Laughter and Pain Abound "In His Mother's Eyes" This November 29

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

When Ms. Flor Santos (7K Entertainment producer) held the mic during the media conference, I was a little uncomfy - and feel her pain while she lengthily talked about not getting this in the Metro Manila Film Festival. I felt the same because I've been able to see some parts of the movie, early on, the trailers give little clues at how this would have been perfect for the occasion... but I guess fate had other plans. This film called "In His Mothers Eyes" would have been a nice addition to the stellar artists lined up for the festival. Imagine a Vilma, Nora, Sharon and Maricel fight in the box office, that would have been one heck of a lineup no? So now that it didn't happen, they're going to show this film earlier on November 29. You would expect this to be a little funny at times, but the story touches a little bit close to home with the life of one of its lead stars LA Santos, and it was a story so many in the same predicament, and Filipinos needed to see on the silver screen.

Maricel Soriano and Roderick Paulate have not been together in a film for a little over 11 years. When this was pitched to them, the script certainly was one of the factors why they said YES to the project. Add to that, the genius writing of Gina Marissa Tagasa (done various TV, Movie and ABSCBN projects) and Jerry Gracio (a Palanca multi-awardee), and Director FM Reyes taking charge, we got the impression from the cast that it would have been a mistake not to be in this film. LA Santos, plays Tim, a special kid who's mom Lucy (played by Ms. Maricel) had to leave to work abroad. His Guncle Bibs (Roderick Paulate) had to take care of him in her absence, which proved quite a difficult task because of the special needed care he had to do because of his condition. Seeing several trailers, their lines were things you would have to endure and try not to cry about as it was intense in several scenes, it was heartbreaking!

Maricel says "That part in the trailer where he pushed me, it was something I learned was caused by me changing his patterns. It was essential to tell the story. I think it also helped us that we are both orphans now in real life. We talk about being siblings and we already have something to start on. We have been with Regal Films in the past, fundamentally we are connected."

Roderick says "The pain of my character is certainly deep. The questions I asked here needs to be heard by siblings, and loved ones especially if you are going through the same situation. The relationship is there, but if you don't talk about it, nothing will get explained, nor will you get answers. The mere question of arriving, he didn't even ask Lucy. I guess it stems from the way our Director does things, he's not that nice (he kids). During the makeup test, he initiated to talk to me and Maricel. He told us how he adores us, our tandem, but he wants a different way to do it this time. He knows how to twist emotions of people especially because he's worked in TV for quite a long time. We have different personalities once we go out of our tents, it's about a family and we need to take that story and love across. He has his requirements and we do it on set. I remember getting called by a Director asking about LA Santos because the trailer alone already impressed him, that he promised to watch it when it comes out in theaters." 

LA says "I respected the role, it's a ton of research, I also talked to the parents from Best Buddies Foundation whom we all had a lot of help from during filming. I also talked to Clarence who is a special kid, I went with him, listened to his stories, and I'm so amazed about the heart they give in everything they do. He's got immeasurable empathy with people. I am amazed about him being in this spectrum, it's a wide one and kids are special in different ways. I want people to see this especially Filipinos. To hopefully, have them understand their plight because it's so difficult to see what they've been going through."   

Direk FM Reyes adds "I distinctly remember when I was a little guy, they were small then, and they are still small now (he kids about Roderick and Maricel). I'm a fan of their work, I am a friend, a lot of their films when you watch them, you get nervous, but since I knew them a bit I get to forget getting starstruck."

Here's our video coverage of the event, please enjoy!

In His Mother's Eyes hits theaters this November 29th. Cast also includes Ruby Ruiz, Rochelle Pangilinan, Elyson De Dios, Ogie Diaz, Maila Gumila, Bong Gonzales (of Sparks Camp), the lovely Vivoree (go watch our interview with her on our YouTube channel @kumagcow), Nolo Lopez, Skylee Alcalde and Inah Evans. Make sure to watch this Maricel Soriano, Roderick Paulate and LA Santos starrer because it's a great time to laugh and cry, learn things in one movie. This is produced by 7K Entertainment.


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