Check Out These New Products at POTATO CORNER

Thursday, November 30, 2023

The last time I was able to go to a Potato Corner branch was yesterday at Mall of Asia. The line was super long, not just because of the well loved French Fries and all it's flavors, but because YES, there's something new at our well loved potato brand!

These are new combos called Snack mix. Your well loved Potato Corner Flavored Fries now have a few things served with them. One is the new Corn Dog. If you've loved them at fairs and carnivals, you can get them anytime of the day at Potato Corner branches nationwide. It's golden brown and crunchy on the outside, but quite soft in the inside. It's also got a beef hotdog inside for some protein fix, it's quite filling, so don't give up on those fun afternoons in your neighborhood or the malls because there's lots more things to celebrate with Potato Corner.

They also have Super Chicken Pop, which they introduced during the pandemic (2020), good ol chicken nuggets with special crunchy breading, served hot and sprinkled with Potato Corner flavors. You can mix them up, pair one with the other, and it's quite convenient to carry around to let other people envy you (I'm sure you've experienced that! Ha!). You can get them today (started November 23rd), so if you're lovin them fries, there's more reason to snack on them even more!


Inaugural Santa Maria Music and Film Festival Slated December 2

Monday, November 27, 2023


Looks like all roads lead to Santa Maria, Laguna as the first ever Santa Maria Music and Film Festival happens this December 2, 2023. "Bayan ng Santa Maria" as known to most of it's inhabitants, is a developing municipality in the south possessing some of the most unparalleled views of magical Mount Banahaw, Mount Cristobal and Laguna de Bay. 

Performers will include the Santa Maria Dance Troupe (the town's pride!), acoustic phenoms Miro Valera and Jeff Bolivar who will have a few sessions in between films. The festival will be showcasing 7 short films that will be done from 3PM to 7PM, all from different categories. Over 20 short film entries were sent to then shortlisted to 13, then 7. These are entries from all over the world made by students, amateurs, directors, film makers and content creators which certainly would be interesting to see.

Out of all the entries, these 7 have been selected for the festival:

The Vibe Operator
Bitter Brownies
Life Savers
Searching for Chunk
Till the Music Stop
Dream On
I Can Do Anything: A Letter to Burning Man

The location for the event will be at the top of Sierra Madre, so moving to and from the tent venues will involve a little hiking. They also highly encourage for you to bring refillable bottles/tumblers for water at refilling stations for hydration. No plastic bottles please!

For those who plan to have accommodation or want to know about transportation arrangements, please check their website to know more about the festival. Tickets are free but register first via as seats do run out fast.

Tip: Take lots of photos, bring cold weather protection, enjoy the art installations and different spots at the Santa Maria Music and Film Festival. Bring friends and enjoy movies, music, culture and art all in one place! 

This event is supported by Wearzitee, The place will also be housing World Cup Cafe soon. See you at the festival!


NOVOTEL Manila Araneta City Starts The Merriest Celebration for All

This Christmas is going to be a little different at Novotel Manila Araneta City as they start festivities and make this "The Merriest Celebration For All". At the lobby of the hotel, they set up one of the nicest trees last week and invited the media and special guests to sing Christmas carols and tell us what they have been doing in the past few years especially during the pandemic.

Hotel GM Maria Manlulu Garcia says "We at Novotel Manila Araneta City are truly excited to have you and your loved ones. This is the opportune time to be together and make lasting memories especially with family and friends. We will make sure Novotel throws the Merriest Celebration for All and become your home away from home."

At Food Exchange Manila, they will be having several specials including Holiday Sunday Brunch, Christmas Eve Dinner, Noche Buena, Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner, a New Years Eve Dinner Buffet and New Year's Day Brunch and Dinner Buffet. At the Monet Grand Ballroom, both Christmas Eve and the New Year's Eve Dinner Countdown (Glitz and Glamour theme) will have live entertainment, something the whole family would enjoy!

