Comedy, Love, Relationships and Second Chances on MMFF 2023 Entry BROKEN HEARTS TRIP

Monday, November 06, 2023


Giving you tons of laughter and a couple of heartstrings is this upcoming MMFF 2023 entry called "Broken Hearts Trip" to be shown on Christmas day.

The theme of the movie lies in the characters who's part of the LGBT community, 5 individuals who are trying to find their goals on money and love. Though this will be telling much of the hurt, the sacrifices, the change in people, these are the huge factor why the film was actually chosen for MMFF 2023 according to the Director Lem Lorca.

The film stars Christian Bables, Direk Andoy Ranay, Petite, Iyah Minah and Teejay Marquez. The movie also includes award winning actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose, Jay Gonzaga, Ron Angeles, Argel Saycon, Marvin Yap, Tart Carlos, Amold Reyes, Kevin Posadas and runway fairy extraordinaire Sinon Loresca.

Christian Bables adds "We promised to make people happy and wanted them to realize something about their pain and their broken hearts, and healing. I did my best as an actor, and with the grace of God, thank you, and if I didn't get the best actor trophy, I'd be glad to see the deserving one win it. I hope we both get recognition for the hard work and we also would love if we do good in the box office. I really appreciate learning the best worth ethics from Jaclyn Jose, I believe the best actors don't want to get that pressure from her. She's a very good listener, it doesn't matter if one is new in the industry because she will give you what you need in the scenes, she's that generous and great."

Direk Lem Lorca says "Broken Hearts Trip really had some things broken in the process, it's how we heal and the characters have different ways of finding a cure. Yes, it won't be solely solving their problems in one way, they are hurt, sad, angry and even hiding their feelings. We will take you for a ride when it comes out in Christmas."

Here's our video coverage of the event, please enjoy!

 During the press conference, I personally asked them about their personal experiences. Knowing they had their fair share of first love, breakups and things they've learned, Direk Andoy Ranay shared how he was in love with an older chap who after breaking up, was able to remain friends til today. Christian Bables on the other hand talked about young love, where he had a falling out with a lady who was already working while he was only starting out. They broke up in a cab, where he got the surprise of his life after being informed that he was "the other guy" in the relationship. Petite reminisced about the reasons how she and Amir broke up, and when she knew that she was already into the fantasy, joking that after they broke up, still had to send GCash after that. Iyah Minah on the other hand shared how she felt like a woman, she was treated like one, even when she hadn't transitioned yet. She was young, but it was the first time she experienced love and romance. She's still thankful that happened.

Becoming part of the MMFF 2023 final list isn't an accident for this one. The trailer alone gives that interesting story that's not just going to give you laughter from start to finish, but a whole new reason to believe in love, relationships, even second chances. The movie comes out on Christmas Day and will have a showcase internationally in January, please stay tuned for that especially those who are in North America. For those who are in the Philippines, make sure you've got Broken Hearts Trip as part of your MMFF 2023 Holiday watch list. It'll be doubly fun if you get your family and friends with you, after all, a happy movie won't hurt especially during the Christmas and New Year's Day. They promise you, it'll be fun with the right amount of love in between.

This is produced by BMC Films and Smart Films.


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