Janella Salvador Tops iTunes PH Charts

Friday, March 22, 2019

It’s number one on iTunes Philippines and yes, she’s back from a long hiatus in music. It seems, she’s waiting for the right time, and feels this is it. Janella Salvador is releasing her first single and music video called TAKE IT EASY. We talked to her at the presscon of Star Music at Tipsy Pig in Timog Avenue. 

Janella says “I want my experiences for the past few years to reflect my experiences. I guess it is near, it is a variation of different stuff. There are no other person came to mind, it is for me and for women like me who have insecurities. I want to tell them you are given this life and body for a reason, you don’t have to compare, beauty is something you have to be proud of yourself but if it takes time, do take your time. Today, I am just being myself. I have a playlist and I see that I want it to be what I want for my sound. I always have fears, but I am gonna show people who I really am, I am authentic, I love singing and acting so I am trying to write right now. I told my Dad to write. I would tell my younger self to not rush, great things take time and I know I’ll listen if I could do that.” 

Producer Jonathan Manalo adds “There is a conscious effort to fit it in her image but parts of it is organic. Every time we make one it should be authentic for her, creative wise and personally. This is what you will see with Janella and her album. I know Janella will be the biggest star, she still has a lot of potential, she can do a lot of things, even back then I told her she’s gonna be big and she has a huge future ahead of her. She is just starting.” 

So if you love her music then, check out her new music because Janella is back with a different flavor, a different aura because she personally had to do this for you. It will also be featured in Myx and Youtube so watch out for that! 

You deserve Janella. 


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