The 6th Manila will also offer the Merriest Party package to bring a less fuzz and more enjoyment for your celebrations on these dates. Their crowd favorite Indulge Gelato will also be dishing out new holiday creations like the Zuppa Inglese, Blue Snow and Torrone. For the Italian flair, they've got home made Panettone in Dark Chocolate Raisin and Ube varieties that you can take home, and enjoy with a cup of coffee at home. Don't forget the Macarons, and Bacarons, it'll be a lovely way to end your holiday runs. They do that quite excellently. Novotel Manila Araneta City also offers holiday hampers via Take Me Out by Novotel so you don't have to worry about gifting family or friends as the selections are a sight to behold.

Staying at Novotel Manila Araneta City also have special rates, even better if you are AccorPlus members. Give them a ring or email if you want to be part of that too. If you have kids in tow, they have holiday activities for them while you enjoy the gym or InBalance Spa for a little pampering.  

During the event, they had the executive from J. Amado Araneta Foundation Inc. go in front to talk about their organization. He was also presented with a donation, from all the employees of Novotel Manila Araneta City. He says "More than the monetary value that they shared, it's the gesture and sacrifice they gave for giving their own vacation and leave credits for the benefit of the communities, programs we supervise." which was very touching to do. They also talked about the hardships they went through during the pandemic where the hotel and tourism industry was not spared. Their employees made sacrifices during those times to keep the business running, til they opened regular operations again. It was certainly inspiring to see that it was appreciated much to this day.

For folks that want to celebrate the holidays the Merriest Way for All, get in touch with Novotel Manila Araneta City through their social channels, their official website or call + 632 8 990 7888 to book a spot. They have the Merriest Celebration for All, and they do it while seriously inspiring us with these deeds.


Differently Executed: John Woo's SILENT NIGHT in PH Theaters on the 29th

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Nathan Studios has a gem up their sleeve with this new PH released John Woo movie called Silent Night. It's an action packed film, created quite differently than usual ones because of how it's made, as it's suggests, it's all silent.  John Woo gleefully placed his different action ballet shots, that will surely be loved by action fans in the Philippines, and worldwide. I'm sure your Dad, Tito, Kuya would need a break from the usual romcom in cinemas and give this a few hours to watch with the whole family. 

You'll be amazed at how this story of a man out for vengeance for his child will be told. Right at the start, the story gives you the feeling that it has heart. The usual suburb Mom and Dad playing in the yard with their son. Yes, the scenes always had family involved. Gang wars erupt, and one gets hit in the crossfire. He starts his long grueling time to recover, train and realize what he's up against. You'll feel the agony on screen in the first few minutes. With his wife also worried about him, he suffered further and became a drunkard staring mostly on what his son had left in his room, the memories and pain he felt was just insurmountable. This caused a rift with his wife, and everyone else in his life. He took off and sought the gang members one by one, and doesn't hold back.

If you're a gamer, the events in this movie reminds me so much of GTA5. It's got firepower, the goons, the gangs, and the fun starts with a huge car chase in the streets. Think of it as your dream sequence where you hold the armaments, where you think of gruesome ways to eliminate the bad guys til the end of the movie. The drama was quite minimal, aimed to only solidify the story's plot and wouldn't ruin the action scenes that John Woo wanted you to see from the very beginning, I'd say this is a showcase of his genius.

If your thirsty for action, make sure to make this part of your movie watching session on the 29th. Yes there are a couple of movies coming out on that date, but if you have the time, you SHOULD see this. After all, it's been a while since the last time John Woo released a film. Thanks to Nathan Studios, you've got the chance to watch it in the Philippines. Actually, they have a few more lined up in the pipeline and each of them are quite different theme wise. It's quite a refreshing thing to see that we have choices in the cinemas now. I can't wait to see the other films that Nathan Studios still have for next year!


URC Remains on Top for Filipino Consumers

Looks like the classic products from Universal Robina Corporation are getting the nod of Filipino consumers especially in fast moving consumer goods available in the market. This includes Great Taste coffee, placing 9th in FMCG according to Kantar's Brand Footprint study which was done in 2022. They have placed 4th most chosen one in 2021, a huge improvement also happened from being in 15th in FMCG ranking.

Kantar employs consumer reach points (CRP) which measurement depends on shoppers buying habits and what brand it is. In it Great Taste performed well with 424 Million CRP this year compared to 283 Million last year. 75.8 percent is big, and being chosen for over 20 times per annum is a remarkable number.

