are low key, unlike private companies that just do small things and it gets in the news. It has been bastardized by coops setup by politicians who run one time, then die when the political career of the person also dies. We have to develop the HR program so it would be more attractive to them to work in social enterprises.“

Gilbert Camasura the President and CEO of Asia Select Inc. says “I am a partner of 1CISP, we truly believe our business is disrupted, our evolution to where we are going and heading is becoming different. There are more young professionals in the business, it has changed and technology is here. We do not believe it is to take over, but globalization is here and we need to become more competitive as an organization. Our passion together wants to advance HR to make things happen, any change that comes from us is innovation. Development is key, but we may always see the corporate entities but coops have so much promise in growth. This is where the journey would start in making the country better.“

There are resources but it has to be done with promotion too. 1CISP is being shown in schools, in PUP they have a course now, a BS in Cooperatives. It used to be just a place to go to when other colleges were full but now that there are graduates, and are doing good in actual colleges. Cooperatives have really good employment, they said they have never had people leave. Maybe if the younger folks take a look at this as an opportunity, it could be a really nice place to work. They are technology enabled too, this is a good thing to do especially now that thousands of cooperatives are part of 1CISP. They can serve the small ones and get help from the big cooperatives.

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