If you've been out in groceries like me, you've probably seen their new products too as part of their expansion. The GT Supreme line includes the Toffee Hazelnut and the Black Forest Latte (which I love!).

Aside from that, cult loved snack Piattos and C2 also got include in the top 20 food brands in the Philippines. The chip got 7th place with a whopping 183 Million CRP's while the tea drink got 16th place from last year's 19th place. This also got sold with 74 Million CRP's, which is quite a significant amount (but we're not surprised because it's that good!). This feat has been acknowledged by Pearl Benjamin who's a Senior Account Manager for Kantar Worldpanel. URC continues to also grow in the ASEAN region, and is also releasing products for consumers.

Congratulations URC! You're awesome!


Donny Pangilinan, Piolo Pascual, Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli Lives with Guaranteed Partners for Life!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

They're all at the prime of their careers, and one thing is for sure, if I'd be in their shoes, I would be really nervous. Artists like Donny Pangilinan, Piolo Pascual, and husband and wife Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli most of the time have work, so securing their future certainly should be the play in a very volatile industry.

Donny has just got his career started, while Sarah and Matteo are planning their lives as a newly wed couple. Piolo on the other hand has plans to invest heavily in the next few years, especially since he has saved up a lot over the years. They are all part of Sun Life's newest endeavor called "Guaranteed Partner for Life!"

Ms. Carla Gonzales Chong the Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer for Sun Life says "Donny, Sarah, Matteo and Piolo all know how Sun Life has been a great partner in planning with and supporting our clients. As ambassadors, they have real life experience in prioritizing what they need for now and their future. Sun Life has been in the industry for over 128 years, and in it we have been able to help Filipinos through world wars, economic turmoil, even recently, a pandemic. They know that they can count on us as their Guaranteed Partner for Life. We are happy to be part of their financial security and bright future. You will see them in our new campaign videos, at different times in their lives they will share their experience in fulfilling their goals, just like for every Filipino."

You can now see these new content on their social channels so make sure you follow @SunLifePH on Facebook, IG, YouTube, TikTok and their official website You may also get in touch with a Sun Life Advisor on the same channels, so they can guide you in planning your financial goals and journey. Go ahead and talk to an Advisor today!


Art De Noel and New Year Shindig at Sofitel Manila

Friday, November 24, 2023

Christmas at Sofitel Manila certainly is an event to experience. With their upcoming Art De Noel 2023, the management, staff and guests of the hotel will be able to help once again the Virlanie Foundation. The organization helps disadvantaged children and families in the Philippines for years now and Sofitel Manila has been a constant partner in making sure their mission stays accomplished every year. The decor in the hotel has changed quite a lot over the years, and this year, they've got a few trains on display right at the entrance and floating right beside the huge Christmas Tree displayed at the center of Spiral, one of the world's best buffet. 

This year, they want to also put importance on reuniting families. Aside from that, they're yearly New Year celebrations will be held at the Sofitel Grand Ballroom and Harbor Garden Tent, with an event called SHINDIG, showcasing dance across eras, with some of the brightest stars of the 80's, 90's, 2000's and the present. Let's just say it involves Juan Miguel Salvador (who played the 80's hits so good that evening!), DJ Tom Taus, Joshua Zamora and Jon Supan, The InnerVoices, and your boy Darren Espanto headlining the show. Tickets will be available starting November 30 so if you've got plans to celebrate New Year's eve without the fuzz, this might be your best bet. They also have an early bird rate, so go call +632-85735557 for it. 

Here's a glimpse of what will happen at Sofitel Manila, I'm telling you, it's super fun! I had the urge of dancing even with strangers during the launch a few days ago.

As you can see, Sofitel Manila's SPIRAL, LE BAR and Cocos will also be serving food during these dates. Reserve a table through their website, social channels or their number posted above. Take a bite of the Holiday Logs, Cheese, Foie Gras, seafood, pasta on the cheese wheel, and tons of desserts. They will also have a fireworks display, Art de Noel Light Show, good rates for stay, the Sofitel Bears (to help Virlanie Foundation too!), live music entertainment while you dine the best food at SPIRAL.

We got to experience part of that last week, and I'm sure the actual dates will be even bigger. You definitely shouldn't miss this, only at Sofitel Manila!


Time to Enjoy the Shakey's Christmas Collection

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

It's almost Christmas and yes, even Shakey's has something up their sleeves. Take a look at Shakey's Christmas Collection, a  well curated holiday spread that you can only get from the one who serves fun, and also pizza.

First off is the Frosty Peppermint Milkshake. It's a sweet and minty beverage you would love to have with the pizzas you doused with hot sauce. They also have the Truffle Chicken Holiday Pasta, highly addictive, a mix of white sauce, chicken breast fillet and truffle oil (which you can get solo or to share), either way it's good! For your pizza, take a look at Merry Pepperoni Holiday Pizza. It's got pepperoni slices, cheddar, mozzarella, feta and parmesan cheese. They also drizzled honey and sprinkled it with fresh chopped basil, how can you not love that!

For dessert, they also offer Santa's Strawberry Cheesecake Pizza. This one has cheesecake spread, lines of strawberry syrup and luscious cherry in the center. 

Thing is, this will only be available for a limited time. Best for holiday celebrations at home, the office or just about anywhere you can carry it. Have it for dine-in, take-out or delivery,  make these part of your festivities this 2023. Only at Shakey's! 


Laughter and Pain Abound "In His Mother's Eyes" This November 29

When Ms. Flor Santos (7K Entertainment producer) held the mic during the media conference, I was a little uncomfy - and feel her pain while she lengthily talked about not getting this in the Metro Manila Film Festival. I felt the same because I've been able to see some parts of the movie, early on, the trailers give little clues at how this would have been perfect for the occasion... but I guess fate had other plans. This film called "In His Mothers Eyes" would have been a nice addition to the stellar artists lined up for the festival. Imagine a Vilma, Nora, Sharon and Maricel fight in the box office, that would have been one heck of a lineup no? So now that it didn't happen, they're going to show this film earlier on November 29. You would expect this to be a little funny at times, but the story touches a little bit close to home with the life of one of its lead stars LA Santos, and it was a story so many in the same predicament, and Filipinos needed to see on the silver screen.

Maricel Soriano and Roderick Paulate have not been together in a film for a little over 11 years. When this was pitched to them, the script certainly was one of the factors why they said YES to the project. Add to that, the genius writing of Gina Marissa Tagasa (done various TV, Movie and ABSCBN projects) and Jerry Gracio (a Palanca multi-awardee), and Director FM Reyes taking charge, we got the impression from the cast that it would have been a mistake not to be in this film. LA Santos, plays Tim, a special kid who's mom Lucy (played by Ms. Maricel) had to leave to work abroad. His Guncle Bibs (Roderick Paulate) had to take care of him in her absence, which proved quite a difficult task because of the special needed care he had to do because of his condition. Seeing several trailers, their lines were things you would have to endure and try not to cry about as it was intense in several scenes, it was heartbreaking!

Maricel says "That part in the trailer where he pushed me, it was something I learned was caused by me changing his patterns. It was essential to tell the story. I think it also helped us that we are both orphans now in real life. We talk about being siblings and we already have something to start on. We have been with Regal Films in the past, fundamentally we are connected."

Roderick says "The pain of my character is certainly deep. The questions I asked here needs to be heard by siblings, and loved ones especially if you are going through the same situation. The relationship is there, but if you don't talk about it, nothing will get explained, nor will you get answers. The mere question of arriving, he didn't even ask Lucy. I guess it stems from the way our Director does things, he's not that nice (he kids). During the makeup test, he initiated to talk to me and Maricel. He told us how he adores us, our tandem, but he wants a different way to do it this time. He knows how to twist emotions of people especially because he's worked in TV for quite a long time. We have different personalities once we go out of our tents, it's about a family and we need to take that story and love across. He has his requirements and we do it on set. I remember getting called by a Director asking about LA Santos because the trailer alone already impressed him, that he promised to watch it when it comes out in theaters." 

LA says "I respected the role, it's a ton of research, I also talked to the parents from Best Buddies Foundation whom we all had a lot of help from during filming. I also talked to Clarence who is a special kid, I went with him, listened to his stories, and I'm so amazed about the heart they give in everything they do. He's got immeasurable empathy with people. I am amazed about him being in this spectrum, it's a wide one and kids are special in different ways. I want people to see this especially Filipinos. To hopefully, have them understand their plight because it's so difficult to see what they've been going through."   

Direk FM Reyes adds "I distinctly remember when I was a little guy, they were small then, and they are still small now (he kids about Roderick and Maricel). I'm a fan of their work, I am a friend, a lot of their films when you watch them, you get nervous, but since I knew them a bit I get to forget getting starstruck."

Here's our video coverage of the event, please enjoy!

In His Mother's Eyes hits theaters this November 29th. Cast also includes Ruby Ruiz, Rochelle Pangilinan, Elyson De Dios, Ogie Diaz, Maila Gumila, Bong Gonzales (of Sparks Camp), the lovely Vivoree (go watch our interview with her on our YouTube channel @kumagcow), Nolo Lopez, Skylee Alcalde and Inah Evans. Make sure to watch this Maricel Soriano, Roderick Paulate and LA Santos starrer because it's a great time to laugh and cry, learn things in one movie. This is produced by 7K Entertainment.


Accomplish Goals Like "Pamilya Kaya" with Globe GFiber Prepaid

Sunday, November 19, 2023

These days, a blue collared job won't cut it for a family. There are various things your Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister could do to make proper "diskarte" so you could get a little extra and fulfill your goals at the same time. This is where Globe at Home could help especially on keeping us connected whenever we need it. Pamilya Kaya showed us at the Market!Market! Activity Center last October 1-7 how you could take your game to the next level. With Mommy Neri Miranda, Daddy Teddy Corpuz, Brother Raymond Mabute and Sister Lottie Bie, also known as Pamilya Kaya how you can elevate your skills with the new Globe GFiber Prepaid Unlimited Internet connection that they have. 

Mommy Kaya does more than just being a home maker. With the internet connection she has, it would be quite easy to do online selling as she streams and get orders from folks online even at the comforts of her home. She set goals to sell 299 items, and get payments for it in real time. Daddy Kaya on the other hand knows how to work out a crowd. With his crafting skills, he could charm and create 299 video content to take his YouTube dreams to reality. He is quite keen on doing live streams, reaction videos and show his daily life online. Kuya Kaya on the other hand is more than ready to battle it out with the great eSports personalities and Valorant players in over 299 matches. Tall order but it is achievable. Imagine the opportunities he's bound to get once those W's come in tournaments he's participating in. Not to be out-shined, Ate Kaya took to dating apps and swiped her way to love. With over 299 matches, it'll be easy for her to find the one through a couple of coffee dates in between.

How did they fare? Go watch these individual family challenges over at Globe at Home's Facebook page so you could go and interact with them during the livestreams. In it, you can get the chance to win prizes, surprises and learn a few things along the way. If you miss an episode, you can re-watch it on the same accounts or their official YouTube channel.


If you see their "diskarte" and feel that it fits what you need at home, you can get it for only Php 299 and use it for 7 days. I on the other hand prefer the GFiberSURF999 which lasts a month. It doesn't have a lockin period too which proves quite a challenge for some subscribers. Now you can have the connection you need without the stress. Your family definitely could level up, learn more skills and have more connections. Best of all, it's unlimited. If you want one, go download the GlobeOne app and click on the GFiber Plan option, then fill in your details submit requirements on the GFiber Prepaid form. Just like the "Pamilya Kaya", you can do it too!


Where To Get National Museum beep™ Cards

Saturday, November 18, 2023

For those looking to collect cards from beep™, you've got to see these new ones they just released the National Museum beep™ cards.

The designs include 4 National Museum structures in the Philippines that include "The National Museum of Fine Arts", "The National Museum of Anthropology", "The National Museum of Natural History" and the "National Museum of the Philippines-Cebu". On its face are artists work like Lualhati by Guillermo Tolentino, the historical Manunggul Jar, the largest saltwater crocodile LOLONG, and the Cebu Flower Pecker (a critically endangered species). This is a partnership between the National Museum of the Philippines and AF Payments Inc. which manages beep™.

You may acquire these in LRT/MRT Stations, online shops and various authorized establishments for Php 400. It comes loaded with Php 50 and can be used in different modes of transportation, Lawson convenience Stores, Uncle John's and modern jeepneys. To know more, please go to the National Museum social channels and official website. You may also get in touch with beep™ and partner up with your brand via if you're interested. AF Payments, Inc. is a consortium of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and the Ayala Corporation.


JOHN WOO Flick "SILENT NIGHT" in Philippine Theaters November 29

If you're raring to watch an action packed film these holidays, look no further as legendary award winning director JOHN WOO and Joel Kinnaman take you on a gripping film called "SILENT NIGHT". He adds this to hit films like Face Off, Hard Target, Mission Impossible 2, Paycheck, Reign of Assassins and Manhunt among others that he made in a span of 55 years in film. This will be in theaters come November 29 in the Philippines.

Silent Night is sort of a comeback for the director after his last one in Hollywood in 2017. He also is collaborating with Basil Iwanyk who produced Expandables and John Wick among others.

Joel Kinnaman on the other hand has been doing Netflix series House of Cards, Robocop, Suicide Squad. In this film, he's playing a father looking for justice because his son got caught in the crossfire of gangs over the holidays.

Sad for years, he went through rigorous training to find revenge with the same gang, so imagine the bullet ballet John Woo had to execute with that premise alone. Aside from Joel Kinnaman, cast includes Scott Mescudi, and a throng of character actors that will make this action packed film as intense or even better than his previous masterpieces.

John Woo is certainly a visionary, and this film was brought to the Philippines via Nathan Studios and 888 Films International. There will be more in the coming months for sure, but together with their recent hit series Cattleya Killer and Topakk, there will be no moviegoer that will say they're shortchanged when they go to cinemas. Follow Nathan Studios social channels for more updates about the film!


Look Cool in School as BUM Launches Second Collection of Academy Series

If there's something that I could tell about BUM, is that they have CHOICES. Recently, they launched the 2nd Academy Series Collection. You could say they've evolved a long way than just being street wear, because as you can see, it has become a good way to express one's personality. The recent one is varsity inspired, hence very preppy, but never the same. They remain different than the usual which is something a person who wants individuality to have in their wardrobe.

Some of the pieces also exude something urban, one which you can wear off the streets and now with colors, mixed with modern and vintage vibes. Imagine wearing these pieces while you're at school, with confidence, and still remain cool. You can also wear this off a usual stroll in the mall, if you are with friends because it's a good thing to be in good gear.

The buck doesn't stop there because there's more to see at BUM stores and boutiques nationwide. Go head on and build your wardrobe from scratch or use new pieces and mix it up with your current ones in the closet. It doesn't need to be expensive, so make sure you choose key pieces that will up your street fashion game today! 

Follow @officialbumph on all social channels to get more ideas about what and how to wear them!


Fighting Social Injustice "Abogado ng Bayan" Atty. Heyz Premieres on PTV4

The Philippines, when you hear about our country and the cases of injustice, do you still believe in the system? Most of you probably have given up, thrown in the towel, flipped the table and wouldn't want to even look if you still have rights in this country of ours. Much of us believe that justice is only for the rich, those who could afford it and just suffer not having what is right. Heartbreaking no?

She started doing this January this year on Facebook, and got traction and love from viewers from across the country. When folks from Velvet Media, Inc., Ms. Michelle Perez, Directors Mar Peralta, Ronald Ryan Litao, Producer Jayjay Maghirang of Velvet and Atty. Heyz got into talks about doing the show, things really felt mutual which made mounting this program quite fast on pubic station PTV4.

Atty.Heyz says "The objective is to help people, there's a higher penetration in broadcast so I could reach more. The PTV4 show will be every Saturday mornings, and will be for all ages. There will be someone who can answer law questions, litigation, because that is what I do on a normal day. I also do corporate contracts, and I am effective in explaining things with the masses. This is one of the things I am doing for public service because I've done much in private practice. You can see that in the episodes we have, some simple, some complicated,  which you can easily digest. If you could see our FB messages, it's a lot and I couldn't answer all of them sometimes, we need to help them all."


Actress, Host and Velvet Media Inc. Director of Marketing and Public Relations Ms. Bianca Lapus adds "The best thing about our team is when we have an idea, we share it and believe in it because of our core values. Regardless of our roles, we listen to each other. This is also our first time to venture into TV, it's easy to work with her because our brainstorming took a few minutes and now we are having our first program on Saturday. I hope we could feature more celebrities, like Claudine Barretto, Badjao Girl, so they get to know their rights, or even Vhong when the time is right. Atty. Heyz has that gift when she talks because even kids understand it. She can say things even better than layman's terms. She is really someone for the masses."

Here's our video coverage of the interview last Thursday.

Atty. Heyz definitely has the heart to fight social injustice, even if she's already successful in her private practice and law firm, she makes it a point to help those who need it. If you're someone who wants to understand the laws of the land, or need help to fight for your rights as a citizen of this country, go listen to the discussions and learn what you can do to protect yourself, your family and others. They will also be having guests like celebrities, influencers and personalities to also share their experience. They will also be guided by Atty. Heyz and explain in Tagalog what you need to know.

The show will premiere this Saturday at 10:30AM to 11:30AM. If you missed it, they are also on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and on PTV4's social channels. This is produced by Velvet Media Inc.



Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Tanduay Calendar Girl 2024 is a much coveted spot and title for empowered actresses, personalities, who had it made in the industry. They just announced who it is today at the Elements tent Centris in Quezon City. Previous calendar girls include Erich Gonzales, Heart Evangelista, Bela Padilla, Ivana Alawi, and Bea Alonzo. Entitled "DARE", this woman has gotten fame with her stint in different networks, shows, brands across the country, belonging to the gorgeous clan, she's no other than Julia Barretto. Dare means one who aims to be herself, to reach her dreams and to inspire.

Julia says "I hope that the team and my new Tanduay family are happy about what I've done, it's been a few months since we prepared for this launch. The shoot was easy because I am thankful that they did it in a very collaborative way. I trusted them and have my input, it was an easy thing because they involved me in the process. The fabric we are wearing today is from the shoot, it was a nice to see it all today. I've been given opportunities and there will be a lot of things to look forward to because my films will be coming out, plus a few surprises. Unfortunately I couldn't share much, but a film will come out early next year but we have already shot it this year. The pictorial had me in a very challenging rut because I had to exercise while finishing a project out of town. You don't have to be ready just now, you ALWAYS have to be ready all the time. If it's for roles, I don't think it's daring, I think it's just being confident in your body, in your flaws, it inspires me to be more confident with who I am. I've become a braver woman!"

Julia is just starting this phase, and she's glad to note that there will be several projects coming out next year that includes a movie, and perhaps more endorsements plus a series that can't be discussed yet. So if you love her, go support her projects when it comes out in 2024! Congratulations Julia, you've done quite well in this calendar, you look so classy!


Sam Verzosa's "DEAR SV" Starts Broadcast on GMA

Looks like there will be more reasons to watch DEAR SV, which is on its 3rd season and will now be broadcasted on GMA. Previously, it was on CNN Philippines where Sam Verzosa tried to target folks with inspiring stories, in hopes to showcase them, learn, help and possibly change their lives through sustainable businesses.

Sam Verzosa says "All of the things I received from God and the success I got in life, I'd be willing to share with others and lend a hand. The show is filled with tories of  hope, if you have a wish for someone else, DEAR SV is going to be there. I lived a hard life, but this didn't stop me from working hard and get ourselves (and my family) out of poverty. Thank you so much for spending time with me today." 

Volleybelle and actress Michelle Gumabao hosted the press conference, I remember her from Smart events.

He adds "It's a very humbling experience to have been able to be with them for a few days and see how they live their lives on a daily basis. From tricycle drivers, to a man with odd jobs in order to care of his son who has cerebral palsy, to a rider who now has his own bike because of the show, we were able to showcase their lives on Dear SV. My inspiration has always been my Dad, my late Father made me realize how we look at people , to see what they go through even at their condition. There are a lot of people who need our help, it changed my outlook, and I hope it goes the same for those who watch the show and do the same. I've already seen some of the people in Frontrow do their charity work, they learn from stories of ordinary people. "

Aside from employment and sports programs, Sam Verzosa has been spearheading several businesses, and recently won Philanthropist of the Year Award by American Association of the Philippines in 2020 and 2021. He (together with business partner RS Francisco) also got recognized as Humanitarians of the Year by People Asia Magazine.

He talked about making episodes of this show and said "During shoots, I am in my comfort zone because I'm just being myself, I eat what they eat and accompany them wherever they go. It's like an immersion, and I'm so happy to have been able to do this in the show."

Here's our event coverage on video, please enjoy!

DEAR SV will be in GMA every Saturdays at 11:30PM. It's not just for public service, but will tell stories of different individuals that will make you learn more about life, hope and perhaps inspire other people further. While it was already doing good during the CNN Philippines time, there will be a wider audience when it gets shown on GMA. The show has heart, and hopefully you'll feel that too. Make sure you spend time see it on weekends, and on GMA's YouTube if you miss episodes.


Some Good Deals from SHOPEE this "11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale"

Friday, November 10, 2023

It's already 11.11 season and yes, that means a lot of brands are dishing out the best deals they can give Filipinos during this time of the year. So I did the best thing and compiled a few of them here, in hopes of getting you a bit of an advantage when you're buying stuff for your brother, boyfriend, husband or loved one. Think of this as an early holiday gift where you get to save by buying early, sounds good no?!

Spectacles from EO aka Executive Optical

They offer various services in their branches, but is now available online via Shopee. On 11.11 Shopee Mega Pamasko Sale, they'll be offering branded frames, contact lenses, solutions, at a fraction of the orignal cost. From glasses to anti rad, they've got you covered. I heard they'll do 90 percent off on some of it, imagine those Php 1,599 frames will become Php 159, crazy right?

You can get them here

EO Glasses for Men and Women

Trainer Jackets from PUMA

That cat really exudes sport and having one of these would surely be a good deal when they take out a couple thousand pesos off the orignal price. They use dryCELL cloth tech so it wouldn't be too hot when you workout, and you won't perspire as much.

Get that jacket here

Jackets from PUMA

Running Shoes from Adidas

I own a pair and from the it usually cost around 5K on regular days, but now you can get them for Php 2,250, how can you say no to that.

Get it here

Shoes from Adidas

Smart TV from Coocaa

If you want a 43 inch screen for your room or karaoke session, get the Smart TV from Coocaa for around Php 9,399, pretty cheap but lasts, heck I've had other brands that I got from here and it lasted years.

Get the Coocaa here

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

They're getting you 35 percent off the actual price of this handset, if you're looking for a phone with a good camera and a little muscle for gaming, get it here!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

 Some mighty POCO Phones for Gaming

If you're into gaming, POCO has mean smartphones that can do the job. What's even better is that they're doing over 44 percent discount on their handsets, pretty cool to have that for those who prefer this brand on the holidays. Get the POCO M5s, POCO X5 5G or POCO X5 Pro 5G. If you prefer the flagship ones get the POCO F5 or the POCO F5 Pro. It's got big storage, more than enough hardware to run those graphics you love on moba games.

You can get the POCO phones here

POCO Phones


HONOR Does Buy 1 Get 1 on 11.11

The folks from HONOR seriously wants you to get you VALUE for MONEY which means they're going to do price drops and FREE JBL Speakers just on this date. Watch out for the promo on their channels and the Shopee account. They are not JOKING.


You can get the HONOR phones/tablets or books here

Honor Magic Book


I've witnessed the recent creators night that Shopee did, here's a glimpse of it on video, please enjoy!

Since it's 11.11, I'm sure you've got lots of things on your cart that you once wished you could get, this will surely be the best time to get it. Make sure you check the price before and after that date just to make sure, I've seen really good stuff in the app. Go check them out today!

Don't say I didn't tell you about it!